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Pet Festival [Aivis'ra] by Ryis Pet Festival [Aivis'ra] by Ryis

The Pet Festival - Aivis'ra

Sometimes during the stress and loneliness of the Enhalo school life, students may choose to adopt creatures to help deal with living in such a place, or even to help during missions or trials.  

The Festival

  • Spanning a weekend, the Pet festival is an attraction celebrating the companionship of a creature and student. 
  • The festival has different sections to visit and look at. While buying things isn't needed to enjoy the festival, it's highly recommended to donate to the festival so they can return with new items and animals. 
  • The Festival not only has demons that aren't yet in the Safari, but also a few that will not be available anywhere else! 
  • Bring pets that you already own! there are activities and store items that include needing your demon to customize it to them
  • Note that to adopt these demons, you will still have to be eligible for the demon, you may canonically have your character choose one out- however this means you must draw your pet drawing as soon as possible.  

The Pets

The Mounts

Misc Pet Related Items

  • There are Some pet related items you can get for you or your pets!
    • Pet and Mount clothes, Both in useful and fun variants
      • Useful
        • Pet and Mount backpacks, side sacks, bag saddle attachments all in a variety of district colors or plain brown. 
        • Pet Armor such as shoulder, back leg or neck guards
        • Pet weapons such as leg blade attachments, be careful and make sure to get the correct version for each pet!
        • Leg slings and other various equipment for an injured pet, along with items to add to your pet such as a adjusted side hammock for injured party members.
      • Fun
        • Sweaters, shirts in various sizes and colors, some with witty comments on them 
        • Halloween, Christmas and other holiday costumes (Pet fish hats available) 
        • Silly shoes

    • Things for your new pet
      • Food related
        • Proportioned Food Bowls 
        • Automatic Pet feeders 
        • Pet Diet book (Safe ways to help your pet become as strong as they should be! along with diets that will help with mana consumption, spell output and spell power. Note while these diets do work, make sure to follow the diet for that specific pet! Effects of a healthy diet is noticeable, but not grand) 
      • Self Help books
        • "So you've gotten a new pet"- A basic introduction to pet owning 
        • "Pet Grooming" - Lists a large amount of demons and their basic grooming needs, along with fancy ways to cut or trim their hair
        • "Pet Survival" - Help with combat pets and how to change your viewpoint on a house pet vs a combat pet, some helpful tips to help a grieving pet owner, along with ways to keep your pet from dying along with precautions and warnings to combat pets. 
        • "The Grit" - Information about Animals VS Demons as allies, lists a lengthy amount of differences along with health problems to look for in your pet along with a list of pro's and cons of each side. Also has information about specific demons such as their strengths and weaknesses. 
        • "The Magic of Magic Pets" - Help for people who have pets that cast spells or have a magical affinity, along with diets and herbs that can help a demon that wouldn't normally help a person. Goes more in Depth than "Pet Diet Book" 
        • "Pet's? in MY house???" - Self help book about how to deal with another person's pet who may be staying in your home, or an alternate instructional booklet about how to own a pet. Goes a bit more in Depth than "So you've gotten a new pet"
        • "Featherbrain" - A guide for pet owners with birds to help train them to always return to their owner, along with tricks such as play dead and spread wings, there's a detailed instruction at the back half explaining how to train your pet to 'fetch' items! 
        • "Pet Translation" - An in depth guide to demons and reading their body language to see what they need
        • "Tricky Tricks" - Training help for demons or pets that are overly smart or sassy and hard to handle
      • Travel Related
        • Leashes and Leads
        • leg color bands to keep track of small pets such as birds
        • Reins and Saddles
        • Collars and other custom identification items (Identification items needed for pet adoption is not available, only custom items to place those items such as leg bands or something of that sort) 
      • Play Related
        • Balls of various sizes, some have treats inside of them or the ability to place a treat inside 
        • Sticks with items at the end such as feathers or other enticing objects
        • Squeaky toys
        • Cat Towers
        • Frisbee's 
          • Frisbee and ball launchers, for the demons with high endurance
        • Clickers, and other training objects


  • Some Activities you and your pet can partake in!
    • Bedazzle
      • Bring your pet's collar, toy or other item and bedazzle it with gems, custom words or any various decoration! ⋆note, bedazzler will not bedazzle your pet. 

