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We are here

My friends from Paris and other places in France ... i pray for you ! Stay safe, stay strong. We are here for you :hug: 

Spirit of the woods by ryky speedpainting 02 by ryky  speedpainting 01 by ryky

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This is incredibly beautiful!
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This is my favorite !! ❤❤
Pray for Paris :pray: remake Pray For Paris Icon (f2u)  Animation Pray for Paris  
This is sooooo beautiful. And I love the comment. Can I e-mail this to my friend?
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Wow, your work is so beautiful. Would it be okay for me to share it on my facebook?
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Merci Beaucoup, mon ami. Thank you for supporting my friends and family.
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Man that is one crazily beautiful painting! Lovely work! 
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oh wow!! love the art style!! so beautiful!!
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Merci Ryky :)

thank you my friend,
from France

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ooohhhh mmmyyyy ggggooooosssssshhhhh
thank you. Shared on the Art for Paris facebook page…
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The beauty is over whelmingI think I've fainted. 
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I love the feeling ! La la la la 
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I want to set this as my wallpaper, it's that fabulous, I WANT TO STAPLE IT TO THE INSIDE OF MY EYELIDS!!!
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can you all laugh at me being blackmailed to kiss ass since he found my facebook pic because I threatened that innocent kid

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Beautiful!! A fitting tribute!! Pray for Paris!!
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Very very nice...
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Nice Drawing
Really nice for France 
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