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Lips tutorial



I send hiiiiiii from Scotlad !!!its awesome here ... I am now on the beach and wifi is everywhere :DD have a nice day my dear :hug:
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Ty, you are very kind!!! Kewl!!!

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this is amazing!
:) (Smile) I think I've fainted. Heart 
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Wow, it's nice man. Congratulations! =]
Ca manque un peu d'explication au pas à pas, mais c'est tout de même super!!! ça va beaucoup m'aider!!! merci, merci bcp
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Do you have a youtube channel where you also make tutorials like this? xD  I have some sort of problem with following just the pictures and would probably understand better if I saw you actually drawing it.  But, anyway you are very, very helpful.  Skype status - Online La la la la 
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Oh so pretty!! :heart: I always seem to have a problem with lips being too flat. But yours look so shiny and kissable. :) How long does it take you to go through this process?
would you allow me to use part of this to make a cover for an ebook which is an erotic romance story?
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Wow! You went to Scotland!? No fair!!!;P 
I really like these lips, nice job! They remind me of Jessica Rabbit's lips for some reason...😳
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Thanks. This really helps on doing lips.
Thanks, this really helped, but ugg I just can't nail it quite like you can >.<
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Thank you soooo much for this tutorial, it realy helped me!!! ^-^
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Es perfecto. Me sirve mucho <3 Gracias!!! Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
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So nice and helpful tut! Thank you! Hug 
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That's great! It is very well explained! I can't even make the first step, but it is a personal problem. ^^ Bravo and thanks for this tutorial.
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how do you know exactly what to do to make it sooo... real?
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Okeey.. This one was creepy, look so realistic O..o
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ok lips from 4 to 5 where is the difference?!

(After staring at theme for half an hour feeling like Where is Wally game)
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In the fifth one, the light reflections are more intense, the edges of the lips are more refined and there were some details added at the top of the lower lip, also some other minor changes... you are welcome :)
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Thank you so much! I have to look at it on a better (and lighter) screen I guess.
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seems llike photograph cool bro
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