    • Horn maker
      • A skilled crafter will copy your pet's horn or other item on their body and replicate it into a person-sized replicant. the maker can make them into headbands, or plaques to place on your wall. 

    • All Fluff- a pet stuffed animal booth
      • bring your pet, mount or a picture of a pet or mount to All fluff and have them create a stuffed animal of them! comes in small, medium, large or lifesized
        • Small - 20 gold
        • Medium - 50 gold
        • Large - 75 gold
        • Lifesized - depends on the size, use the small medium or large prices then add 50 gold

    • Communication orb collars
      • Add a communication orb only you can actively speak into through your own orb. can be installed to a pet's collar or various band or outfit, Or for a larger fee the installer can also pierce your pet's ear with a small communication orb. 

    • Training class
      • Hourly classes on basic obedience

    • Pet Potion and Painter
      • Bring your pet to the painter to have them permanently add markings or a pet coat to them. the price of the coats vary depending on how detailed it is.
        • 50 Gold: Color Change
          • Change your pet to a different color, very basic- nothing else changes other than what color their main fur coat is. Any existing detail to their coat will stay the color it was before (for example, if your pet has a starry coat, the  stars will stay white)
        • 25 Gold: Secondary Color Change
          • This will change any detail on the coat while retaining the main fur coat color. 
        • 100 Gold: Personify
          • Makes your pet's coat very similar to the pet owner. 
        • 200-300 gold ⋆Limited Edition: Summer
          • Changes your pet's coat to a summer like coat in color, Blue's, Oranges and bright vibrants will be added to your pet's primary and secondary color. for 100 gold more, you can also administer a potion that makes the creature's fur short and silky, perfect for the warm summer days
        • 200 Gold ⋆Pet Festival exclusive: District pride
          • Makes the pet a shade of red, green, purple or blue depending on what district you wish to show your pride about, along with a choice of silvers, whites, golds or black's for the demon's secondary color. You can choose to skip out on the secondary color however it is added to the price and will not be removed. 
        • 50 Gold Color Remove
          • Removes either your pet's secondary or primary color and reverts it back to it's regular color, you must pay again to remove the option you didn't choose before. 
      • The Pet Alchemist is able to change the form of your demon, there's not a lot of options but he boasts that they're the best permanent choices you'll find. All potions unless stated otherwise are 50 gold
        • Fluff - Add either full coat or partial coat fluffiness, students may choose where the partial fluff appears, reccomended area's would be the neck, tail or feet, note pet has to have fur in the area for fluff to work
        • Silky - Much like the limited edition paint effect, this makes a pet's fur either full coat or partially short and silky
        • Fur - Add fur to places that would otherwise not have fur
        • Gender - Change the gender of a pet, however he admits he cannot change the gender of pets that have gender specific forms (such as Evergreens or Rustles) 
        • Scale - Add scales to places on your pet
        • Horns - Add horns to your pet's head
        • Spikes - Adds spikes, or horn-like growths to your pet's body, additional spikes cost 10g extra. Students may choose the type of growths 
        • Glow - Add glow to your pet's eyes. Other options are limited to the pet race or potion applied. Only pet available for glow is the Snowmint Jackalope and potion is the Crystalizer

