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Red riding hood

Red riding hood
wacom tablet

:hug: Thank you
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Your most well-known work...
It's so...  :wow:   I don't have the words...   :happycry:
It's just AMAZING, VIVID, WONDERFUL, ELABORATE, AND MAJESTIC!!!   :D  :love:  ^^;  :clap:
It's your definition of perfect...  :hug:  :huggle:  :happybounce:
Through Google images I discovered some pics of your work. It's great because I can find my same interests of research (I'm s PhD that had studied postmodern rewritten fairy tales) and I had also written some tales that use folklore and fairy tales characters with another point of views. I'm going to realise a book trailer of collected tales, with come artworks that various artists has realised, with those characters. I'm searching for an artwork on Red Riding Hood. Can use this pic with all credits and info?
very beautiful.
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I love it!

Really love it Kawaii Grin Face Emoji 
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Wow awesome artwork!! Any chance I could use this as a background visual for a music video on my music channel? With credit of course :) -

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Saw Into the Woods on Sunday and it was fantastic, I just love Broadway so much, and this is a very good piece I must say. I love the use of color and the use of texture.
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Beautiful color palette, and I love how the tree swirls and glows.  ^^  Wonderfully done.
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Your work is absolutely gorgeous. The soft, rich colours glow so beautifully. I have no idea how you managed to achieve this in such little time - and on a tablet - but it is truly a stunning piece. c:
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An excellent piece you've done here. The use of red throughout is wonderfully presented.
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wow...very beautiful.. i really like it :)
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Beautiful Love I think I've fainted. Heart 
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How the hell do you take about hours to make this, I can't do it in a year, you should be proud of yourself!
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Amazingly breathtakingly gorgeous !!
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This is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous !!!
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I love the instensity of the red :0
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Oh my God this is GORGEOUS!!!
can I this image?
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This is amazing!
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