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Relic app by Ryis Relic app by Ryis
Name: Relic Bourve
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Prefers men if any

Height: 5'4
Build: needs more meat on his bones; bony, skinny, kinda lanky
Hair Color: red and Cream
Eye Color: ?

Species: what even is he i'm gonna guess a fox type creature
Class Title: Basically a Mage, But his spells are very limited, he doesnt use magic to fight all the time. a Glorified mage Swordsman
Skill: Telekinesis; Able to move anything with his mind (given he cant move giant structures or anything too heavy, if it's attached to something (or for example it's in the ground) he's got to bend it and make an angle before he can move it)
Minor Skill(s): Fortune Telling; He learnt it from his grandmother. (that's what the orbs that are around him are for, along with another major Use)

Orb Manipulation; His orbs are basically his lifeline, if hurt (even sometimes if dead) he can absorb the orb's to regain some of his lost health, However if all orb's are broken, even if he isnt hurt at all he'll die on the spot. the orbs do come back after being broken, but it takes a little while and a bit of Mana. His skills with the orb's arent just limited to that, he can easily levitate them, smash them and change their form into dagger-like spikes. they may be made out of glass, but for Relic they're like play dough. Skill obtained at Birth

Constellation; ???

Weapon: Daggers, Knives, sometimes his orbs. Mainly his skill+any weapon nearby, if no weapons, his orbs are made of glass and easily manipulated by his skill so glass dagger spikes woo!
Weapon type: Ranged, he's able to keep distance with his largest orb,which he uses for transportation

Occupation: Fortune Telling is his job
Major: Magic and Light weapon training.
Hobbies: Fortune Telling, Telekinesis training, sleeping in his spot, stargazing.

Likes: His spot, Fortune telling, Telekinesis, stars, constellations, the River of stars
Dislikes: Himself, his mother, the fact that he isnt the best at telekinesis and fortune telling.
Personality: i cant put that down idek

Home Region: Near Ruby, but technically the Sapphire region
History: i dont know this just yet but i'll write it down once i know it.
Overview: He likes stuff and doesnt like himself

Trivia: His veil is held down by a spell so no-one can just go "hurr hurr -lifts up veil- now your entire plotline is over"
he's very fast too

Speed: |||||||| (see look how fast he is, he's really fast on his orb also he's a hardcore parkour)
Strength: |||| (give him a sword and he'll be OKAY with it)
Health: ||| (eh)
Defense: || (if he's hit he's gotta run away so he can heal, plus his weak spots are literally just floating there)
Accuracy: |||||
Stamina: ||||
Special: |||||
Special Defense:|||||| (are the orbs special defense who knoows)
Mana: |||||||
p-o-c-k-e-t Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
sops i love his colorssss
path-o-logical Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cutie--- Cept I wanna see your face :iconsopsplz:
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