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thank you :hug: 
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Okay. Wow. WOW. That was amazing. I'm stunned. :o (Eek)
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This is amazing :o OMG you are fantastic <3
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This is so wow ! I had found you on Youtube with this Amazing eye tutorial and wanted to thnak you !!!! q-q…
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Used here, thank, thank you very much…
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I hate to tell you this , but a water mark should be used. I develop on IMVU and this amazing work could be stolen and sold there very easily. 
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OMG ! really , every tutorial so amazing !!! 
thank u so much !! <3
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the video helped me a lot! I did one based off of this
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so the glow things is limunosity? cant spell it
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U could have put "New life" as a title because it just me or I see like how we start or more specific how life start in all of us? :P
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+fav + YT+fav!
THNX for the speed drawing!
If you enjoy speed drawing videos, also if they are traditional media, please check out my channel, too!: derJOgelle
You might want to look into the Featured channels!^^
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You talented little I-don't-know. This looks amazing. Beautiful colors and it looks like it's as deep as the ocean. How do you even.
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My God... That's so amazing!!! Bravo. Do you think you could a tutorial of thaht? :) Bravo. :)
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I really need to learn to do this ;v;
Your art is literally the most amazing I've seen, I love it so very much! Honestly, I have many artists whose work I like a lot, but you're the coolest :>
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Well worth the watch!
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I am so sorry!!! I wanted to edit and distribute an eye texture and so I looked on google and this came up. Here is the texture:…

If you don't approve of this, tell me and I will immediately take it down. Again, I apologize!
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Its ok , you have my  permission now.Next time please ask me before upload.Thank you have a nice day :3  :hug: 
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