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How i paint my pictures ( EASY)

By ryky
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You always asked me how i paint my pictures so fast, so i just want to show you roughly how i paint my pictures. This picture took 20 min to finish. If you will follow these bacis steps ,you can do that too :) 
Done in Paint tool SAI
1. base color - use some base color of sky to start, i prefer more dark colors
2. select some colors for your sunset, you can choose two if you want, use soft brush, dont cover all picture, just on the bottom (max in the middle) 
3. select the same color from the first step, and paint some clouds,from top to bottom, this will make a nice effect if the color will be the same like the basic color:) you can use brush but not too sharp 
4. chose a little darker color then the basic color, on the front made some grass,rocks, silhouetthes just what do you want
5. use even more darker colors than in the step before, and make a another front line of ( rocks and stuffs) 
6. create new layer with luminosity setting, chose soft brush,and some yellow (almost oragne) color to make it glow! 
7. again, create another new layer and again with luminosity setting, choose almost white color, and made a glowing details (around character,sparkles .. ) 

Done in Photoshop CS6
8. If is needed ,edit some colors, i use ctr+b in PS 
9. use some sparkle (dust) brushes to made some details, glowing dots and other, or star brush (you can use some setting for make these things glow like color dodge or light colors) - ( the blue glow i also made with luminosity layer in Paint tool SAI). 

DONE ! Now you paint like me, and i can go travel around the world :D No im not leaving... i cant be without you :love: 
Thank you guys... enjoy the tutorial.. have a wonderful day! :hug: 

I use: Paint tool SAI , Adobe Photoshop CS6- XP PEN 16Pro Graphic tablet 
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Como puedo hacer un pincel suave para medibang

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Fun Doesn't Stop When The Sun Goes Down by angry-horse-for-life

Thank you for the tutorial/inspiration :heart:
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I tried and failed but it still gave me a lot of help ^^
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Thanks so much for the tutorial!
  Sunset Test by XyS13  
this isn't as good as yours but it's a big improvement for me!
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Your tutorials are alway so good!
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  Road Unknown by AceKipp    Well Damn Finalryky by AceKipp
So I tried to add the effect you have with some color dodge on PS and color correction
Why do you use Painttool sai, are you just used to it or is there something that you cant really find elsewhere? (people probably ask you that all the time)
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Sai luminosity glow is kinda better than PS color dodge. When you import a color dodge PS file into Sai you will see its more vibrant and clear. But if you open it on Photoshop again it will look a bit bland
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Gave it a shot! Thanks for the tutorial. :heart:

Romantic Nights by DavinaKinney
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When I try to use the luminosity effect in Photoshop on my layers it either makes the color pure white or totally dark (almost black) depending on the color I use. Definitely not the effect seen in the tutorial. Anyone else experience this? I tried googling my issue but all results aren't relevant to my problem
 [Bunny Emote] Nervous 
I'm new to digital art, so I'm likely doing something wrong..
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Thanks for this tutorial =3 it inspired my own take on the time of day and lighting:  The Watch of Blackfjord by ShaozChampion
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Nádherný tutoriál!
Děkuji,rozhodně pomůže.
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This is brilliant. I must try this.
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The Midnight - LA by Jugles

My take on your Tutorial. Really fun to try.
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Savanna by Cris-oliver  Hi man. It really works and it was so fast to do this. 
Can i ask if i can use your tutorial on my youtube channel?
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Landscape 1c by Alimera Thank you very much the tutorial!
MediBangPro and SAI and CorelPSP :iconnewhugplz:
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This really helped me, even if I couldn't figure out how to add the glow for the life of me. (Thanks, Photoshop. XD ) But I got a really awesome picture out of it! Thank you so much!!

  Sammy by RebeccaThorneWrites  
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Much obliged yet again mate 0w0
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This looks really cool! :D
Thank you so much! :)
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