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Fantasy eye - iris tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI

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This place doesn't have a "i love it too much" button so I tell you.

I love it too much <3
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I love it c;
I like your approach, Soo happy I found ya , will be keeping up from now on..Thanks for sharing.  8-)
Mindstorm-Production's avatar
The brush settings on the side.. Are they for the whole tutorial or just for a specific section..? :s

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It would be sooo col if you could give a tutorial on how to make white ghost eyes with like... fog and everything so you barely can see the pupil and stuff. Love eyes like that, but I can't draw them bleh. 
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The key to ghost eyes is using a very light grey or blue color for the iris then using a lighter color on the rest of the eye. Basically, for the first step, follow the example here. Then add an extra layer. Use the Airbrush and use the lightest color of all then blur with the Blur tool and your eyes is pretty much perfect. If you like, you can go to my page and request a tutorial.
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Hehe yeah this much I understand. Would just be cool to see what Ryky would come up with! Love the detailed work. 
AndrogynousOne's avatar
I wish she responded to comments more often. Her work is always so magical.
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VERY nice tutorial. 
very nice work. :)
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Had some questions with blending modes, but experimenting did its job. 
artofjaguar's avatar
This helps. Love the colors of the eyes. ('''')
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I love your work and you're tutorials are really helpful!!! :D :iconloveloveplz:
silveryfeather208's avatar
Thank you so much for all these! You make my days/works so much easier, especially being an amateur artist in photoshop (i mainly do traditional artwork) but these make great templates and i learn a lot from, thanks master photoshoper. :P
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I wish I could fave x9999999999 this
SteampunkOrange's avatar
Looks so gorgeous :D
Halofollower064's avatar
Just for this i shall watch you!
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your tutorial is awesome..... it will help me a lot:happybounce: 
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Started doing this lately, now I jest need to test out the skills in SAI :)
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