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Space step by step - tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop 
Wacom bamboo tablet

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KlownyKritter's avatar
this helps a lot yo! thanks
Horse-Paint-Designs's avatar
Thank you very much for all your tutorials! They help me a lot Hug 
Muzzydice's avatar
wow this is so great! drawing these backgrounds is really hard but this mad eit easier!
Lynyen's avatar
I love space, this is just lovely, thank you so much!!! <3
lonedragon155's avatar
Perfect. Just what I needed
Gurokei's avatar
what brushes did you use, if you don't mind me asking?
TheBlueDreamMaker's avatar
Looks extremely easy.
Mmkaay's avatar
Art always looks that way until you do it. Trust me.
zeromythos5's avatar
how do you do the overlay part
PatHawk's avatar
This tutorial will help me like warm bread!
Sweet! Now I can try it in my comic!
Awesome as always! :D
EnglishChai's avatar
Wow- So awesome! Thanks <3!!!
MIKLEZIA's avatar
Looks more like a brain to me, haha. It's awesome :)
Wyssewoman's avatar
Why did you choose a different light direction for each of the globes? Nice work though.Deerling (Autumn) 
RawrgBlarg's avatar
It would be better if you added some instructions to go with it, like how exactly do you do it? What are the controls, and how do you add the next layers, effects and so on. then it would be more helpful to people like me who don't know how to use that type of paint program. it looks cool though.
VermillionFenrir's avatar
I could do this with mouse :3

 but please add more detailed tutorial :iconsweatplz:
MLeth's avatar
Guess this could also be used for drawing electricity hitting between three tesla coils
MaLize's avatar
Thanks for sharing!
LegendaryWolves's avatar
This looks amazing!!! However, you need to add text to these if you are going to call them tutorials. Just a simple explanation as to why we need to do this or that would be fine. I would also recommend speed painting videos. You could combine the two and make one hell of a tutorial!!!
LegendaryWolves's avatar
Also, personally, I would have added a nebulae or planet or something that wold make it look more space like. Although, this does give it the sort of space-time ripping to shreds sci-fi feeling to it.
JackyBunnyBun's avatar
it's more step by step than a tutorial
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