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So im going to try having MYO prices! i enjoy making adopts for people but i know sometimes people want to design their own characters with the species that might inspire them so i want to make sure people can- i dont expect this to be popular or even get any traction but i like to give as much option as possible!

This journal will update if i ever make any new species ❤

Note, you can buy these tickets for yourself or for someone else! you can trade and sell these characters as well, once you've bought the character other than upgrading the rarity you can do anything with them freely. If you want to upgrade the rarity of the character you may pay the difference to do so at a later date! 
also yes you dont HAVE to draw them, or if you want you can commission others to design them, just make sure they dont go past their rarity! 

Form (You NEED to note me this to make a myo, please do not upload your myo anywhere before sending this in for approval!)
you can draw the idea of the character you have if it helps, as long as you dont post it anywhere publicly that's fine! you can even send it in with the form for a visual 

Species:  (Aqueous, Bottle Heir, Crown Rider, Lunar Angel, Puff)
Rarity: (See Below)
Description: (What makes your character that rarity? please explain!)
Email: (Your email so i can invoice you the price, if you are paying through points just write "Points" here)

Example of a finished form!
Species:  Aqueous
Rarity: Rare
Description: Their Aque is going to be split in half where one half is mana potion and the other health potion! This makes it rare due to the duo liquids (And also because of the complicated liquids)
(The Above example would come to 35 due to two very complicated/rare liquids)
the invoice will be sent via paypal (Or if points a commission widget item will appear for you, please do not send me points using the send point option) Once the form is approved and you may then start the process of creating the myo (or commissioning the design), once done please note me the image! so i can double check it's alright! even if it's just the sketch of it, this is just to make sure there's no issues with the rarity (im not going to be super picky dont worry) If you dont plan on drawing the character that's fine, but in the future please do update me if you do decide to draw them



  • Common:
    • Water, non temperature based liquids (no hot chocolate, magma ETC) 
    • no objects in hair
    • Base Price is $10 / 1000 points 
  • Uncommon
    • Warm Liquids, such as hot chocolate, tea's, and such, still no hot liquids such as magma
    • no objects in hair
    • Base Price is $20 / 2000 points
  • Rare:
    • Complicated liquids ("liquid space", molten metals, magma, lava, potions, mana, poisons and acids)
    • duo liquids ( milk and honey on one aqueous, etc) ( $0-$10 extra depending on liquid!)
      • ⋆Note, duo liquid aqueous's must have two aqueous parents)
    • Replenishing items in hair (Marshmallows, oranges, gelatin) 
    • Base Price is $25 / 2500 points
  • Unobtainable/Ry only:
    • Full Aque Characters (Slime people) 
    • Liquid Magic/Ability Aque
    • More than two liquids 
    • Aque animals 
Examples of Aqueous Characters

 Bottle Heir

  • Common:
    • Non Magic Based Bottle Heirs (examples being enhanced sense(s), Talent enhancing or giving (such as sword wielding, sewing, etc), strength or general stat enhancing) 
    • Common Bottle Heirs do not have a magical way of carrying their bottle and will have to use traditional methods
    • Base Price is $10 / 1000 points 
  • Uncommon
    • Minor to Moderate Magic (Examples being Healing, Mind reading, Liquid manipulation)
    • Uncommon Bottle Heirs can choose ONE of the magic options for carrying their bottle (either resizing the bottle or allowing the bottle to float or follow the character)
    • Base Price is $20 / 2000 points
  • Rare:
    • Major Magic (examples being creature creation, puppetry, Nullification) 
    • Rare Bottle Heirs can hae BOTH magic options for carrying their bottle (Resizing and Magic Floating) 
    • Wishgranting (Either Minor wishes that would not change a person's life, or Limited wishes (3 wishes until the bottle is dry of magic))
    • Multiple Bottles/Abilities ( $5+ extra depending on the rarity of the extra bottles) 
    • Base Price is $25 / 2500 points
  • Unobtainable/Ry only:
    • Major Wishgranting
    • Extremely Rare magic (Revival, God creation/manipulation, Divinity) 
Example of Bottle Heir Characters
Batch 4 
Adopt Auction

Crown Rider

  • Common:
    • Small Rabbit to Munchkin cat sized crown, no abilities or minor ones (such as healing bruises)
    • Regular animals (Rabbit, Cat, Rat)
    • Base Price is $10 / 1000 points 
  • Uncommon
    • Cat to Big Cat sized crown, Abilities that are moderate (Healing in general, Fear/Run induction, Fire/Element breath)
    • Rarer or extinct animals, custom creatures (NO unicorns etc) 
    • Base Price is $20 / 2000 points
  • Rare:
    • Large Mount sized Crown (cannot be taller than 15ft), very magical creatures (Major healing and other various complicated abilities) 
    • Mythic creatures such as dragons and unicorns, creatures based on mythic creatures
    • Base Price is $25 / 2500 points
  • Unobtainable/Ry only:
    • Godly Crowns (Revival, Unlimited Powers)
    • Gigantic Crowns (over 15ft)
    • Multiple Initial Crowns
Example of Crown Rider Characters (can also be called Tamer at some points due to them coming out without names!)
Crown Rider Custom
Neat Adopts (1)
Girls and Guardians (All)
Batch 2 (3)
Batch 6  (all)

Lunar Angel

  • Common/Uncommon:
    • Lunar angels are pretty open to what they can look like or do, the only thing you cannot have is  a "sickly" or corrupted lunar angel, meaning your angel cannot have demonic or otherwise 'evil' traits such as horns, bat wings, dark magic etc
    • Base Price is $15 / 1500 points 
  • Rare:
    •  Sickly/Corrupted Angels, allows the above!
    • Base Price is $20 / 2000 points


