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Medibang Paint(brush setting)

By ryky
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Done in Medibang Paint Pro 

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other MediBang Paint tutorial EASY EYE TUTORIAL by ryky     Do you try medibang paint yet? :) 
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How can I put the type on brush script?

And thanks so much for this. I learned so many cool things!
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I can’t see the settings😭😭😭
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I felt like I was the only one who used this program! Super handy tips :3
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Oml Same ahahah
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This is so helpful! Thank you~ :iconlakirbyplz:
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I don´t know why but when I try drawing a line at the end there´s a dot and it doesn´t fade. I hate this because I can´t draw hair like this.
Sometimes the lines are normal and fade at the end, no matter what brush I use. I already tried changing settings but it always happens. Does anyone knows how to fix this?
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How do I add these? I have an option to add a brush as any of these 'brush types', but then it wants me to import an image of some sort?
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I just downloaded MBP and i have this weird issue where sometimes i draw a line on my tablet but it only shows up as a dot unless i just keep going over the line without picking up the pen?? and occasionally a curved line will turn into a much sharper curve than intended, almost turning into a point, and it doesn't matter how many times I redo it, it just keeps happening. I checked to see if my tablet was warped in that area by drawing a line through the area, and it seems like it's not a warp in the tablet cause there was no weird wiggle in the line. Anyone else have that issue?

other than those annoyances, I love this program! I just feel like maybe there's an obscure setting that I'm not aware of lol
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I've had the same problem. You said your pen causes a dot and it also happens when you start to draw a line? Have you tried resetting all user preferences? Or have you updated the driver for your tablet by going to it's website? That might help.
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Yeah, I tried checking, but my tablet doesn't have any driver updates at the moment T^T I'll just live with it for now, it's just a little annoying to work around (though it is doable)
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Here, this should help. If you ever need to update your driver, just go here.
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thanks, but I don't use a wacom! I use an Ugee. ^^;
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ah, thanks! it turned out there was a driver update after all ^^;
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^-^ I always have the same problems with my tablet. XD 
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A lot of using a new program is getting used to its settings. I think your problem could be because of the use of a snap or a certain setting with the brush. To disable snaps, you could push the "1" key on your keyboard while using a pen/pencil brush, or you could go up to the upper right-hand corner and click the disable snap (It kind of looks like a prohibited sign). If the problem is a brush setting, the options are under the pen section where you can adjust how the spacing is between parts of the brush. Hopefully this is helpful, but I haven't had this problem before, so I'm not sure I can think of anything else. Good luck!
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If you haven't figured it out yet, maybe because your pen was set to fade.

I also use Medibang on my tablet.
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Still haven't figured it out, but I know that the dots aren't because of a fade setting because when you zoom in on the area, what should be a line is just a perfect circle. If it were a fade thing, it would at least be a teardrop. It mostly happens when I am using brushes made for lines (all the pens and pencils), specifically if I'm mapping out where a nose should be, but it happens with other areas, too. I assume it has something to do with the annoying dollop issue (which I have yet to find a solution for...)

The curved lines becoming angular problem seems to have fixed itself, though.

Oh, when I mentioned my tablet, I didn't mean a tablet PC. ^^; I use a graphics tablet similar to a Wacom
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Ah, I see...well, not gonna be much of help here. I don't have a Wacom tablet.
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How can i get script for G PEN? Where is it? ;-;
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Little late, click Add Brush (Cloud) and look up G Pen
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Hi Ryky! Thanks for this tutorial! But I have a question...What is the difference between "Watercolor Brush" (the first image) and "Watercolor" (the last image before the perspective section)?

Thanks for your attention.
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