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Paint tool SAI tutorial

Paint tool SAI -tutorial

OK :)) Now you can see how the draw step by step + my Pain tool SAI settings - I use only - Brush,Water,Blur

I hope you will help it :)

Thank you for everything :hug:

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OMG That looks awesome!!!
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I know this is old, but do you have any tutorials and brush settings out for new SAI? Just wondering! I really look up to your art and I'd love to try out your techniques. c:
DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! Free trial works fine, but the purchased product requires you to complete the installation on your own; the product does not self-install lke every other software I have ever downloaded. SAI support staff instructed me to do ths: > > > > - Let us know the path of your SAI's program folder. > > > > (For example: "C:\tools\PaintToolSAI") > > > > > > > > - Let us know "Link Target" of the shortcut of "PaintTool SAI Ver.1" on Desktop. > > > > ("Link Target" is written in property of shortcut) > > > > > > > > 1. Right click "PaintTool SAI Ver.1". > > > > 2. Click "Property" on context menu. > > > > 3. See "Link Target". > > > > > > > > - Let us know the current system ID of your PC. I followed the instructions, but my PC did not have the "Link Target" option, so the install never worked, and I was not given a refund. ASK OTHER REVIEWERS IF THEY ARE USING THE FULL PRODUCT, OR JUST THE FREE TRIAL
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Stupid question as I am very new to this SAI but how did you go from black/white to color?
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You just use the blur tool.... i think.... but you probably don't need the answer to this question considering your a good artist already
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Thank you on the answer and compliment :)
I always enjoy learning new things
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Do you know how change the location of the pivot when in free transform?
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Hi! could u help me??
My sai, i just downloaded it i have a windows 10.
it has WEIRD stuff for the letters, and it docent have any brushes??
please respond<3
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.53.33 PM by SharkyMutt  
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Hey!! If you still need help w/ this i could always give you my SAI? c:
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Its okay i got it!!! thanks so much though!!!
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Rad !!
And you're welcome ;v;
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how did you get paint tool sai? every time i download one it gives me a virus. which web sight did you use
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You have to buy it, but if you want i could give you mine? ;v;
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how would you do that
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How would i do what??
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I'm very new to Paint tool sai, i hope i can learn something by looking at your tutorials :happybounce: 
It looks really cool and beautiful Heart 
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I know that this is a weird question... I am Missing ALOT of brushes. I only have sketch, pen, color and pixel. Halp please? I dont know what to do.
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what happens in the gap between 2 and 3? 
Like one minute there are lines the next minute there are not? Do you merge the layers and blur them together or just add on to the painting layer with the line still under neath?
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lindachikitamelissa.deviantart…  as the original but I followed you and I run I do not think that went a bit wrong  link 
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cool como hago eso?
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