  • Common:
    •  Regular, non complicated scents, usually the start of a family line 
      • Examples being: Orange, Spearmint, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Apples
    • Puff's smokes can ONLY be in their ears or their tail
    • More Regular creatures or animals 
    • Base Price is $10 / 1000 points 
  • Uncommon
    •  More Complicated Scents, the middle of a family line where multiple puffs have created an offspring and combined their scents or rarely a mutation which creates a new family line of complicated scents
      • Examples being: Chocolate Orange, Mint Hot chocolate, Apple pie
    • Longer smoke trails, multiple tails
    • Rarer or More extinct animals or creatures
    • Base Price is $20 / 2000 points
  • Rare:
    •  Full scents, involving a lot of different aromas- these puffs are very rare and tend to come from more high standing families, where the family might be picky as to who they date, the scent name tends to be very long since it is a lot of scents together. It's almost impossible for a rare puff to be a starting mutation or a new family line
      • Examples being: Perfumes, Chocolate Chip cookies and Ice cream, Caramel apple cheesecake, whipped cream mint hot chocolate and marshmallows
    • extremely long smoke trails, more potent scents, smoke hair, multiple tails, smoke wings
    • Mythical creatures or animals
    • Base Price is $25 / 2500 points
  • Unobtainable/Ry only:
    •  None!

Rp Comfort Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2016, 9:30 PM

I got tagged by p-o-c-k-e-t  (ง`-´)ง

RP Comfort Meme

A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
- Comment 
- Chats
X- Notes
X- Forum
- Skype
?- Google Docs
?- Other 

Generally i feel most Comfortable in chats- i'm anxious in general though about my characters and how they're seen so sometimes i want to go into a less populated chat or skype but generally i never actually do so. Skype is for if there's no other choice. I've never tried google docs/idk what other could be but i feel like Chat will always win over other choices because the chat is also the area i go for comfort. 

I am comfortable with:
- One on one role plays.
- Up to three people.
- Up to four people.
~- Five or more people!
~- As big as possible!

One on One will always be my favorite, but i don't mind three or four people rp's as long as it's not all the time. Five+ starts to get really slow and i tend to branch out into 1 on 1's in the big rp since at that point it's almost like being at a party. 

Post Length
I usually write about:
- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
- Two to five paragraphs.
X- More than five paragraphs.
X- A few pages worth.

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
~- Two to five paragraphs.
X- More than five paragraphs.
X- A few pages worth.

I USE to rp a few pages worth every time but that was in a place where i could take hours to respond, nowadays i usually keep my posts to one to three lines long, but if i feel comfortable i can go into paragraphs of usually 1 or 2 sizes, though i tend to avoid it because of the reason i struggle rping with people who write a lot as well (which is explained below)

For other people's post lengths, the longer it is, the more that'll probably be missed in my post without meaning to.. i struggle reading long things at once, if it's too long i start getting dizzy and that effects the quality of the rp so : (..  I have no problem with people who like rping in long paragraphs? i mean again i did it as well when i was younger (i think the most my post was at one point was 3 pages) it's just i am very unhealthy 

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
X- Anyone and everyone at any time!
lol- When I ask for role-plays.
- From friends and acquaintances.
- From friends only. 

If you're a part of a rp group i'm in, don't be afraid to ask for an RP- i may not feel like it at times but most the time i want to i'm just too shy to say, however out of chat then noo i'm sorry :c i'm far too shy. If you save an rp for me you will have to bring it up to me when you want to do it because again, im too shy to bring it up sweats

I'm faar far too shy to ask for rp's, i try to get better at this but at this point i don't think it's going to change anytime soon. Though i feel? like it's pretty easy to notice when i want to rp- it's a bad trait but i'm pretty passive aggressive about it, generally watching someone else rp makes me want to, and at times i also start thinking (and saying) oh what if my oc was there with those oc's? that'd be fun, or even joking about the scene itself.
I never want to actually intrude on an RP, if i'm invited in though i'll probably say yes if I've been making jokes about it a lot or i'm obviously paying a lot of attention to the rp- again though, when i'm doing it i'm not trying to force myself in, trust me- i hate people who try to pry into rp's as much as everyone else, it just means i really enjoy the characters and the scenario they've created, even if i'm just watching it 

you'll realize pretty quickly that usually my jokes are also me like oh that'd be fun to do- or maybe not, i always think i'm being too pushy with stuff but it might just be in my head

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional one either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
X- Never. 
- Our character know each other deeply.
- Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player.
~- At the first sign of flirting!
~- Only if the role-player and I plan it.
- It depends on the character.

If you want to ship with my characters:
~- Talk to me about it from the start.
~- Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
- Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
- Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.

I am very very nervous with shipping, specially lately, where my characters mean a lot to me since i'm scared of even adding them places at times (i just dont like when they end up a dud), but even though it's bad of me i still very much find shipping/oc romances pretty important. I don't like the feeling of being pressured into a ship, however i'm suuuuper happy when people like my oc's that much, if i trust you you can say off the bat that you want to ship with my oc and i will be all in for it and will never really feel pressured. But that's an extremely rare case, i think there's only one person who can really do that with me right now.

I'm also the type to cling onto certain feelings however, so if you've done something in the past to make me weary of shipping with you, it might be a bit more difficult for me to break that feeling- unfortunately it's something i cant really change, Friendships with my oc's can help fix that in time, but rushing into it will make it worse.

I try to be open with shipping? i tend to stick to smaller, feminine males that like boys because that's what's comfortable to me, i have nothing against any other type of character at all, and i love them equally- my characters however usually have a pretty set type of person they like (usually taller more masculine (than them) and forward men).

