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Yen App by Ryis Yen App by Ryis
Name: Ren "Yen" Charge
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Orientation: He- doesnt know. Neither do i

Height: 5'1
Build: Underfed
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Blue

Species: Maneki Neko
Class Title: Lucky Cat
Skill: Fortune - The ability to manipulate a person's luck to the point of death or to the point of vast wealth and fortune, he can create things out of absolutely nothing to make sure the manipulation works (For example, a car if they are to be randomly ran over)
Minor Skill(s): 
Gold Creation: He can Create Gold out of thin air. Prices the gold sells for varies, but the coins he creates goes for $100
Happiness: If he (or any of his breed) gets happy enough they turn objects to gold, metal objects tend to change first, then everything else. If pleased enough they are able to summon enough mana to grant a single wish to the person. (branches from Gold Creation)
Teleportation: A ability his species has naturally to escape people who want to use the hybrids for their fortune. There are many drawbacks to this primitive teleportation, including that he cannot teleport while he's visible in someone's view (Electronics does not count)
Weapon: Daggers, and a Elemental Colt Gun
Weapon type: Ranged

Occupation: The Monarchy of Roses Head Assassin
Major: Assassination, Thievery
Hobbies: Stealing, Killing Trappers, catching animals for his friends, Recruiting, scouting, Sewing outfits.

Likes: Gold (the material), Coins, His best friend, Daggers, Sewing, Guns, Dragons
Dislikes: Being powerless, not having his scarf, his dad, people who can counter his abilities.
Personality: Tempermental, Easily Embarrassed, Detached

Home Region: Diamond Region (near Sapphire)
a long time ago, there lived a small town full of Cat hybrids, all gifted by a goddess with immense fortunes and luck. They were called the Lucky Cats, or Maneki neko's, for obvious reasons. for a while, the town lived comfortably, not abusing their power and nothing from the outside world was able to reach the small town, which was nestled between a large circle of mountains too trecherous to climb. This stayed the same for Generations, until a more advanced group of flying hybrids began to scout the nearby region, finding the hidden town, which had been blessed with golden roads, The hybrids believed they had found a fallen chunk of haven and went to investigate, only to be introduced to the Lucky cats, who were curious about the new hybrids. Who were they? they had wings, they werent cats, after a long conversation with the hybrids, they came to the conclusion that a few of their own would travel back with the flying men and learn the wonders of the world, in return, the hybrids would be able to take back some riches from their town, which they gratiously accepted

After the hybrids took a few of their own, the Maneki's returned to their usual life, never did they hear from the ones that were taken to explore, but every now and again new hybrids would arrive, seeking riches and townspeople to bring with them, this became a regular occurance, and slowly, the town of gold became gold no more, the Maneki's grew worried, what if their new friends did not like the fact that they had no treasure to give them? what if they became violent? with all the thoughts bubbling in their heads, they began to create gold and gems, purposely to make the visiting hybrids happy, then eventually, they began to trade, creating gold to exchange with the visitors for new technologies and items. Everyone was happy, but then the Maneki's began to grow greedy, they abused the power they had been gifted with, creating objects of mass wealth, they believed that if they created enough, the people of the other towns would bow to them, and let them become their leader- the goddess however saw this, and did not like how her little experiment had gone, and punished the people of the town for their greediness. "There shall be no more Male Maneki's, therefor, you all shall be the last of your kind" she boomed, The town of Maneki grew upset, angry, and depressed, the remaining male Maneki's tried as they could, but nothing they did would create new life, the Race was doomed.

But Luck still had something under their sleeves for them, for miraculously, a couple was able to produce a new Maneki, a young boy, who went by the name of Yen.

