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Easy Blood - tutorial

Done in Paint tool SAI 

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bonjour ,votre illustration est superbe ,tres beau travail

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This is awesome! It'll really help me with a piece I'm working on.
The only thing I find a little off about it is that the blood looks a bit too... sticky? If that makes sense.
Other than that, it's a great little tutorial :) Thank you.
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Try putting some more orange into it!
GwrachSeren's avatar This tutorial really helped!
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This really helpfull
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i lover drawing gore
so this helps a lot Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Nice effect !
I add it to my "Digital Painting Learning Course" ; )
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Awesome work.... this is quite the artwork.... the shading contrast of the reds really blend well...but the blood doesnt seem....real.
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yay! a tutorial for paint tool sai thanks! UuU
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This is very neatly done and beautiful... But the bright red parts didn't make it look like blood and adding the shiny part and how the shiny part was placed it made it look more like a broken ruby then blood. ButI personally think that if you removed the bright red part then it would look more like blood. But otherwise this is a very neat tutorial and it really helps many people!
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What the fuck, lol. This isn't how blood works at all. 
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Your mastery in blood splatter analysis is almost red flaggish.
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from two years ago
ok nice

ya stuff is shit bruh
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If this was English I have no fucking clue where you were going with it. It's like a train wreck of retardation and you're the pilot. Stay in school "bruh".
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I can do one if you like.
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Need this for science
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Period bruh 
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Oh thanks :D It was very easy for me indeed (woukdn't have thought)
Capture by lauraacan
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Oh my god.
I totally see that.
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