I do admittedly, struggle with female characters in a shipping sense, i again, love the characters but when it comes to romance onward it feels, i don't know, i have a certain feeling towards female characters romantically interacting with my oc's that i cant seem to shake as much as i want to sighs.. i haven't tried rping as a female character in a very long time either but I'm sure the same issue would arise unfortunately.. It's not hate, it's more a discomfort feeling? It's again, only romantic/shipping where this arises, though i have female npc's i ship with other characters fine so, maybe it's just my male oc's with other female characters. Friend-ships though, mm yes please i love cute friends.. 

Poly Relationships are hard to say, i've never had one that felt complete. Most the time im a simple easily dissuaded bird so usually poly doesnt work because i feel like the oc's might like one another more than my character.. maybe if two characters were owned by the same mun? that might be fun

As for au's or situations where you reuse characters, i have bad memories of things like that, so im pretty against a pairing suddenly not being a pairing elsewhere, it's fine to think of things and talk to me about them (what if they were in this situation instead of the one they canonly are in) but when it becomes a thing where oc2 is in another group/au looking for love while still in a pairing with my oc, it makes me very sad

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
X- Swift as lightening! 
~- Fast, but not super fast.
- Happens in about three months.
- Slow and steady wins the race.
~- Slugs know what's up!
~- My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen.

I don't like super fast romances, because at that point major plot points wouldn't of happened and there's a high chance that the character might fall out of love with the person, it's fun for it's own separate plot thing though? but that has to be explained to me

Like I've never had it happen (or it sort of happened but a long time ago) but i absolutely love the trope of "showing" my oc that they love the other oc. reminder though this is like, in character stuff, i don't like when a character's mun is like my oc really likes yours so your oc should like mine. Not that it's happened before but, making sure that's on the table. It's more like the other character is like oh shit i love this person but they don't seem to like me yet but i'll try to make sure they see me the same way or i'll at least love their company if it doesnt work. Though even that doesn't have to be immediate, it's just fun rping my character slowly coming to the realization as well that oh goddamnit i love this guy.

As for slow relationships- it's okay as long as it's not super slow, my characters unfortunately have a sort of life expectancy of a few months, once their plots are done if it doesn't feel like they're going to get anyone close enough to them, they're classified as a sort of "dud" and end up fading into the background. They can last a little bit longer if a relationship is still happening, but if it doesn't seem to be going anywhere that too can make them fade off. Once they're in a relationship and their plots are finished i tend to dislike rping them too much, because they're (hopefully) happy and content and it feels like a good book closer for them so- if you enjoy rping the after scenes of getting together, high chances are you wont want to ship with me. 

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
~- To skip the act entirely. 
- To write the build up, but skip the act.
- To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
~- To write the act all the way through.

Im again, very shy, smut stuff tends to make me embarrassed to write, i can do the build up easy but after that if there is something it tends to just be filler posts so skipping it is usually better, i'd rather explain and write out that small part moreso than write it all out- i mean i sometimes want to try to write the act because my oc has something about it that i want to portray but then i freeze up and don't even write it anyway 

Romantic Artwork
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
?- Do not post it at all without talking to me.
- Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
- Post it if it is kisses.
- Post it if it is much more.
?- Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!
?- Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like!

I mean, if you're posting it to me in private, im fine with everything i love knowing people like the ship/characters that much to draw them. However on deviantart or any other posting site just keep the TOS in mind, but the same goes im fine with everything

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
- No violence at all!
- I'm fine with verbal arguments!
- Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.
- Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.
- Violence, such as stabbings.
- Beyond violence, such as torture and more.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
~- Don't do it at all.
~- Talk to me about it first.
~- Surprise me!

There's two major things about violence, First is death, second is communication

It's really lame i know but i just cant handle permanent death of an oc (npc is fine), i dont know how to make my oc react to it, i dont want my oc to be a part of it and death of characters close to mine generally gives me sleeping and other problems due to dealing with death far too much in my own life. I've generally been making it where my own characters cant even 'die' technically because of this

That being said, if a character is going to die and come back or will generally be injured but not fatally? that's way more fine, however if they're being revived i'd rather it be in the same day (as lame as that is, we can time skip if you want it to be more of a wait for the character) just cause of the sleep and other problems said above, if your character's going to die or is really badly wounded i'd really prefer if you'd tell me if it's permanent or not?  or if their wounds are going to kill the character so i can sort of distance myself if need be 

General violence is fine with me? as long as yeah death stuff is situated, i dont mind surprise attacks to your own character, near fatal attacks where you've said they wont die from it to calm my little anxious mind. As for attacks against my own oc i'd rather it be open ended (they slash at but aren't exactly hitting them yet) or asked about. Things that could permanently or semi-permanently affect my characters (death, disfigurement, scarring, things that limit their mobility/movements for long periods of time) are sort of very rarely accepted for me unfortunately unless like spoken about before the rp and there's a mutal agreement. The mobility thing is more for Revoice where we have trials that if you're rendered unable to fight one day, you'll probably have to sit out for the rest of the days too unless you get lucky with a healer/health potion, that's no fun

Oh one more thing on this though, i really, really dont like when my oc is made weaker than they should be without reason, a character may be stronger in some aspects to my oc but generally i dont think it'd ever be one sided.. i like equal fights, specially ones where my oc can make snippy remarks and not look silly because he's obviously losing, i love snippy remarks that make the other character mad

Dramatic Artwork
~ - Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.
~ - Talk to me about it before posting!
~ - Post what you like!  

Same thing as above really, Death is just really touchy for me lately, it's your art i wont stop you but i cant say that i'll give you the reaction you're hoping for if you draw it. Action scenes are fine where they're being attacked, it's just the death thing. 

Now tag a few individuals, if you like, so you can better understand your partners!


