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Fire and Ice

By ryky
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Ok one more fanart for Game of Thrones :) enjoy my friends 

My commissions are open-more info   

                                                                                                                                                                    COMMISSION OPEN - NEW TYPE C
Important note: Hey guys, if you have youtube channel and do you want use my pictures for the background, you have my permission,you can use all of them except commission pictures,they can use only owners of the commissions.Now why i telling you this, yesterday one owner of youtube channel write me, someone with email  (cehelsky.zdenek@gmail.com) send him a email and ask him for 5 000 $ because he use his (my) pictures in one of his video.Thats not me, this is not my email.I will never ask you for money.So if youtube take your video down,and someone under my name send you email like this, send me a note or email my email: zdenek.cehelsky@seznam.cz And I'll take care of it with you.Have a nice day - Ryky 


IF YOU DONT HAVE DEVIANTART SEND ME EMAIL: zdenek.cehelsky@seznam.cz


                                                                                                                                            Instagram by Th3EmOo  www.instagram.com/rykyart/
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Yes I agree it is very nice

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Very nice. Clap  
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MaelstromArtHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so cool AAAAAAAAAAA
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Amazing fire effects! I also like the little pieces of fire that are floating in the air. Very cool.

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Jhanna47Student Artisan Crafter
Have you read Throne of Glass saga? cuz that looks like a scene of it, and all your forests too
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omaralex1971Student Traditional Artist
This is so coooooool!!
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Yes it is cool

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alemagicpandaHobbyist General Artist
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Polytechnic of Coventry Lanchester. 1984 - 1985 Wolverhampton Polytechnic School of Art and Design. 1985 - 1988 Birmingham Watercolor Society Associate Member of the Royal Society of Artists of Birmingham.I now find myself recruiting talented artists to work as curators of art around the world just have to contact me through my email sflec25 @ gmail .com. the only option is to send a video making a work like that of the artists Gabino Amaya Cacho, Isabelle Guillese, Josepth Lomber and Claudio Lopez.

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im obviously bettha den u xdx dlOL!o1oL!o1l mah styl is so kul and artistik u hav no chances!1!1!
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BeaubemaHobbyist General Artist
yup very sick XD
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AbruptNoiseHobbyist Digital Artist
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This artist is seeing into the second next level of the afterlife....
Show us the worst a nightmare you ever had...
Show us your biggest laugh...
Show us what's inside a kiss like it's made to be all it can be...  inside a perfect 'kiss me my prince' kind of kiss...
Do kisses breathe emotion..?
Does love hide inside/behind a bopper's kiss..?
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Incredible! Absolutely beautiful!La la la la 
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[Icon#32]Mizuki Himeji [Icon#32]Mizuki Himeji [Icon#32]Mizuki Himeji [Icon#29]Shirayuki-hime [Icon#29]Shirayuki-hime [Icon#28]Mimori Tougou [Icon#5]Yurika Nijino charlie-blush-icon xD [Icon#31]Shirayuki-hime [Icon#2]Akari-chan [Icon#28]Mimori Tougou [Icon#28]Mimori Tougou Flag of Brunei MochiHaiti BrandNew (wordmark, red) Icon ultra 
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celestialsirenHobbyist General Artist
This is epic, very nicely done.
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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist
Effects look very nice.
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MariaXXArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
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crestmindsHobbyist Digital Artist
Woah! I love the colors and most of all the dragon!
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beautiful work!!! the colours used are just spectacular!
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"Some say the world would end with fire, some say in ice, from what I tasted for desire, I hold with those I'll favor fire. But if I have to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, to know for desire, ice, is also great, and would suffice." Robert Frost. (sorry if I messed up on anything from the poem.)
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RaosisawesomeProfessional Digital Artist
This is so good!! How long did it take you to get on this level of expertise?
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