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Skin Tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI

-what brushes i use you can see on picture :)
-everting is on one layer except part 5 and 7 ,there i use layer with luminosity settings for glow effect and light

Skin Tutorial

Thank you :hug:

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Thank You!!

This may be the most basic question ever, but how do you choose what colour to make the base colour as well as the highlights, mid tones and shadows? I’m using procreate to colour a scanned graphite drawing I’ve made from a photograph. I feel like I’m arbitrarily picking any colour that looks right to my eye, (which may not be correct) and then for midtones, shading..... I’m lost....
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These are great, can they be done in PS ??
do you use any textures for skin
Love all the examples.
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dunno why see few people dont find it helpful i think its because of lack of texts but i think main point here is to stare and study it that way. lol works for me always xD
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So much help thank you. 
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skin tutorial, shadman style
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Finally, one of your tutorials that actually help a little
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I dont know why but this sounded pretty rude to me? All of Ryky's tuts are super helpfull to me? ;o; you probably must skip a few steps on the previous ones or something because I've never had trouble when I needed to know about something, I'd just come here and I'd get my answer? ;a; not trying to sound in anyway rude or whichever also ;a; Im just saying that Ryk's tuts are super helpfull and that you only need to know how to read them?XD
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Thank you for this awesome tutorial. You're helping me a lot with your Tutorials :)
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Very effective tutorial. Helped me a lot.
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