Be warned, there's more sap here than a forest
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    • Uuh my very first account dates back to 7 years so, 7 years
  • What does your username mean?
    • I just wanted the username ry but it's taken so i added letters after it until i found one that wasnt taken, hello Ryis
  • Describe yourself in three words.
    • Shy, small, (ง`-´)ง
  • Are you left or right handed?
    • Rrright handed
  • What was your first deviation?
    • My old account was deactivated but i remember it was a picture of some youtuber maplestory guy 
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
    • hah.. idk man i just wanna be able to make stuff im proud of
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    • gods all of them?? i don't know there's so many styles and things other people can do and im basically like.. pbht 
    • 3d modeling like.. low poly cute things would be awesome, pixel art would be awesome, i know it's not really a 'style' but animation?? would be awesome.. painting would be cool too like- sometimes i just wanna be able to to do something you know? im not really that great so being able to focus on a theme and get recognized as someone who's good at that would be great.. buuut i don't think it's very uh.. possible. 
  • What was your first favourite?
    • i have no clue my account was deactivated
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    • I don't really favorite a lot i just sorta..forget.. sometimes i wanna favorite ones that really inspire me? but i have a stupid fear people will think i ripped them off.. 
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    • pffh the entirety of Revoice 
    • idk man i like a lot of artists i cant pick a favorite because i like.. have favorites for different parts? like background, people, pixel art, animation etc.. 
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    • uh people i haven't met before? i don't know meeting people in real life makes me scared as heck. I wouldn't mind chatting up some of the cool people on this site i don't know but i get super embarrassed talking to people so im like nah 
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    • you dont even know, the entirety of the community i hang out with has affected me artistically and emotionally. meeting and learning things from p-o-c-k-e-t saved my life and boosted my art quality way up, it helped when i was on the verge of giving up in more than one way. Revoice and Meladis have been my life basically. you take anyone from those groups away and it feels a little less like home. 
    • Obviously i haven't said anyone else's names in here but Curryki, coffeepuff, everyone really- while i don't talk to people a lot, even people in revoice can vouch that i'm extremely quiet, things that people do to help me does stick, even if it doesn't seem that way. 
    • I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
    • i dont think i can go back from using a cintiq so
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    • uh..m--my bed i suppose
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I've been on here for the past two to three days just pixeling the tiniest things

Pom Crow Feather Crowned Diamond

question though
if i were to sell tiny pixel heads (i've been using them as like, phone text icons? and other tiny things) how much would you pay for them, if you would want them at all

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also i got a program on my computer that allows me to use commands basically to make emotes ₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾ it's p cool 

Phaseexpress is it's name, basically you can use it as multiple clipboards or.. idk how to explain it, but it's really useful! like for example for adopt makers you can have your entire artist description as a command like ~desc or something
isnt that cool? 

anyway just thought it'd tell people where i've been
So for a while i've been looking at some people making adopt journals stating important information in more detail than what you can normally do in artist descriptions, so i'm going to make my own. I've taken some notes from a lot of other artists,  so thank you!  
there is however more than just rules, below there's also a FAQ and a place to find all the information about my closed species!

Adopt Rules and Regulations 

Please read all the information stated in here! if i receive any questions or have someone break a rule written here, i will have to warn the user and link them to this very journal, a warning will always stay by your name and can easily cause you to become blacklisted!

