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Eyes tutorial

I hope it help you :)

program: Paint tool SAI

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:hug: Thank you
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you know're my greatest guru in here :3

thank u so much for the tutorials >,<
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I can´t spot the difference between second last row left and mid
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Thank you very much. This helped so so much.
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:musicnote: And he's watching us all with the eeeeeeye...
Of the draaaawing!
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I dont get I need a Tablet to make this smooth lines in the first step, cause If I paint it with my Mouse the Lines dont look that smooth ^^
Kawaii-Onigiri-Chan's avatar
I do it without tablet ^^; I use a layer of lineart to draw it, then I use the pressure tool to make the edges thicker or thinner (and to look like eyelashes) It also helps if you use the line tool and then bend it the way you want it insead of just trying to draw it free hand (with your mouse) :thumbsup: this is all assuming you use Paint Tool SAI like he did here xD
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ye u need a tablet ^^
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can do without a tablet?
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one of the best tutorial I've ever seen before I hope you make more of them!!
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this is a really pretty eye
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how do you make your lines look so smooth D:
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thanks for the tutorial! :)
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i need this, thanx...^^
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Don't you have enough of these?
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You create the most beautful eyes I have ever seen... it makes me want to curl in a ball and cry at its beauty :woohoo: :D
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this is very nicely done. thank you. so helpful :D
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The make up youv chosen for the eye reminds me a little of geisha makeup, really pretty ^_^
himenozetsubou's avatar
H-heeeeey, it's like my eyebrow.
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