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Easy TREES - tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI 

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Hello Helloo thank you so much for this tutorial! i used it here >w< 
[C] Eichi under a tree OwO by shiori887  
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Arigato! (Thank you!)

Pine trees are one of the trees that's a bit trickysome for me
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Thank You very much for this tutorial! ^v^
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wow, this is amazing! My only problem is, I don't know how to overlay... Is there anyway that I may suggest a tutorial, or would you mind giving me a quick how to through comments? I know how to add the overlay, but when I put a color like red or hot pink over green, it doesn't turn out like yours did in the tutorial... Anyways, thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to trying out more of your tutorials! 
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Overlay is just a layer setting.  Just make a new layer and set it to overlay.
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Wow amazing technique! I will try it. 
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I would use this, too bad I don't do digital art DX

And that I can't draw trees.
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 Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4]   thank you so much for sharing
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Hi how do you make the brush path more..umm simulate
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Thanks so much! I love this tutorial and it helped me out a bunch! I made my own version:
It's obviously not as amazing as yours, but it's good for me.
I wish I could hug you right now!
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man i see trees every day and yet i have such problems drawing them. helpful tutorial, thanks!
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I tried doing these >u<…
thank you so much !
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I.... love you. Youre tutorials are not terribly detailed which lets me learn some all by myself, plus translating it to PSCS/3+ , I appreciate you showing all these lovely ways of painting! You rock! :D
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Really usefull!
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I don't use SAI but I think I can figure out how to make use of this in Manga Studio... nice tut.
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These have a nice cartoon painted look to them. I should try some of these techniques when I get around to working on backgrounds...and after I figure out how to get my tablet to work with SAI!
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 Yeah I have the same issue :P plus the interface confuses me, is there something I am missing to simplify it or a beginners mode idk man
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Its funny, I have worked with Photoshop in some form my whole life and now I also have SAI for my tablet. I am so lost in how to do things now its just sickening, I have gotten better at SAI but the second I feel a rage quit start to happen off to Photoshop I pop. I also hate how SAI has no "proper" tutorials, I mean these here are good but us beginners understand fuck all for the most part. At least Ryky put in brush settings for this.
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Damn, I understand, Id wish to achieve better work and I like the things I see produced from SAI, artrage in my opinion is really nice, I don't know why I don't like photoshop, its because Im a noob like that but yeah I guess the convenience of the interface pleases me to some degree and it makes my life easier, its like PS for tards. Anywhom, I tried watching tutorials on youtube but they really really lose track of the point on the ones I watched and they became a "keep trying man dont give up, you love it" kind of thing and I just wanted information
RusHetaFan's avatar
I am blessed with enough self taught knowledge of Photoshop that if I get stuck I can understand Advanced tutorials ( you know the 2 hour long ones o.o )  Then again all of the tutorials for Photoshop I look up is when i forget how to edit my photography in a certain way haha.
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