  • A character will never be resold without permission as long as the owner follows the guidelines set in this journal. If i find an owner of my adopts breaking the rules without contacting me personally for a pardon, the rights to their character will be taken and returned to me. 
  • Purchasing and Selling
    • When purchasing an adopt, please make sure you have the money to do so, i am able to hold an adopt for a maximum of 3 days. If you are unable to pay the price of the adopt by 3 days i will then begin selling the adopt again. 
    • Do not use the adopt commercially. If you decide you would like to use the adopt for commercial purposes, please note me with the information. A fee will be introduced at this time
    • If you choose to sell, trade or gift the adopt..  Please message me with the new owner so i may update the deviation with the new owner's name. If you choose to sell the adopt, do not sell them for more than they were purchased for. If there is additional art, or if there's something such as a newly added familiar or something similar you may note me with the information and we can come to an agreement on the matter. 
    • You may return the adopt to me, however i cannot issue a refund. If an adopt is returned to me i will begin to resell it. If you would like to get your money back i recommend just selling it yourself. 
    • If you see a person selling an adopt that i have created please message me with the details, please double check beforehand however that the person is not in fact the owner that is selling them, noting me about this should only happen when you believe the adopt should not in fact be sold by that person, or for the amount stated. 
    • I will only accept art on deviations specifically saying i will accept it. I however will never accept just art, please add at least a little bit of points/money to your offer if this is ever an option
  • Editing and Offspring
    • You are buying the character for how they are at that time. You may edit the character on your own time for free, or if you wish for me to make minor edits such as color changes or any other minor things you may message me. A fee will be introduced at this time. 
    • This does not however, allow you to edit the character drastically that may involve upgrading their rarity. Things that may be shown as rarer traits for the species are not allowed to be added by you the buyer, however you may message me about buying an upgrade for your character. you will have to pay extra to upgrade your adopt, these upgrades can vary in price depending on the rarity and if i am to edit the initial drawing of them, i can also decline your request if i believe the character should not have the upgrade.
    • If you are going to make your character have a child, please message me beforehand with the information. These children cannot show rarity traits that are not present on the parent, however you may still purchase an upgrade for these children characters if you wish to do so. You may not sell these characters, however trading and gifting is still allowed.
    • you are allowed to make other adopts you have bought related to others as long as you own them or you have come to an agreement with the other owner. This includes any type of relation, be it family or not. Do not claim your character to be related to another adopt if you have not gotten permission by the adopts owner. 
  • Character information
    • You do not have to ask me if you may give them an age, personality, gender etc. you may choose all the personal details of your character freely 
    • Character details in the artist description are only suggestions. You do not have to use the suggestions given, they're just what i was thinking when drawing them. Some things however are not suggestions, such as bottle heir's ability types.
    • If you are to create a backstory for the character, please make sure it makes sense for their species. You may change the species if you are very adamant about a certain backstory, however this does not mean you may dismiss any rule related to editing the character's rarity or their childrens rarity.  
  • Deviation 
    • Please do not post negative comments on the adopt deviation. This includes talking negatively about other buyers, the adopt itself or how much it's price is. If you fear someone who is offering on an adopt is not trustworthy you may note me but please have some evidence to back your claim or i will have to ignore it. 
    • You may upload your adopt to your own account, however please make sure you credit me! 
    • Please do not claim the design was your own, while it's okay to make edits and inform people of those edits you have done, you should never say you created the design from the very beginning. This however does not mean you have to constantly credit me for the design, once or twice is okay but it's not absolutely necessary.  
    • When buying the adopt, please tell me if you would like a larger version of the drawing. there may be times however where i do not have a larger version than the one shown. If you do not request a large version you will not be given one. 
    • Do not be afraid to note me to show me art of your character. I will always enjoy seeing new drawings of your adopt and it will not upset me at all! it makes me very much excited to see how the character's being used and such. 
  • Custom slots ||Custom Adopt Journal here!||
    • A custom closed species character will be a 'grab bag' type of deal. The character will always be uncommon or above however if they end up being rare is all up to chance unless you buy an upgrade to make sure they do in fact have a rare trait. 
    •  Once you accept the character's colors, the design is finalized. While i can make minor edits after this, completely changing main parts of the character will not be allowed.
    • If by the Finalization i have not received payment, i will then begin selling the custom to someone else. if you need to have it be held for a little longer you can tell me beforehand, however it is the same as any other adopt where i will not hold it longer than 3 days.
  • Closed Species
    • You may not create a character from my list of closed species without paying for a make your own slot or through other means of purchase. These are all closed species, unless otherwise stated characters cannot be freely created. Some close friends (Or members of certain groups) May make characters based on these species without paying as long as i know before the character is created. 
    • Follow the Species specific rules if you are to ever buy or create one of their kinds. characters that do not follow the guidelines may be revoked. 
    • Bottle heir
      • A Bottle heir's ability type cannot be changed unless the owner buys a rarity upgrade. this rule is related to a heir's bottle and what skill it can do, you may not turn your adopt into a wish granter if it does not say they are either titled a 'wish granter' , or that they're a 'wildcard' type bottle heir. You may buy upgrades to the bottle heir's rarity however. 
      • a child to a wish granter bottle heir will not gain their rarity. they instead will be granted a common skill related to how the character behaves and was raised, or will not gain a bottle at all. 
    • Puff
      • A puff's scent is very addictive. other Characters may find themselves attracted to the scent and it can put them in a dazed state. This is a Puff's main way of luring prey close to themselves. 
      • The scent is determined at birth and will not change with age. What is written in the artist description is official unless you message me personally about changing the scent. There are some that are more rarer than others and if the scent you chose is one of the rarer ones, you will have to pay a fee to change it to that. 
      • A child to a puff will always have the same type of scent such as sweet, minty, etc this does not mean they'll have the same scent, just the type it comes from. If there are two Puff parents the child can sometimes have a mix of the scent or will have a scent that is basically what the two items would be used in a recipe (Such as Chocolate and Vanilla might come together to make something such as Cookies or any other baked goods). If you are unsure what the childs scent might be, don't be afraid to note me with the question. It is rare for a puff child to have a scent other than their own parents type, but it can happen, however you will have to personally request that. Depending on the scent a fee may be introduced
    • Aqueous
      • If you're going to change the liquid your aqueous is based on please make sure it's not something that's rarer than the aqueous. Rarity for aqueous' are objects inside their hair or having places other than their hair being the substance. there are some liquids that are more rarer than others so please make sure you double check with me if you're worried about it! 
      •  An Aqueous child's liquid must be a similar or lesser rare version of their parents. As like all children for closed species. however with aqueous', a successful pregnancy is rare, and the character may have to try multiple times before it actually happens. If both parents are an Aqueous the child may show a rare trait of where they have two types of liquid. However please do not give this to your child character without first asking me about it before hand (and please say what the two liquids would be, depending on the rarity a fee might be introduced) 
      • They are not slime girls/boys. an aqueous with an entire body made of liquid is extremely Rare, and while it can happen, the only time i would allow this is if i personally create one to sell. Liquid Aqueous' cannot have children. 
    • Lunar Angel 
      • A Lunar Angel will never show traits that are demonic/dark. If you are to edit your character please avoid these entirely. there will be rare chances for these traits to show up, however i will be the only one creating these characters. this does include children, even if their other parent is demonic. Dark traits in lunar angels are extremely rare and will only appear when something in the angels body does not work correctly. All dark traits are usually rejected by any healthy angel's body. There will be times when i will put up a sickly lunar angel, where you will then be able to make them a more demonic variant, but until then please follow this rule when editing the character. Other than that, lunar angel rules are pretty relaxed
    • Crown Riders (Also known as _ Tamers)
      • A tamer never has more than one main creature. They may at some point tame more than one beast however the one they first tamed is bonded by their soul and thus will always be their 'Crown'. 
      • Tamers and Crowns are usually never too far away from one another. If a crown strays too far from the tamer they will be desummoned, there are rare cases where the crown will not summon back, but these should not happen a lot if at all. 
      • Children do not get their parents crown, instead if they hold the same skill as their parent they are allowed to tame their own Crown. More information about crowns and tamers is available below! 
      • A Rider's crown will always be around the same age (Child, Teen, Adult) as the rider, and will always be weaker than their parents if they are not born from two tamers. Pure Crown Riders will always be the strongest tamers and will be able to tame much rarer and complex crowns, if you are to get a pure crown rider please note me with the parents so i can keep track, all Riders sold by me are Pure. 

