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Best Brushes ever!

By ryky
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This software has really really awesome brushes :)

Done in  Paintstorm Studio - download here  


You need Paintstorm Studio for those brushes.

Other tutorials for Paintstorm

How i paint  - Tree - tutorial by ryky How i paint  - Eye - tutorial by ryky
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Thank you... I'm downloading the brushes to try out in GIMP; just got the latest installment, and thought id give it a shot.

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ottimi pennelli grazie

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I love brushes like these because it'll save my time so that I can focus better when painting--what's more important--the characters, it'll also save me from repetitive strains or injuries on the wrist, and I rather complete a work fast enough so that I can move on to other concepts, or start doing chores that I have to finish. 💙

This is INCREDIBLY life-saving for comic artists with scenes in a forest. ✨✨

It's not lazy to have these tools, Karen, I'd like to see you try to paint all the little trees beautifully in under a minute.

Nah? Then shuddap, ya anti-efficient dingus. Ò3Ó
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.... hmmm.. I mean brushes looks cool but
.. I don't know. Sounds too lazy. It may not look good as using these but maybe doing this yourself is a lot better. They may work for little details but using little tree brush is sounds lazy then doing little trees by yourself. Just my opinnion.
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will this work for medibang? 
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Well, if you download the image, and make all images Bitmap, making sure there is no background on the brushes at all, it actually works.
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thanks so much!
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Hi ! It looks very Cool!
Can anyone tell me how can I download it?

Thank You
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And is there such a brush for Photoshop? They would be useful to me)
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Is it good for drawing anime style?
I usually use paint tool sai, but this looks interesting.
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Yeah big time I just bought it and they have manga hair brushes and line art brushes as well
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Oh thanks. I heard that this program is only good for painting, not drawing.
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Excuse me: I just installed the trial version, and it doesn't have all those brushes, as far as I can see.
Could you tell me, if they become available after the licensed version is bought?

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They should be there even in the trial version, they are under a
different section though and they're kinda hard to find I would scroll carefully. 
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I feel like something doesn't work right for me in this program.
Thank you, I see.
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Would these brushes work with gimp?
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I purchased this when you mentioned it a few weeks back, and I LOVE it. I can't believe how cheap it was. I really love all the tools and how much room there is for customization.
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Where can we DL those brushes? Thank you.
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Sorry if this is really late and you already noticed it but this are all brushes that you get with the program itself :D
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i wish i had this software u.u
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is it really only $19?????
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