    • Pet Gener
      • If you bring two Demons to the pet gener, he can help you change your pet into a crossbreed before your very eyes! ever wanted to have a crossbreed but didn't want to give up your precious pets? now's your time to shine! You can tell the gener what pet you want to have a potion based off of and which one you want to take the potion, you don't have to own both pets, only the one you want to turn into a crossbreed! Mounts can be crossbred as well!
      • The pet gener has a book of pictures of demons they have potions for, if you dont have the secondary demon you can choose from one of these! ⋆note, the owner of a rare demon, the pipette, has given the gener some potions of their galaxy, unihorned pipette! if you choose to crossbreed the pipette and your demon they have a very very rare chance to get a unicorn horn mutation, and an even rarer chance of getting partial galaxy in their form! (up to the member what they get and where) 
      • Pet cakewalk
        • You and your pet get to walk around on numbered squares, once the music stops you and your pet must stay on the square as they draw out the random number generator (Melabot or number to see who won a pet and person friendly cake! 

      • Obedience test
        • A relaxed obedience competition, the most well groomed, obedient pet will win a free collar bedazzling! 

      • Pet whistle 
        • Bring your pets and mounts to the Pet whistle merchant and for 100 gold you can bind your pet to a whistle! while this doesn't work for summoning, it does work as a long ranged call for your pets to return to you from their location, great for when you have to leave them behind to do work and then want them to regroup with you. The whistle comes in a variety of different shapes and types, or you can bring your own whistle or instrument in to bind the spell to!

      • Custom Costumes!
        • Ask the talented tailor to create a custom fit pet costume for 50 gold! For an additional 100 gold you can request a Casual outfit or silly costume matching your pets. 

      • Photo booth
        • Bring your pet to the photo booth and play with costumes and props to get a photo to remember the fun times you had!

      • Petchapon
        • Each visitor gets a free spin, along with additional spins whenever they buy an item, bring or adopt a pet or participate in an activity! you cannot buy a large group of items and get spins for each one, it's one per item category or activity. Spin the wheel to see what item you get!
          • use or melabot/nanobo's command ~~/$$random number 1 20 to see what you've won!
          1. A Bedazzled Collar for Medium sized Pets
          2. A Bag of Pet and Person Treats, edible and tasty to both!
          3. A free copy of "Pet's? in MY house????"
          4. Pet shoes!
          5. Crystalizer! Makes painless, non intrusive crystals or gems grow on your pet. Works with the glow option from the pet potion and painter to make the crystals glow! Pets with magical effects will have magic imbued, edible crystals that when eaten cause the effect a pet naturally has the ability to cast.
          6. A ticket to All fluff for a free large stuffie!
          7. Pet Sweater with the words "I ❤ my Owner" on it
          8. A free copy of "Featherbrain"
          9. Skirt for your pet!
          10. Cloud potion! changes your pet to a cloudy variant
          11. A Custom dragon costume for your pet!
          12. A ticket for a free communication orb installment 
          13. A ticket for one free pet whistle!
          14. Dripilizer! makes your pet have a part of their body turn to water, much like an aqueous! great for the long summer days
          15. A ticket for one free color change from the pet potion and painter booth
          16. Halo Headband for your pet
          17. Size-izer! makes your pet the size of a large dog
          18. A free spin! (aka "Try again")
          19. Sunset potion! changes your pet's color scheme to a sunset theme 
          20.  A pet shaped cup! Custom made, just tell the wheel manager what pet you would like made into a cute cup variant


    • All Food and Drink sold is Pet safe! Items that are normally poisonous to pets are switched out for different ingredients that taste the exact same, the joys of cooking! All drinks are refillable and can be placed in your own personal drink carrying devices 
      • Dog Treats
      • Cake slices 
        • Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot, Cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake and Caramel Cheesecake variants
      • Fries
      • Hot dogs
      • Hamburgers
      • Animal shaped Donuts
      • Smoothies
      • Milkshakes
      • Soda
      • Water
      • Sandwiches
      • Cookies
      • Popcorn
      • Cotton Candy
      • Various Chocolate bars and candies (off named due to the change in ingredients, most names are animal related parody's of their usual names) 
      • Iced tea

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