Sorry that was so long! i didnt mean for it to go for so long but there was a lot i wanted to write down


If there is any questions not answered in this Journal you may comment down below with any you'd like to answer (or if you would like to remain anonymous to other people you may note me instead, however to keep records i will have your question and the answer posted in the comments, but your username will not be shown) 

  • When will your next Adopt be available?
    • There's no set answer to this, i work with motivation so there may be times where i cannot make an acceptable adopt. there are times i am in fact working on some but art takes a long time for me to create sadly! however, i'll always try to have at least any that i've been showing (Be it in groups i'm in or otherwise) done at a reasonable time
  • What is the price for most of your adopts?
    • an adopt's price can vary on rarity and if i have been selling any, sometimes if i take a long break in creating characters i will almost always start with an auction to gauge how much the rest i may make would sell. If this happens please do not ask for an autobuy price or a set price because they will not have one. Autobuys are always set a little later after the auction starts
  • Will there ever be another __ species? 
    • Maybe! there are some set closed species i have created but sometimes the character i've created is just a random species i made up on the spot for that specific character, if there's any interest in any prior species that is not in the list below then you may note me with your request! however, i would need to know there's more than just one person interested in the species to ever make another of the same kind. 
  • Are your Commissions/Customs etc closed?
    • Customs are almost never closed! however Commissions may be at points but there will always be a journal saying if they've closed or not. The only time i would close either is if i feel too unmotivated to do them and would fear i would make them a lower quality, or if the slots become full. 
  • I love this sold adopt! may i draw them?
    • That's not up to me anymore, if an adopt is still unsold you may go ahead and create art of them if you'd like! i can even put it in the artist description. however if it's sold, i'd ask the owner if you can instead! the owner will always be located in the artist description. 
  • This adopt is older but it says it's not sold yet, does this mean i can't buy them? 
    • If an adopt does not have an owner name beside them they are unsold, and can be bought for the price specified (or if it has been past a week since they've been posted, i will begin accepting art+money or even trades as well) I'm not an avid adopt keeper (i believe i have.. 1? at this point in time, maybe 2) so trades would be the bottom of my list.  
  • Are you open to adopt collaborations? 
    • Either if we are a mutual watch, or if you show me examples of your work i may try collaborating adopts, however i have never really done such so i may not understand how it works entirely, so please be patient with me if you do decide to! 
  • How about make your own (MYO) events?
    • I've got MYO's open all the time! check it out  Here
  • Animal/Feral Adopts?
    • I have an animal adopt species! they're called Draie's, however they weren't very popular so i've sorta made them a relatively relaxed creation rate, whenever i want to practice drawing animals i tend to draw these out- if people showed enough interest i'd definitely make them my face animal adopts but right now they're just practice!
  • Is there any Group for the species/adopts you've created?
    • Not at all, i have no groups specified towards me. i don't think i create enough adopts or have enough popularity for something like that! However if there are ever enough adopts or art related to certain species then i will personally open one but i highly doubt it'll ever become a thing. 

Species Information

This is where you can find anything i have written down about the species i've created, this can be updated with new species and also with any deviations related to them. I hope to eventually get something out there about a rarity guide and such

The Species named "Aqueous" came from a rare mutation that appeared suddenly decades ago, It's origin is unknown but many theories have been passed around, some say it was from a lab, others say some celestial being blessed some lucky civilians with this strange and rare trait. For a while Aqueous' seemed to be a myth, but even with their low Fertility rate, people with this the Aqueous trait began to slowly grow in number until they were classified as their own race. Some places did not take to the news well however, and believed they were some sort of infectious mutation that would one day become fatal to all who have been "polluted" by it. but in fact it seemed to be the opposite as members with this rare gene began to then live longer than humans, and tended to have a healthier lifestyle because of it. 

A Common Aqueous tends to only have one part of their body this gel-like substance, many call this liquid Aque, derived from the name the race was given at the beginning of it's appearance, this substance tends to have a soft outer layer, however with some pressure people can in fact break through and touch the inside of the Aque, which can sometimes feel exactly like the liquid, or can be any type of semi liquid substance, or even solid if the Aqueous is well trained in manipulating their aque. 

Rare magical aque has been boasted for it's abilities and some members of the Aqueous race have been given very high ranking spots because of their unlimited quantity of the substance. Some however are not as lucky and can be used by cruel people for their own use. There have been times people have said they have in fact spotted a rare type of Aqueous where their entire body is made of their Aque, and while there has been proven cases of this happening, it's still very rare and some talk about them as if they're legends. 

A well trained Aqueous can do many things with their aque, such as manipulating the the substances acidity, warmth, amount and also it's magical properties, this is all dependant on what exactly the liquid is however. Acidity and Poison levels cannot be changed if the Aqueous' liquid wasn't at first designated with those abilities, despite many trying. Some have also been able to train themselves to turn their aque into the more "Normal" version, such as turning their hair into it's standard form, however many keep their Aque visible for the fact that it is much more malleable than regular hair. 
Bottle Heir
    A Bottle Heir is a person who, after birth is given a "pod". these pods are very tiny bottles that must always be held by a child from the moment they are given it, either through necklaces, bracelets or other various ways. No one really knows where these pods come from, the parents of a bottle heir will find it with a note addressed to the child somewhere in the room the child is born in, it's always in sight and should never be overlooked. At no time should the parent read this letter before the child can read and fully understand it, or the child will never be able to gain their ability. 

