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10 minutes PAINTING, do you wanna see how to paint in 10 minutes?? I MADE A FREE VIDEO FOR YOU! VIDEO IS IN REAL TIME!!! :hug: enjoy!
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you make some of the best art i've ever seen. turns out i had a few computer backgrounds people shared with me that were made by you. i recognized one of them immediately in your commission example (mage under a tree). mesmerizing

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Holy heck, I thought this would take you hours to make O_o
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Can you make these wallpaper size in the future? some 1920x1080? I love these pics but they're a bit blurry :D
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This is gorgeous. :)
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Awesome! I love the colors in this, excellent art work.
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I am so jelly...
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mélancolique....Très bienréalisé !!
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This is beautiful. This is what I can call true talent and art, hands down, Master!
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Very beautiful. :)
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this is in 10 minutes !!!!!!!! this is amazing
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thanks for the tutorial
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Dinnae care, wonder how your account got removed tho :thinking:
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WARNING! Nobody pays attention to these anymore bruh. By now everyone is aware this shit is fake as fuck
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This is common knowledge by now.
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Sounds like fun, you fucking spammer.
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Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse ME but this is a PG-7 site so no swearing allowed.
Nah but seriously, why the uncalled for vulgarity??
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Really impressive for 10 mins, keep up the good work 
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