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Revoice - Eiry Application by Ryis Revoice - Eiry Application by Ryis
Name: Eiry Tess Francis
Age: 20
Birthday: March 31st
Gender: Male
Orientation: He likey de money $$$
Species: Ram? 

Height: 5'4
Build: Thin with flared hips, he has the beginnings of a satyr body basically 
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Blu

Title: Bartending Oracle 
Skill: Liquid Manipulation - The ability to gather, move, shape and change the surface tension of liquids. He is able to Control gold⋆ very easily
  • Gather
    • The moisture in the air is enough for him, once he's actively trying to gather water that is- in return for some of his mana he is able to expand the water in the air enough to make it not only visible, but big enough to use- he'd very much rather use and expand already provided liquids however to save his mana, since this can drain him fast- and is where a lot of his mana is spent. 
  • Move
    • The basic use of his ability- he's able to move liquids, he can freely move a large amount of liquids due to his practicing. (About a small swimming pool's worth is his maximum if broken into decently sized chunks, however not altogether, it's like holding up 5 elephants) He's able to move items with liquid inside pretty easily as long as the item's weight is not too heavy- his magic strength is much stronger than his physical strength but it's still equal to a more fit person's strength, meaning he could lift a person using the liquids inside them but not more than a few feet off the ground, and even then why would he??? he uses it mostly to move bottles, cups and cleaning rags around in the bar to help him be quick with work so he has more time to himself. He moves the Object, not the liquid itself inside (that'd be gross relating back to the person thing) As long as it has a large amount of some sort of liquid in or on it
  • Shape
    • He can shape the liquid of choice into an unlimited amount of shapes, and then freeze them in place, removing them from his current roster of liquids he's manipulating. This is used mostly for cool watery statues, touching the statue doesn't break them thankfully, it just feels like a very strong current. the tension created to make the statues can be broken by just slashing it if you really want to break it, he cannot do this with items with liquids inside them, such as people, dont worry. 
  • Surface Tension
    • The main offensive side of his ability other than the drowning aspect- he is able to change the tension of the surface of the liquids depending on the need. The bigger the surface the stronger the tension can be, so for example while water orbs are quick and less mana to create, the tension available is equal to someone throwing a rock, while a wall of water can have the tension of jumping onto concrete from a large building. 
    • Surface tension can be used in different situations, such as water walking- it's all up to thinking logically about their abilities. 
    • The tension can be broken easily, which is a downfall of his abilities, if an enemy has something long enough to pierce the water before it hits them or anything close but still attached to them, then the tension will falter and the character will be safe, other than the fact that there's still water near and on them. Things like Daggers do not work due to how close they are to the body, however slashing the water with a sword could work if done quick enough. The safest route is spears to either throw or slash the water. Guns do not do much due to the bullets being so small, they could break the tension of the orbs, but the water wall's mass is very much larger. Shooting strategically to make the bullets go through in a line however could work

  • ⋆Melt
    • He's able to "melt" gold off of items and use them in his liquid manipulation. He can't do this with any other metal or really anything in general. The melting is not heat wise either and it is basically just liquefying a surface amount of gold from an object to use. a common use is taking the gold from his horns to use, when taken off his horns end up looking like some sort of crystal. when in this state gold tends to illuminate the general area, causing it to look heavenly in a sense. if his horns were to ever be broken he can use this ability to repair them, using the melted gold to shape them back into horns, however it will take a few days for the horns to settle and become usable gold deposits again, doing it too early will just re-melt the molded gold that he was using to repair his horns.  After a while the gold returns to it's place on the object, so he can't permanently take off the gold from his horns, for example. The only exception for this is when it's used to set on his horns for repair.
      • There is another part of his body that gives miniscule amounts of already "melted" gold, however he never uses this despite it not being attached to anything and not needing to return to it's object. Because he lame

