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Fire tutorial - EASY

Hey guys, so what you have to know about making fire? 
Done in Paint tool SAI 
0. First, choose dark background , you dont have to but fire really looks better in night time :D 
1. First step, chose sharper brush, its up to you which one, but sketch should be fine, chose basic (orange) color for the fire 
2. Second step - create new layer with luminosity setting, you know thats my favorite setting :D use brigther color then the basic one :) and make it glow
3. use water brush, and smudge it little bit :)the setting of these brushes is not really important  , just be gentle and dont push to hard
4. again create new layer with luminosity setting,  use more brighter color and make it glow more 
5. create another new luminosity layer and chose almost white color but in yellow tone, inside of fire make it glow with (almost white strokes) 
6. Last step is done in Adobe Photoshop, use vivid colors setting, or color dodge  for the brush ,and select some sparkle, or dust brush to add these little details :) 
Done :) easy right?:) enjoy! Have a wonderful day guys! 
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This is awesome. The movement that's given off from the flame and the effects of the embers is wonderful.

oh wow. This is Awesome. Thanks.

Awsome , i just learning the photoshop with lots of happy tq

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Thank you so much for this! Now I know what was I doing wrong!

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Ty so much! this is a very helpful tutorial

Ddfgfghfghfgh by TariSenhae  

It's the first time that I can draw something nice on photoshop
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Excellent work ~
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What kind of unholy creation have i made
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Fire is best elemental!
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Thank you for sharing this tutorial! Helps me a lot!
By the way, Just to let peeps who has Sai V2.0, the luminosity setting is called Shine. There is a setting on Sai 2 that's called luminosity too but it doesn't have the same effect.

Thanks again dude!
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Nice. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this. Though I use photoshop mostly this should convert
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Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial.
I tried it in this speed paint:
56. Danger Ahead - Female Fashion on Fire by Sorianumera
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it looks magical
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I tried it in Firealpaca but I was totally lost! I don't think the smudge brush does much justice. Yours is so amazing! I love the style!
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otázka za milión: To Luminosity dačo, je čo? A..myslíš, že je také aj vo Photoshope?
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nastaveni vrsty v SAI, v pohotshope muzes dat vivid light :) 
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