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How i do the glow( EASY)

Done in Paint tool SAI, last step in Adobe Photoshop 
-Use the soft brush on everystep, just change the size ( from big to small) 
-First step is on normal layer with light color (basic color) 
-In the second step create new layer with ( LUMINOSITY SETTING )  and  select bright color (soft brush !)  
-Repeat this in every step,always create new layer with LUMINOSITY , use lighter and lighter color in every step !
-Use some sparkle dots brush in Photoshop to add some cool effect at the end , you can use effect color dodge to make the dots glow 
Done  :) 
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i like your work

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this looks like so much fun, and the end result is so pretty too! <3

so awesome please make a video on youtube

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It's very informative and helpful! Thank you :)

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You can HEAR the fire crackling in the painting. Thank you for this tutorial!
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Like this? I tried so ehh

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Perfect! Thank you so much for shering these tips with us. I always wondered how you do the light. :)
Magic by zfbaser used here thanks 
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I tried...

Fire by BlueyLight  I have lines on my drawing because of this weird thing with my program, sorry.
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I use dogwaffle and I dont understand this layer stuff
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Did you use an opacity setting in Step 2?
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Can it work in Medibang? I dunno it has a glow brush
hello fellow medibang user 
it works for me with the airbrush tool and on the dodge layer
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Yeah and I also use Paint Tool Sai to
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oops, didn't fiinish. Is that also in autodesk?
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Thanks a lot for this :thanks: hope it works the same way in photoshop
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is there a way to do a similar affect in black and white pencil?
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