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Destiny of geisha

By ryky
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I was not happy with my old geisha :-P this is new and realistic :)

Paint tool SAI,Photoshop

this song helped me
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I think that you had a different way at looking at a Geisha I like the way I feel you captured the natural beauty of a Geisha. Very well done! I like your choice of color as I think of a geisha the colors you use give the effect that a gaisha's makeup would provide should you have provided makeup for her. The flesh tones are amazingly beautiful. The lips are perfect and I like how you added the sort of glow to her eyes. It is almost as if she is walking outside and is being hit by a gentile breeze.
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Very good work with ur shading and blending of black an reddesh pink back ground
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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This is beautiful though not exactly a traditional geisha. The name geisha brings to mind a heavily made up woman dressed elaborately for a party but I could see this being during the day time.

Color Scheme:
The colors blend beautifully and you did an excellent job of picking a nice contrasting background color to match her kimono.

The face is absolutely perfect, the proportions look right to me and the eyes are draw you up. Her hand though seems to just appear out of no where and the arm attached to it just looks a little awkward. I think you were trying to go with a sweeping motion but perhaps define the sleeve just a but more so that it doesn't seem as though her arm was just plunged out of a gap in space or not apart of her body.

Picture Motion:
I'm assuming the dark curve in the lower right hand corner is her hair. It curving to the right while her dress is blowing to the left is just kind of off if you meant this to be realistic. If you brought her other hand into the picture and hard it raised so that it looked like she had just flipped her hair over her shoulder even that would make more sense than things just flying in two separate directions.

Overall it's a nice concept and this is something wonderful to build off of.
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Thank you so much :) I appreciate it ... you have talent- nice critique :hug:
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Aw thank you. It was no problem~
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A wonder full critique and a gorgeous image!!
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Thank you so much :)
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Amazing work (>^-^<)
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She's pretty but it's not realistic if you're going based on accuracy. 
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her eyes are so haunting!! stunning :3
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your drawings are really nice
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It is super awesome but the critique it correct. A geisha is rarely seen with her hair down either. Still loved it.
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Beautiful work, I gotta ink my own Geisha. I've had the sketch laying around for a few days now.
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holy ****! with sai? you are truly a genius ! i really adore her hair x)
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Hey... Pure poetry!
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beautiful !!! n_n
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ahhh, thats cool. the silver glints in the eyes give it a real sence of reality and mystery all at the same time^^
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Beautiful song, thanks for the link and awesome work, i'm really impressed, it's a pleasure to see such beautiful art !
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she is beautiful!
her eyes are something special
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