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Eye tutorial

Just quick help for you, you send me a lot of notes about how i paint eyes after my last picture, so here is  easy step, done in Paint tool SAI but im sure you can handle it in any other software. Enjoy :hug: 
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Quick Eye by CheesyLegs  I used medibang (: tysm this eye tutorial really helped Love 
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Used your tutorial to draw this! Thanks sooo much, it helped a TON! Pink Heart Icon 

Eye Practice by SolarisStudios    
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messed up a lot. will follow you for more daily exercises :)
Thanks for the tutorial.!
Untitled-2 by Cysar   
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looks really good
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Don't you think that such eye would look "fixed" to the face rather than be a part of it? Im not sure what stands behind this so called tutorial: anatomy learning or just stylized 2d "anime" eye just to impress ignorant people. But cmon who cares
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Ever heard of "preference"?
Who cares if it's not "anatomically correct", let people draw whatever they want.
It's their art, not yours. 
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well it doesn't exactly say "anatomically correct eye tutorial" does it?
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Exactly how is this "anime?"
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If it's a mix of a cartoonish/animish style you can just call it semi-realism
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"anime"= cartoonish, not realistic, anatomy incorrect. That's why I've put "" there, it's not exaculy anime though...
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You do realize style is a thing right?
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It's not really "anime" because you need to see the actual body. 
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Good job for the eyes, the humidity part is probably the most difficult ^^.
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Lovely!! And helpful 
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ye no my stuff looks like shit but this crap is probably impossible for me
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This is the best eye tutorial ever!
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thanks for this tutorial :D (Big Grin) Clap 
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