Yen however, wasnt as lucky as his parents, he was born a Maneki, yes, but he was unable to use those abilities locked inside him, thus, he was born with literally no skills, most believed he had no mana either, people referred to him as just a cat hybrid, because without the blessing of luck, that was all he was. Even his Father believed him to be a cripple, a disabled being, unable to ever learn anything. the young boy had no one except for his mother, who believed that he would eventually gain the abilities he was born to have. He was to grow up a cat hybrid, learning nothing magical as to not spark jealousy. But the Boy was not jealous of those who had the abilities, he was just sad that he did not have anything for himself. That was when his mother decided to aid his son, by creating a mystical charm, housing mana and skills that she herself owned. It was a success, and Yen was then on able to use abilities, as long as he had his charm. 

The people at his school however, believed this to be a hoax. "Those arent your skills! those are your mothers!" they exclaimed, this made the boy upset again, he knew that he would never gain abilities of his own, but he was still very thankful for what his mother had done for him. he was finally a maneki, but of course, his body didnt like the new abilities, and if he was to use them too much, he would suffer serious backlash, to the point that anyone who had figured this out would give him the nickname 'unlucky cat', for the massive amount of negative luck he would get was to the point of pity. The boy did not mind, however, for this was better than no abilities at all, he grew attatched to the charm, believing that without it, he would never be able to be the same. 

He worked on his abilities, learning how to use them, they would never become stronger yes, but they were something. That was all he needed. After a while he began training non-magical aspects of his life, mainly Ranged attacks

By the time the collapse had begun, he had already managed to learn how to steal, and how to kill silently, of course he would never tell his parents this. They already had enough on their hands, their constant bickering and yelling every time Yen was home was enough reason to never really say anything. His mother still held a hand out for him however, she wanted him to never be tied down by the restraints he was born with, and thus once they were moved to the new world, Yen's mother excitedly offered to bring yen along to explore this amazing planet 

However.. Yen's father had other plans for his son, which was the exact thing his mother did not want, he wanted to cage his son in a home, treat him as if he was not able to walk on his own feet. He told his mother that yen had declined her offer while yen slept, causing him to miss out on his chance. The next day his mom was gone, and he was stuck with his father, who then verbally began to tell him and remind him that he may not actually be his actual father. 

This spiraled yen into a depression, he felt trapped, his father did not know of his charm, for while he was being raised with it, yen was to never show his father his abilities, but this meant that if he were to teleport away- his father would know of something. 

Yen had to do something, he had to escape, during the night, while his father slept, he broke a window and fled far, far away, deeper into the city. 

that was when he then found his calling, in the form of a worn down base, full of people who called themselves "anti trappers"
They had wanted an assassin, and told him that in return for his help, they would allow him to live there, away from his father's grip. He agree'd happily, and lived there for months to come. However, his luck would run dry when the leader of the anti-trappers would turn on them, becoming more demonic than the things they were suppose to be fighting against. 

Yen was locked up in the basement after that, forced to use his abilities to provide money for the group so they could continue their downspiral into greed. There were times during his capture that he believed that accepting his fate would be better, for the leader believed turning him, and everyone else into demons would be the best way to combat everything. 

However, in time, he was free'd when a group of three took down the previous leader and recreated the group from the ground up, there he stayed, becoming a higher ranked being in his wing, a true assassin for the right cause this time. 

He had re-found his calling, and now had an actual family and home. 

Overview: a boy cursed by previous generations greed, this tempermental cat is a part of a dying breed of "lucky cat", he belongs to the monarchy of roses as their head assassin. 

He has a cat form that helps him heal
he can sorta swim
he's VERY good at stealing 
uhh.. he can be verryy cut off from the world, he's not afraid to kill someone he believed was his friend if they turn out to be something else. (he's learned from past mistakes laff)
he's a weeaboo i guess
Acrobatic and good at ranged 


Speed: ||||
Strength: ||
Health: |||
Defense: ||||
Accuracy: ||||||
Stamina: |||||
Special: :lock:
Special Defense: :lock:
Mana: :lock:

| = extremely weak
|| = weak 
||| = Average
|||| = Strong
||||| = Super strong 
||||||+ = OP/best stats)
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