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How to draw - hair

SKIN TUTORIAL Skin tutorial by ryky 

done in paint tool sai
Hair Tutorial by rykyeye tutorial by rykyWater - tutorial by ryky Bubble - tutorial by ryky Light of magic - tutorial by ryky
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Can you tell me what brush settings would you use for this in photoshop?

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What drawing app do you use?

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i think paint tool sai is what they used

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Dang, looks byotiful!
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Great tutorial. Thank you for this
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Cool tutorial. Need to try this out. :P
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Thank you  =^.^= 
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this looks like max caulfield! but cool tutorial!
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Hi, sorry if my english is the worst
I speak spanish
I need some help, i'm doing a draw but I have problems with her hair
If I send you a pic, you can tell me what I need to do?
Because I have problems making her hair
PD: my name is virginia and I'm from Argentina
PD2: I'm painting with sketchbook 😅
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Hola, virgikitsune16, yo también uso el cuaderno de bocetos y creo que puedo ayudar!
Te ayudaré si puedo, lo siento por no haber visto tu comentario antes. Sweating a little... 
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No hay problema
En realidad ya he terminado el dibujo
Aún así tengo problemas con uno nuevo, no soy buena pintando cabello 😖
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Bueno, por favor, dime si necesitas ayuda ^^
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Is it possible to do this on ibisPaint?
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you probably can, you'd have to mess around with different brushes, thicknesses, and opacity though.
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Ohhh. I tried it, but since most of the brushes/layer settings in ibis aren't the same as sai it ended up looking weird
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Thanks! I think I will try it with my drawings a lot! :D
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