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Kiwi -step by step

By ryky
Kiwi tutorial
Done in Adobe Photoshop
I use standart brush from photoshop but with opacity and flow 40% 
1.Make "circle" i have green there but do a little brown like step 2.
2.Make add smaller "circle" with brighter color
3.Make a almost white spot in the middle a very soft brush with 50% opacity and make a lighter color around the spot.Select a orange color and make a thin line around the top of kiwi.
5.Draw a line from the center with same color as spot 
6.Select a brown color and with very soft brush opacity 20% make some streak on the top 
7.Select a darker green color and make a lines between a lighter lines
8.Select a dark brown color and make a lot off seed around the middle
9.Create a new layer ,select a standart brush and make a white circle like step 2. select a tiny eraser with 60% opacity and almost everything erased.Leave it a white "dots"
10. Select burn and dodge tool and use some brush (like skin brush) and make a lot of dots! 
11. Same like step 10 but on the bottom
12.For last step i use rock brush. This brush i use for rocks and mountains.For "hair" around i use smudge tool with very tiny brush.

SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH and good luck! 
My newest work

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:hug: you can add me to your friendlist on facebook for more tutorials,brushes,resources and other stuff :hug:…

Thank you  have a awesome day :hug:
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Good God, it looks so real. Real enough to :chew:
Raccoonzzz's avatar
The last step looks like a photo. Darn, now I want a Kiwi.
Lepedi's avatar
Amazingly detailed kiwi! I love the fruit, it's a shame I'm allergic.
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Lynjae's avatar
Look so real oO
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Zebracornz101's avatar
I just happened to be eating a kiwi when I saw this wtf
thespacenoodle's avatar
This will be so helpful next time im drawing apples
PyroAnubis's avatar
I just added the highest-res version of this to my backgrounds folder. :D
angeliIy's avatar
My cheeks filled up with the sour taste, and my teeth felt like they had the seeds stuck between them just by LOOKING at this. XD
Splaser's avatar
Didn't know drawing a kiwi would take that many steps.
Dain-Siegfried's avatar
You know I've got a box of kiwis sitting about a metre to my right... Think I might go eat one.
JJersh's avatar
*Pulls out of screen and eats* '3' 
martinverweij's avatar
no offence but how is this even in the popular section?....
Dartmaul15's avatar
well, he doesn't decide that, does he?
apparently a considerable part of DA seems to like tutorials involving making fruits and vegetables in photoshop
Kaeltro's avatar
Don't usually comment but I thought I'd put my two cp in. Basically I think a lot of the deviantart community sees the value in these little tutorials because they teach the basics of rendering techniques, and these give relevant examples that those techniques can be used for. That's just how I see it anyway.
Dartmaul15's avatar
that too XD
I can't say i've tried it myself, but they seem to be simple and easy step by step tutorials that give good result; exactly what rookies need. So yeah, you got a point :)
martinverweij's avatar
i know but i'm just saying there's soooo many beautiful artworks that go by completely unnoticed and then this. I'm not saying it's bad not at all. It's just frustrating sometimes 
BigFreddy's avatar
It's fruitstrating ?... I am a dummy! 
ryky's avatar
sorry for that ... i take a little break with fruits :D ;) 
martinverweij's avatar
don't take it like that please. I'm not hating on it. It just seems so insignificant compared to some beautiful artworks that don't even get a comment. Like i mean kiwis dont even have symbolical value or anything they're just hairy fruits that's all. 
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