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Magic - step by step tutorial

eye tutorial by rykyWater - tutorial by ryky Bubble - tutorial by ryky Light of magic - tutorial by ryky Hair Tutorial by ryky
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I managed to get the first few steps down... but then it started to get somewhere different. Then I created a falling star... Holy shit.
Aertice's avatar
step 1. ok
step 2. yep got this
step 3. i got this
step 4. looks a little different but i got this.
step 5. aAADASDJFKL (throws keyboard) (flips table) i give up

nah jks :- ) this is really good and youre amazing
(but the above text is a true story!)
Questionablexfun's avatar
this is gorgeous. i wish it had some brush setting instructions per step (opacity, mode..)
DeadShadow666's avatar
I love yours tutorials!
Simjim91's avatar
Awesome colors!
rmc-explus's avatar
Thank you so much for these incredible tutorials!
Cinna-Cat's avatar
Move towards the light... :)
MoonSpaghetti's avatar
really pretty even if it isn't exactly a tutorial ^.^
artfromtheheart92's avatar
:heart: Your art is magic in and of itself :la:
TodallyNotAmazing's avatar
This looks really cool, good job :D
SandraWinther's avatar
Thank you for this, it looks awesome! :D
coolcat007's avatar
Looks a bit like connect4 :D
RosieHuntington's avatar
Saiyanpelt-and-Co's avatar
I'm never gonna stop loving your vivid, beautiful colors.
Kamliee's avatar
This looks amazing! Thanks for the tutorial!
Seiorai's avatar
I just LOVE how you give these away for free and not gate them behind some high-end Patreon tier!
For that, you have my respect :) :hug:
goRillA-iNK's avatar
Simple and pretty. A good start for any amateur artist to see what can be done.
Yes it's not exactly a tutorial, but rather a demonstration or example.

Keep creating ryky.
Even if no one understands what you're creating and who you're creating it for.
Buggdeyboo's avatar
I love your tutorials!!!! They are so cool looking!!!!
MermaidWitch94's avatar
Care to add written instructions so I'll actually know what I'm doing?
J-o-3-y-y's avatar
Hey, one last reply, as I wanted to say, your work isn't dull. It would look better with some colourful backgrounds though!
The only reason I responded to your comment in the first place was because I felt you were unfair to the artist. 
Just wanted to say good luck on your journey as an artist! And have a look around for more tutorials that suit your taste n-n
Sorry for any harsh words etc. Just don't think this amazing artist deserves the negativity.
Hope it all goes well, and good luck :D
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