Minor Skill(s): 
Haven Communication - He's able to talk to the gods and request their help, sometimes they oblige sometimes they don't, sometimes they just mess with him. Most the time they want something in return for their assistance in either battle or in any other situation. He has one minor guardian that he can ask for help from a lot, he comes in the form of a large black stag and calls Eiry "The child of the Hunt". the Stag gets easily upset though when Eiry doesn't play along, he barely uses this ability to any extent- specially not for help. The gods who do accept would only do minor skills or buff's in fear that if they were to do something bigger they would be reprimanded for fiddling with mortal fate, again it's just like asking anyone else for help, they would most likely decline unless it somehow helps them

Shift - He can shift, however he never uses this, ever. It's not quite known what it is exactly, but what's known is it's the size of a great dane, and is mythical in some sense (ry just hasn't designed it yet)

Demand - He's always been good with animals, people say that it's due to his heritage, Others note that when he's around animals he feels like another person, like his aura demands the creature to listen to him, and it sometimes even works. People notice the Black stag to be nearby whenever he does attempt to coax a demon or creature onto his side. At first this was seemingly not a skill, but after studying and watching the taming process there is definitely some mana being consumed to coax the creatures.

Weapon: No weapon
Weapon Type: Magic
Combat Style: He uses his liquid manipulation in small orbs to try to get the enemy in a comfortable repetitive position before throwing a water wall at them. He may also try to suspend water over the creatures face in attempt to drown them but he finds that sorta cheap and avoids doing that. He can make sharp things out of the water too like swords and spears by using surface tension to make them hardened enough to actually be usable but he usually just resorts to water shaped as creatures to fight and to give off the illusion he has an army of creatures helping him to sort of scare the being (plus he's not very good at handling weapons) . If all else fails he'll try to communicate to the havens to get a bargain going to get assistance. If knocked out and still in immediate danger the black stag will appear, however they only care about Eiry and will work in defense for Eiry instead of attacking the creatures that may be hurting other party members, unless Eiry becomes conscious enough to tell them to listen to someone else for a little bit. He also uses water on the floor to spike upwards when creatures are not expecting it.

House: Aivis'ra 
Major: Elemental Magics
Program: Drafted to Demigod
Occupation: Owner of the Mag'ri Finis Pub

Likes: Working at the bar, order, A normal life, Electro swing, Water, Boats, Manatees, Fish, Beaches, Summer
Dislikes: The school, being "legendary", Gods sometimes are p stupid, The Divines
Hobbies: Bartending
Personality: Diligent, Clumsy, hard headed, Independent, Impulsive, Moody, Short tempered

Home Region: Sapphire
History: [Student would not speak of their History so most was found through other methods] 
Born to a lower god and a hybrid woman who was well known for her skills in revival, He was a gift to his mother and a promise that his father would return after things settled, due to unrest in haven due to the fall of multiple gods his father was unable to stay down on voxis for long. Eiry would not know of his father for a few years, until he is Bestowed the gift of communication to the havens on one of his birthdays by his visiting father so he could speak to his dad regularly and work as a communication line for his mother, something he would not be against and in fact encouraged it. At this time, he could not communicate to any other gods other than his dad.

His mother gained increasingly larger amounts of popularity, but then started to spiral into a spell of introvertedness, She would hide away with her son and become increasingly paranoid, Eirys father would cease conversations with him, so his plea to find out what was happening fell to deaf ears. Eventually Eiry began to understand this was life and tried to care for his mother as well as he could, until his mother decided this was to happen no more. 

Eiry was exiled from his home and his town without a second notice, he was left in shock, He was still a very young boy, no older than 7. The village elder would not let him back into the village on his mother's demands. Eventually the small boy would make his way to the neighboring town to rest for the night, thinking maybe this was just a passing thought of his mom during her spell of paranoia. The town's bar owner, Tess, was visiting the Inn that fateful day, and managed to persuade the child to come home with her instead of trading off what little things he had on his person. He would stay at Tess's bar for a night, paying his day's stay with work at the pub which he would do diligently for such a young child-  then they both would return to the town to speak to the boy's mother.  

