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King of Birds

Commission for :iconhappyfunrun: :hug: 

Thank you for commission me :) 

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GladeFaun's avatar
Amazing use of light here!
Toawie's avatar
Amazing! love the picture.
Goldfish-Rose's avatar
I really like your use of colour in all your works, just flicking through them is such a feast for my eyes :fish:
RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
Wow! Really amazing and vivid!
Love the gorgeous blues you used...
It's perfect... 
NyuSonozaky's avatar
The color of blue is captivating as well as the lights
sniperpal's avatar
This should be redone with Qrow Branwen from RWBY and with all the birds as Corvus birds.
SP-GFX's avatar
wow awesome Deadpool icon 
You are just too good for me !!! I have your paintings on my desktop, on facebook and damn you are just sooooo goood. :)
What software did you use for drawing?
moon-rabb1t's avatar
I just keep imagining the king of birds saying "caw caw motherfucker"
dcgamergirl's avatar
Red-Sunny-Apple's avatar
The colours in this art piece are AMAZING, so are the colour schemes in your other artworks :)
T-Sheena's avatar
I love the colour scheme in this piece, you've just earned yourself a watch! :)
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Makes me thing of the Crow Master from Warrior Withing.
Destiny-14's avatar
The journey begins...
Nameless-001's avatar
i am certainly going to study your artwork, your colour theory is next level.
Amii-stuff's avatar
This looks so beautiful and magical
FacelessBuster's avatar
If you control the sky, you control the world.
lustrousoul's avatar
i would so love to be king of the birds ;u;
Deviant294852's avatar
wow. this is super cool :D
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