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MOON - easy tutorial



Moon tutorial -Done in Paint tool SAI ,last step in Adobe Photoshop

Draw everything on the same layer!
1. draw a circle.
2. make some dakr place on the moon.
3. same like step 2 but you use "BRUSH" with "FUZYSTATIC" or "SPREAD" settings .(just type: you can use this setting for drawing clouds).
4. same like step 3 but you use darker colors.
5. same with lighter color
6. create new layer with layer settings "LUMINOSITY" ,brush setting you can see on picture.Use the lighter color and make some glowing around the circle.
7. make a white part on the moon
8. last step i make in Photoshop - i blur edge of the circle with "Blur tool" - if you want edit some colors click in Photoshop ( ctrl+b )

Thank you :hug:

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I can't believe I still can't draw a moon ;w;
Much thanks for the tutorial though!
Crystalmia107's avatar
Can it work on Medibang?
Anisa-Mazaki's avatar
Hmm.... Why does your moon look so lumpy? Oh It was done in 2013. Never mind :3 You should update this when you have time since your art has gotten wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than those of 4 yrs ago ^.^ 
x-Riivenge's avatar
This helped me alot. Thank you.
Amarashinoka's avatar
This helps me so much, thank you!
CosmoKawa's avatar
Used here! Thanks for this fantastic tutorial!…
Sanddy273's avatar
díky za pomoc, použila jsem to na summercardproject:
WingedHelix's avatar
Do you know what settings I would use in Photoshop?
pandansoda's avatar
Not really an expert here but I would suggest a brush on a lower flow, perhaps an airbrush would work best for the second step, use a different more static like brush for the third step (there is no option as far as i know to make it more FUZYSTATIC). You can set your layer to lumonosity and use the airbrush again  i guesss
pff im not much help gaahh
WingedHelix's avatar
No your very helpful, I know a lot of artist don't use Photoshop because it costs a lot. So even just an idea of what to do is helpful 
pandansoda's avatar
I use ps cs6 for all my stuff but I had to teach myself so I'm not the best at advice for I'm still learning myself!
Popilupa's avatar
Now if only I had photoshop, or that my program worked like this.
PokemonRulesPikaa's avatar
Paint tool sai is the program that's displayed here. 
Popilupa's avatar
Oh. I don't have that either :(
PokemonRulesPikaa's avatar
You can get it ways, which are not all that legal. But that's your choice.
Popilupa's avatar
I tried it, it needs something to open with o-o
VioletteShadow's avatar
the video? or the download. because to download you can get WINRAR which is also free (for a period of time)
Popilupa's avatar
Kk (got the 30 day one)
InFloris's avatar
uuh huh.
AF20cartoons's avatar
It can also work with Photoshop?
Eif-ka's avatar
Nice tutorial! :D
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