Upon Arriving at the town in the morning, both were shocked to find it completely destroyed, Bandits- there were few Survivors who could explain what happened, in their fleeting breaths they would tell the two of the happenings of the town that day. The Bandits would arrive a mere hour after Eiry left the area, they had attempted to take over the town for themselves but after the townspeople would revolt against them they decided against, taking a few members of the town hostage and burning the rest of the town down, killing hundreds. Tess worries of the worst- and leaves the boy with a survivor while she checked Eirys home for their mother. They would find her, but it would be too late. 

Eiry, after regaining his ability to function after the news of his mother's death, would be escorted back to the town he had visited momentairly. Tess would take him in as her own, and the boy would help around the bar with tess's children, he would show himself to be a very hard worker, and would eventually begin training himself to get better at helping, using his ability to manipulate liquids. However people would question why hasn't the boy revived his mother? his mom could revive people, why can't he? Tess tried to keep them away, but Eiry would begin thinking the same thing.The small child would fall into a spell of depression, unable to cope with the situation, working would help hide this however, and would become his escape. 

Years would go by slowly, a lot of people would still question why the boy has no skills relating to his parents, why cant he revive or heal people? Eiry would try to practice, but it would be useless, and eventually would be replaced with working harder at the bar. He'd train not only tactically but offensively, making sure he was ready for anything, if he couldn't help through medical needs he'd be able to get rid of any offensive customers that try to defile the bar.

Eventually Tess would see Eiry as a perfect co-owner of the bar, and would be shown as much. Tess's children had grown to stray from the bar to persue their own dream jobs in life and would not cause any commotion for the adopted child. Eiry would take the bar happily and eventually would replace Tess in her job, causing Tess to have a lot more spare time on her hands, something she was not against, the bar would change to a pub, serving foods that are catered in a specific way to gain more revenue for the bar. By now the memories of his old life was fleeting if not forgotten.

Years would pass like this, until a near present day- Tess's pub became very well received and would open up a second branch elsewhere, Enhalo. However the aging woman decided it was time for Eiry to move out, and thus gave the opportunity to him, He accepted the offer only due to him expecting the income that could come with it and set off to Enhalo, not as a student, but just as a bar owner, not wanting anything more than that. 

However, obviously, life had something different planned for him. In mere days after being in such a close vicinity of a few Notable gods, he was able to not only regain his ability to talk to gods- but he could talk to a large variety, eventually a black stag would appear, telling the school that he wanted The child of the hunt back after hearing his voice. The Divines didnt understand the guardian, however they decided to investigate the bar owner and his past, finding out about his family, and his abilities- They immediately recruited the reluctant Eiry to their school as a student, much to his dismay. 

Overview: Ram boy who doesn't want a lot in his life.

-The Stag has yet to explain his relation to Eiry, but has explained he is not his "father", and only that there is much more to Eiry's story. 
-He is very obsessive over small details, such as the playlist in the Mag'ri finis not being shuffled, and making sure it ended at the correct time. He uses the playlist as a clock of sorts
-After becoming co-owner at the pub, he would find the electric jukebox at a local market and would bring it back- a few songs were already inside the machine and would push him to create the playlist he has today, collecting cd's and records from markets would become his passtime. He has a lot of CD's from different genre's but the only ones used are the electro swing ones. 
-He never takes his shoes off in front of people, even at home he wears slippers, stupid, stupid slippers. 
-He doesnt mind being called Eir, in fact he calls himself that sometimes too.
-His name is pronounced "Airy", however Eiry (eeiry) also works, he's even adopted the name Aries

-1 skill available [Water Shrine]

Eiry Stats Eiry

Crowned Amber Trial of the Body Shrine: A
Kunzite Trial of the Water Shrine: B   
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