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Easy Lava - tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI 
1. we use only one layer
2. select brush and make some red/orange light
3. draw a rock
4: ad lighter shades to rock
5: add highlights to rock
6: add faded but visible highlights to lava and smudge the red slightly in a vertical motion
7: add orange, very thin but bright highlights in lava (luminosity layer)
8: add sparks  (luminosity layer)
9: add smoke.

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Thank you for doing these awesome art resources!
yxabFOX's avatar
thanks for all these tuts theyre so GOOOOD!!
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PamTheCreator's avatar
ill always love magma thanks ryky
KariNiji's avatar
love it so much ty!
YueDiCheshire's avatar
I like it *-*
It's perfect.
I'll show you my work when i finish it ewe
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<font><font>Я использовал твой учебник здесь:  </font></font><font><font>…</font></font>
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This is so cool! All of the stuff you make it so shiny and glowing. I'm gonna try this.
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Can you make the lava into and color?
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 It very beautifullyBunny emoji-01 
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Looks very cool, I like it. :D Thanks. :)
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Thanks for that awesome tutorial. It was very inspiring :)
KamonKaze's avatar
a question, how long employs in his drawings like these? are incredible
musicaall's avatar
on number 4 you accidentally made a typo --ad--

either way, good tutorial!
pentsu's avatar
Thanks, very helpful :)
NaruFan808's avatar
Thank you very much for this~! :3
Franrie's avatar
Thank you so much for this :D
yellowsmoke321's avatar
cool lava tutorial
FictionLover987's avatar
actually it's hot lava. XD :lol: 
i'm sorry. i just. i couldn't resist.xD
stabkamay's avatar
you make it look easy :(
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