This Pod will grow with the child, eventually becoming too large to keep held up by necklaces and bracelets, around this time is when a bottle heir must choose how they will carry their bottle around, some are able to access the ability to manipulate their bottles and make them any size or shape, or instead the heir is able to make their bottles float and follow them around. There are Rare Heir's who can use both these abilities and tend to be regarded as very powerful mages. Other heir's who do not use magic however, choose a more traditional way such as ropes and straps to carry the large bottle on their back. Some heirs decorate these straps with their family to celebrate their "awakening", a time where the bottles that have been with them from birth evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and give them their power. 

The awakening always happens before the age of 10, if a bottle is dormant for any time longer than that it means either the note or the pod itself was compromised while the child was at a young age. However, if the awakening does go through without any problems the heir will wake up on the day of their birthday and will now be able to access a skill. Before this, there would be no sign that the character had any abilities, magical or otherwise. The bottle's power reflects the heir themselves, and sometimes can tie in with a lot of their likes and hobbies. These powers are not limited to just magic though, things such as talents or even senses can be introduced through the bottle, where one heir might get the ability to read minds because of the bottle, another may learn how to successfully wield a sword in record times due to it, however a bottle heir's skill will always get better the more they practice. There are more rarer abilities that are given to heirs, such as summoning or shifting, the rarest skill however would be wish granting, a very sought after skill. 

Depending on how powerful the wish granting heir may be, the efficiency and strength of these wishes can be infinite. How a bottle with this ability works is that any time past the awakening a heir may choose to grant wishes to others around them, their ability to grant more powerful wishes will always get better the more experience they gain as like any other bottle heir, however some have the natural ability to take on harder wishes. Some requests however, are almost impossible. Most Impossible missions include things such as immortality, and other generally big wishes. Even if a wish granter doesnt take any dangerous tasks, the ability is never without consequence , there is always some sort of backlash to the heir themselves when granting a wish, some things that can happen is that the bottle could drain their energy, life, hunger- any aspect of themselves while granting a wish, other times it can use a equivelant exchange, where if someone would wish to be able to see, the granter can be blinded for a certain amount of time, or even forever. The consequences to granting wishes varies from heir to heir and it cannot be predicted before granting their first wish. After a very long time (years, decades even) a wish granters bottle will fill to the top, this is when they themselves get to grant a wish for themselves instead of others, the choices are infinite, but depending on what kind of wishes they granted through their lives the outcome could vary, for example; a heir who grants positive wishes will get a positive outcome, while someone who takes a more negative approach may have their wish twisted.  

A Bottle heir must always have their bottle nearby them. If they are to ever lose these sources of power, they will not be able to access their skill. Other hybrids cannot use these bottles like the heir does, while they may steal it, unlocking the power the bottle has can only be used through the heir that the pod belonged to. 

*After reading the note, a Heir will forget what it said but will know that in it something very important was written. And if a parent or anyone else is to read it (before or after the heir does) it will look blank to them.

Crown Rider
A Crown Rider is a tamer of any type who have accepted a certain lifestyle where they connect to their initial tamed creature in a spiritual level. They can be any age and can come from any place in the world, though lately the title and life of a Crown Rider has become somewhat of a birthright than a clan, some people in fact call this a subrace more than a group or guild. Many people look up to Crown Riders due to their strong bonds with creatures and the amazing feats they can perform with them.  Some riders are able to make bonds with multiple animals, but their first creature (one which they are connected to at birth) are always their first priority, their "Crowns". However they do not in fact get their crown the moment they're born. Most if not all riders must go through the Crowning of a beast, a tradition that first created the entire system Riders use now. The Crowning of a beast can become very dangerous fast, and can harm the rider's Body and Spirit, to the point of death. Because of this parents to riders wait until the child is a old enough age to really understand the dangers, however some slip into their Crowning much earlier than expected. 

A Crowning of a Beast is a trial of strength all Riders go through to find their Crown, they must travel through a spiritual realm that hosts a large amount of creatures that want to cause harm to the intruder of the realm. To successfully finish their crowning they must find the crown (A crown in the realm will always glow a certain color, however this color changes for each person, but it is noticeable enough for the Rider to spot out of a crowd) and create a bond with the creature. The bonding process can vary from person to person, some of these bonding situations can be different depending on the rarity of the crown, from sharing blood to defeating it in a fight and other various ways, these creatures will choose something they know the rider needs to train on, something they may be self conscious about to break them out of their shell. Once bonded the Rider will return to the normal world and from then on will be able to summon this Crown. They also, will be able to communicate with them and understand them where others may not be able to. some may be able to speak telepathically to their crown while others have to resort to a more traditional method. 

Lunar Angel
Lunar angels are angels that were born under the moon, their appearance almost always reflects this and can be seen from the moment they were born. While most Lunar angels stay in the skies where they are commonly found in, some find their way down to the ground and live there as normal civilians. Most Angels tend to be more active during the night, to the point that their body reacts depending on the time of the day. A Lunar angel's abilities will always get stronger during the night, making them very dangerous if you are not allied with them. 

While Lunar angels tend to be more passive, some do take a lot of pride in their race and tend to look down upon more demonic creatures, to the point that a lot have practiced a cleansing technique to prevent themselves from getting corrupted by these dark creatures. Some angels however are not as healthy as others and can become "sickly", allowing them to be corrupted into demonic variants. Almost all sickly angels tend to be seen as contaminated before they can even become corrupted, and are not allowed in the floating cities that the angels have up in the clouds. It's more common to see a sickly lunar angel walking around than a pure one, and it's almost impossible as any other species to find these mystical floating cities. 

Not a lot else is known about Lunar angels. Their entire lifestyle is different depending on where they're raised. Some in fact try to adopt a more bright and fiery look, trying to replicate the sun. these groups of angels are usually looked down upon, however never as much as sickly angels. 

