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AER Cameo: inuke


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Black Fingernails, Red Wine


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AER Cameo: inuke

AEfter Ragnarok

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Ingress wallpaper: Arkwright

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I Choose You: Fennekin!


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Biker Mice from Mars FC: Brandt Maverick


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Ex Delicto - Credits

Credit where credit's due   This entire fic is midnight21 (https://www.deviantart.com/midnight21) 's fault. I am using a fair chunk of her storyline and characters. It's set in the future of where the series left off. That means your favourite characters are in their 50s or thereabouts and look their age (war does that to a person). It's also a rewrite of a fic I have up on ff.net, I won't be posting it there as I can't get a response from support at all to try to get back into my account and I can't be bothered making another one. I also gave their ages in Earth years as Martian years are around twice as long as Earth years so their ages in Martian years might be "slightly

Ex Delicto - Biker Mice from Mars fanfic

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Rescue sketch


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