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Easy wood - tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI 

:bulletblue: My newest works 

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looks amazing^^ well done!
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Helpful, this be.  Try it, I will.  :nod:
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You make the best tutorials. Thanks so much for this cherry blossom 
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thank you
is great tutorial @.@)b
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ty for all of the tutorials :)
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What tool did you use throughout this? -.O It almost looked like you used a whole different type of settings for the last one, almost a grainy look :O
AimForrest's avatar
Your tutorials are fabulous!
Spark1eFountain's avatar
Thanks! Used in it in this drawing C:! Magical by Spark1eFountain
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Haha, 'easy wood'.
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well it's more a step by step like your other works than a tutorial because there aren't even descriptions xD
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Real helpful, love how simple steps can make such great outcomes :) Thank you!
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i can do everything to the last step... on the last step tho some magic happens...
Can anyone tell me WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS THERE?! how is it so smooth and stuff?
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Try to set a layer to luminosity or overlay, pick a clear yellow color and brush th sun with airbrush under the tree. Repeat the same thing on a layer clipped above the tree. With a yellowing and a reddish color and airbrush a bit more on the highlighted parts. Hope this helps :x

Also you can redifine the clouds using special brushes or manually.
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OMG thanks wow this is easier then i thought just a bit time consuming :d
PenciLollipop's avatar
Ahah that worked fine ? :) I wasnt perfectly since i didn't try it myself. But since i draw on the same software and do shining effects like that sometimes, i assumed this method was one of the many way to get the effect you wanted.
Glad i could help :3
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This is so helpful, thanks! =D Love your tutorials~ ^_^
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Thanks, that helped me:)
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Nice work ..........
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amazing! thank you!
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Is this digital?

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