Puffs are actually a relatively new species that's been found scattered throughout the world. these strange creatures will always have some sort of animal trait, but some of their body will be entirely made of a strange smoke like substance that let's off an addicting scent. the scent is different for all Puffs and this is always been their main point of attracting prey to themselves. Through time they've dropped their rather tribal like nature however and do not use this skill too much other than hunters and other types of puffs that still need this luring ability. 

A puff's smoke, while looking like it has no form in fact does hold some shape and can be touched freely without it breaking or dissipating, many people say that it feels much like there was in fact the right type of tail there. Puff's are sometimes able to control the strength of the scent the smoke gives off or how the smoke feels (either like actual smoke or like the tail that is actually there) , however a puff cannot change it's actual scent, nor can they change it's addictiveness. Whenever someone or something touches a puff's smoke the scent will always rub off on them for a short amount of time, a lot say it's like perfume. 

The Puff's scent is always personal, while there may be a chance one would find someone with the same scent, there will always be slight differences in how it smells or what color the smoke may be. A lot of puffs tend to stay around others who compliment their scents. This tends to create 'types', categories most puff's stick to when befriending other Puffs, or even when thinking about who they would eventually want to settle down with. this however does not reflect every puff, and is just a general pattern of the race. 

That's it i think! this journal can change and update at any time so please come and check it every now and again! 

Currently: Open

Next closing: N/A

Last updated: October 2017

Commission Prices

All Prices include a USD/CAD ($) to be paid through Paypal, and Point (Points) Choice, to be paid through the Commission widget here on Deviantart. USD/CAD is will always be the first choice. 

This is For COMMISSIONS, to see Adopt Customs, please look below for extra choices
Customers need to tell me what they want, either by writing "Colored Sketch Headshot Commission" as the note name, or by saying it in the note somewhere!

Sketch (Flat Colored)
Headshot - $15 ( 1500 Points)
Halfbody - $20 (2000 Points)
Fullbody - $25 (2500 Points)
Chibi $20 (2000 Points)

Lineart (Flat Colored)
Headshot - $25 (2500 Points)
Halfbody - $30 (3000 Points
Fullbody - $35 (3500 Points)
Chibi - $30 (3000 Points)

Full Color
Headshot - $30 (3000 Points
Halfbody - $35 (3500 Points
Fullbody - $40 (4000 Points)
Chibi - $35 (3500 Points

for references, please check Tuftsy and my Gallery!
Please note your character may have to be simplified for the smallest choices
50x50 Headshot - $25 (2500 Points)
 Tiny Woof Tiny Pixels - $15 ( 1500 Points)
Calm by TuftsyTiny on base headshots - $20 ( 2000 Points)
Full characters - $30 ( 3000 Points)

Additional characters is your ending price times the amount of characters
(example, two lineart flatcolored headshots would be $50)

Custom Prices

I draw adopts! if you want me to create a character for you with either my species, or even just a random character you just cant think up entirely then let me try!

Prices are the same as above for regular character customs, however i'm going to be explaining here the specials for customs

Custom Weapon (Would be alone, no Characters)- $15 ( 1500 Points
Custom Outfit (Can be for a Character/Custom i didnt create!)  (Would be on a personal Base, Flat colored Sketch)
-Outfit Only - $10 ( 1000 Points
-Character Included - $15 ( 1500 Points)
On Base Custom (I design a character for you on one of my personal bases)
- Flat color sketch - $15 ( 1500 Points)
- Lineart Flat Color - $25 (2500 Points)
- Fullcolor - $30 ( 3000 Points)
Animal Customs (I create a creature to be used in any way based on what you'd like) (The more "detailed" the more shaded and colored it'd be!) 
- Small, Undetailed Creature - $15 ( 1500 Points) Examples: [1] [2] [3]
- More Detailed, Larger Creature - $25 (2500 Points) Examples: [1] [2] [3]
- Detailed Large Creature - $30 ( 3000 Points) Examples: [1] [2] [3]

Form (please fill when ordering a custom)
Hair Type: (long, short, wavy, curly)
Hair Color: (Blue, Rainbow, etc)
Eye Color: (Red, Blue, etc)
Face/Character Type: (Gentle, Pouty, Stoic, Relaxed)
Species: (Dog Hybrid, Aqueous, Puff)
Ear Type: (Dog Ear, Elf Ear, Winged Ears)
Tail Type: (None, Dog Tail, Cat Tail)
Clothing Style: (Lacey, Loose, Sweaters and stockings)
General Age: (Do you want them to look like a child? an adult? an elder?)
Gender: (Any works!)
Accessories: (Any jewelry or other items that would be wanted on the custom)
Props: (Can vary in price depending on complexity but weapons or items that may be around or on the character)
Extra Details: (Any Further Detail you can give me such as body type, etc)
Art type: (See Commission Prices above, examples are Colored Sketch, Fullcolor Fullbody)

 How to pay

Please send me a Note saying "Commission" or "Custom" and state what kind of commission you are purchasing along with as much detail as you can about what you want me to draw, references are greatly appreciated, you can use the above custom form if it makes it easier
Star!Note: please also Include when im allowed to post this art, be it a date, immediately, never, etc
Also knowing whether i can livestream your commission is extremely useful

I will then either reply for more information, or start sketching, depending on what you've purchased will change when i will ask for the money
If you choose any flat colored piece, the moment the sketch is okay'd by you i will request money, but anything higher than a flat color i will wait until i'm done flat coloring your piece!

To pay with paypal; 

When you're okay with the picture that i send to be okay'd by you please send your paypal email address so i may invoice you! Please pay in a timely manner since i will not continue drawing your commission until it's paid

To pay with points;
When you're okay with the picture that i send to be okay'd by you i will open up a commission widget and tell you to pay through that 
**please do not pay using the 'send points' option DA gives, thank you! 
1$ = 100 points

Thank you for reading!