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MOST EASY Grass tutorial ever

By ryky
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I am in love with this software! The brushes and guides are so perfect !!! :3 You should try it, and If you wanna all functions you can purchase the software, its for  good price :) 

Enjoy the tutorials guys and have a FUN! :love: 
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Cool tutorial, though for whatever reason the guides are visible but don't work to automatically adjust the perspective for me like they seem to in this tutorial. So far I really like all the brush options for Paintstorm Studio, but find it buggy and hard to manage--hoping that changes since it seems like a pretty neat-looking program!
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Would this work with other programs that have perspective guides, or do the guides in Paint Storm have some kind of of special effect the brush?  I'm interested in this program, but I really can't afford to buy new soft ware any times soon. 
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Does this software work for mac and pc?
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Yep,it works both on windows and MAC :)
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Bought it after seeing your last journal!

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I feel like I've finally found a program that will help making backgrounds a bit easier!
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How much does it cost?
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Right now they're running a special for $19! First 1000 artists.

I bought it yesterday! It's truly great!
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another Paintstorm user *wee*
I use it since it's release last year and I love it. It's not as overwhelming with it's features than photoshop and very easy to use. They update it regulary and you can ask them to add new features. (I once asked them to add a mirror-function and with the last update, they added it in :D)
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So... you only have to pay that price once? And the program works? It sounds too good to be true?
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It's not - its super cheap and is really fantastic :)
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Thanks! My laptop stopped working but if I can get a new one I'll keep this in mind!
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Great! But how do you get Paintstorm Studio to work? It won't allow me to open it, it sends an error and closes itself.
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ahaha, enable. duh. was wondering how to get them to work xD
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Paintstorm studio is a real steal for that price:)
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Love the tutorial! But.... I dont have this program and wonder how to do it on paint tool sai.
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You can do it in Krita too, which is free.
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Hab dich. :D
(Ich find das irgendwie blöd... Wenn so ein Programm alles für einen macht und berechnet hat das doch eigentlich nicht mehr viel mit Kunst an sich zu tun O.o)
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Naja es kommt drauf an. Wenn du mit nem Pinsel malst kannst du ja auch je nach dem welchen du nimmst einen bestimmten Effekt erzeugen... Aber bei manchen brushes (wie der hier oder dem Photoshop Gras) finde ich den Effekt gar nicht so cool sondern eher hässlich und gezwungen. Wenn man brushes richtig benutzt werden die Bilder dadurch aber echt cooler... Ich benutze allerdings selbst quasi nie welche.
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