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Eyes tutorial

eyes tutorial step by step
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So far Im loving the tutorials :D
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hi there, can you please message me in private on how to make a long page tutorial ? thanks alot
AngelofDarkSilence's avatar
This is a beautiful brush you have is it your own?
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So the distance between the eyes is about the same as the length of an eye... That's worth remembering.
very nice tutorial.
i have one too!
take a look. i hope tha help someone^^ 
Dashieandluna's avatar
Thank youuuuu I finally know how to draw an eye
Thanked O Prince
chipbag01's avatar
very helpful! thank you.
Sorain26's avatar
Really helpful tutorial. Thank you so much.
GoldRush35's avatar
Thank you it was helpful:happybounce: 
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Very helpful! Thank you :heart:
Izolna's avatar
Very helpful, thank you Love 
sarkiya's avatar
I love colored accents in grey drawings!  ~happiness~
CommanderHomo's avatar
I really love it 
it's really helpful ; v ; )
FerricLupus's avatar
this is gonna be helpful once I start getting into faces, thanks
Beautiful eyes-I appreciate tutorials of just about any subject. It never hurts to hone our skills
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I've been looking for something like that for ages! Thanks bro
PenciLollipop's avatar
I love the second one colored.
I really like the way you color eyes when they are finished, and i like the last step, but the second colored step is awesome too. It's really clean and i like it being simple yet perfectly done !

Btw: Thanks again for all your tutorial man, you are awesome ! :) I really look up to you...
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Thank you for this post! I have a lot of trouble with drawing eyes! :D Are you getting over your artist's block yet Hun?
V0cal0id0Sp00ky's avatar
Helpful. . Thank you!
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