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Easy way to paint a water

By ryky
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Done in Paint tool SAI :) Enjoy my dear friends :hug: 
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God bless you for this tutorial, I was really struggling with the water effectPray 
Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 7.04.52 PM by CreativeCalibre  
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Used it! I adapted it a bit though, so it fit better with my usual art, but thank you so much for this tutorial! It was extremely useful ♥
Gary - Pinkaboo-Hime by AsariShiN
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Thanks for the tips. Mostly for how to draw these backgrounds
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Could you do a tutorial on how to paint rivers?
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Great!! Thanks!!
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So useful!! Thank you:happybounce: 
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Summer Rika by flightless-birb  Thank you so much for the tutorial~!
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Thx for the tutorial!!:D (Big Grin)
here is mine
My first time i drawing ocean by asmamal
Not bad.right Sweating a little... 
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Just want to thank you for this tutorial. It'll be great help for the piece I'm doing tomorrow. I did this piece for practice, and it looks great, or as good as I can do anyways. I've even just used Photoshop for this. The reason why I haven't use this technique for my planned final piece, is that I am planning on doing my first speed art video for it, and wanted to practise drawing the sea first.
I'll be sure to show you my final piece when it's done and thank you again.

Water Practice from ryky by MosasaurWorks  
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I ADORE your tutorials! They're always super helpful
 Love :happybounce: 
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I think mine came out alright.
Sky by Anubis-hound  
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Lost by MissRavenna  this helped me a lot :^) 
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Yes, now I can draw a water.
Just one water.
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Many Thanks! I used you tutorial! The result is great!Love 
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This is helpful!thanks!
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Thank you for sharing your ways!
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two lazy girls by CalamityVII   used this tutorial :')
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oh wow! So this is how you make it XD i shall attempt this sometime too, thanks for the tutorial!
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I love the tutorial that you have created to help with people with things.
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I like it!

Just one problem I can't copy things very well and it's hard for me to do instructions
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