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Published: October 30, 2018
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Hey guys, like i promise, here is a review of new Xp-pen Artist Display 12 Graphic tablet. 

This tablet is smaller than 13,16,22 xp-pen tablets , but this is only a good thing in this case.


The Artist 12 have 6 handy shortcut key. These keys can be customized, you can set up there zoom out, zoom in, edit - undo, rendo. Just whatever you want to make painting more fun, simple and faster.


Resolution of the screen is 1920x1080 HD

178 ° viewing angle

Colors are so vibrant and vidid, awesome to look, i must be honest ,the screen is better than my monitor :D Im really suprised how the color works on such a small screen. But be careful, not small at all! The size of the screen is 256x144mm. Which is enough for display tablet :) . Drawing on display like this is so comfortable, much more comfortable than on big displays.

The hand is not so tired. And im really thankful for that.


Pen has the eraser and right mouse click. The pen looks like a normal  pencil, so its really great to hold. Pen pressure is absolutely AWESOME. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The strokes are so smooth and clear and you really can control them with hand sensitivity. Just like on paper. Pen have also a great pen holder where are also 8x extra nibs.


Connection for this tablet is really clever and simple,you have just 3 inputs. HDMI, USB and input direct to tablet. And these all in one cable.



Supports Windows® 10/8/7(32/64bit), MAC OS X® 10.10 and higher. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, SAI®, CDR®, and more.


This tablet dont have a stand, but you can buy one also  from xp-pen. They have one and its really perfect for this tablet. So you can buy one too, trust me, its better for your neck :D 

What to say next? I really enjoying painting on this tablet, you can take the tablet where you want, its small like your notebook (laptop). So its portable. Whole tablet looks so cool and clever. And for those who thinking about how much this tablet cost. Its the cheapest professional tablet you can get with screen! The price is only ( around 200 euro). For such a great price you can have a wonderful professional graphic tablet with display.


10%off coupon code: ARTIST1285
Period of validity: 10/10/2018-12/15/2018, useful on Amazon.de(amzn.to/2RCPoqU

15% off code: ARTIST1285, Period of validity: 10/10/2018-12/15/2018, useful on Amazon store.

Amazon.us: amzn.to/2x5qZRj
Amazon.ca: amzn.to/2OckIL9
Amazon.au: amzn.to/2QmKUUL
Amazon.uk: amzn.to/2NxfJaL 

more info about htis tablet


Enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you buy one :hug: Have a nice day

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Comments (28)
LupinosLionheart's avatar
LupinosLionheart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bought this tablet a week ago because I wanted to start with digital art and before a good tablet with display costed way to much for my budget. Then I saw this one and I could get it for 175€ at ebay.
It truely is amazing! It is pretty precize and the pressure sensor works very well.
I am using it with MediBang and love it a lot!! :3
Together with your tutorials, digital painting became my new main hobby. :D
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misterarteest's avatar
misterarteest|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome! it..makes...me..wanna.... ITS..HAPPENING...UWU
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FirstAidKittens's avatar
I've been curious lately about tablets with screens, but I had a question! Is it possible to lay it flat and draw on it while watching your monitor like the simpler tablets, or would these ones but unable to work that way?
(the upright stand looks great for the neck but bad for my wrist, so I was wondering if it'd be realistic to alternate how I draw with it)

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ryky's avatar
ryky|Professional Digital Artist
yes sure , tablet with display you can use like a regular tablet :) 
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FirstAidKittens's avatar
Ohhh awesome so cool, thank you so much!<3
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Bxsnia's avatar
Bxsnia|Hobbyist Digital Artist
have you tried any wacom tablets? if so how do you compare the wacom drawing to the xp pen drawing?
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detrick456's avatar
detrick456|Hobbyist General Artist
looks awesome.
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Flareheart8's avatar
Flareheart8|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm been thinking about getting one of the xp pen products. They look promising.
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CherryBlossomFoxx's avatar
CherryBlossomFoxx|Student Digital Artist
I have an xp pen 15.6, how does one correct the pen to cursor calibration 
Reply  ·  
Lauretta-89's avatar
Lauretta-89Edited |Professional General Artist
May I ask you a question? How is the pen's respond? when you trace a line on the tablet it appear immediately on the tablet and the monitor or there is some time of lag ?
Reply  ·  
ryky's avatar
ryky|Professional Digital Artist
immediately :) 
Reply  ·  
Lauretta-89's avatar
Lauretta-89|Professional General Artist
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dopperugengaa's avatar
dopperugengaa|Professional Filmographer
Notebooks are big, netbooks are the small ones ^^
Reply  ·  
lurepure's avatar
lurepure|Hobbyist General Artist
looks like nice budged way to upgrade from intuos I am using, however I might prefer a bit bigger one...
Reply  ·  
ShiEksdee's avatar
ShiEksdee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*adds to wish list to purchase for next month* u wu
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Chickadde1's avatar
Chickadde1|Student General Artist
i currently have a wacom intuos, what do you suggest for an upgrade?
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benramz's avatar
depends, what's your budget?
wacom screen tablets run in the thousands USD but there's a lot of cheaper alternatives that are almost as good.
I would recommend NihongoGamer's tablet reviews (www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…) they give you a pretty good idea of what you're getting. 
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B-X-X-L's avatar
B-X-X-L|Student Digital Artist
i was thinking getting a XP pen too!

i was thinking getting a bigger size then 1920x1080 what size do you recommend?

I never owned a tablet before so oof...XD

great review btw! : 3
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DetectiveVesper's avatar
DetectiveVesperEdited |Student Digital Artist
Aye! I’m left handed too <3
(That tablet looks awesome, too bad I’m saving up for a ps4 now XD)
Reply  ·  
ryky's avatar
ryky|Professional Digital Artist
haha :D i understand :D i bought xbox one, but when the new spider man relasing...i regret it :D 
Reply  ·  
Evuie's avatar
Evuie|Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, ryky! Thak you so much for the excellent review! It seriously makes me want to consider buying one! :love:
Reply  ·  
ryky's avatar
ryky|Professional Digital Artist
no problem :hug: im always happy when i can help and show to my watchers something new :) 
Reply  ·  
Maideera's avatar
Maideera|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the review!!! So you can recommend this tablet also for beginners?
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