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Time to celebrate!

Done in adobe photoshop and paint tool SAI , wacom bamboo tablet 
Inspired by :iconwlop: bcs hes amazing :) 
:bulletred: NEWEST WORK The Ceremony by rykyWinter  lights by rykyEveryone sleeps ...But I'm hungry! by rykyNight Time  by ryky

Thank you guys for every your comment, i read all of them and you really made me happy. Thanks :hug:  :iconryky:
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I'm sorry , but I think you have much to improve , if you really want to go ahead , do it. But as long as you go better and do not get stuck only on what people liked . I see that you tend to use too many shortcuts to decorate the drawings and complete them. Shortcuts such as brightness, specks , the backgrounds that are actually photos which you add them a few strokes above . Also note that when you draw architectural elements you need much knowledge. The same about anatomy , shadows , etc. I hope you do better and this will encourage you to do so. A greeting.

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love this very much!
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So much motion. Its a still frame but you can feel the movement.
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Damm Its Awesome man!! 
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Yes, the style is very wlop-like in this drawing :) Well done! :D
wonderful job. i like all your paintings! you are gifted
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Love the fast-paced movement shown through the short, sharp strokes and less attention to detail that make up the painting. :-) The vibrant colour of blue and red cement a jovial tone as well. 
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Beautiful work!
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Beautiful!! Nice work :) ;)
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I saw this on soundcloud nice job 
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Haha, I first thought that would be wlops stack. :D
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cool! what are we celebrating? :D
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Wonderful! Such a lively and energetic atmosphere.
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Daym this is cool! :nod:
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so awesome... ima watch you now
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From the thumbnail it does look nice and made me want to look at it, so the general shapes definitely work.

But in full-size it falls apart because of the sloppy perspective, which I'm guessing you freehanded. Make sure you have a underlying drawing with properly constructed perspective if you want it too feel solid and believable/touchable (which can definitely be felt with wlop's work).

You also need to be careful with how and where you lead the eye. Focal points that draw the eye to them occur in areas of the highest contrast. In your image, the sun behind the wall is such a focal point, both on the top right next to the gate and inside the gate itself - so that's where we look first. But when we look there, there's nothing to see. Instead, there's a figure on the left side of the wall, and a weirdly placed face on the bottom right.

I suggest you move either the sun or the figure on the wall in a way that puts the figure right in front of the light - that way you have a great silhouette with strong contrast that immediately draws in the eye. I'd completely leave out the girl - the image is about the crazy size of gate and wall, about the captivating moment when the sun rises/sets right behind it. You really don't want/need another focal point at the very edge of the painting, that rivals with the main subject for attention, and leads us right out of the frame.
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP I love it!!! I love the composition and the coloring~~~~
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