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Pet Festival by Ryis Pet Festival by Ryis

The Pet Festival - Aivis'ra

Sometimes during the stress and loneliness of the Enhalo school life, students may choose to adopt creatures to help deal with living in such a place, or even to help during missions or trials.

The Festival

Spanning a weekend, the Pet festival is an attraction celebrating the companionship of a creature and student. 

The festival has different sections to visit and look at. While buying things isn't needed to enjoy the festival, it's highly recommended to donate to the festival so they can return with new items and animals. 

The Festival not only has demons that aren't yet in the Safari, but also a few that will not be available anywhere else! 

Bring pets that you already own! there are activities and store items that include needing your demon to customize it to them.

Note that to adopt these demons, you will still have to be eligible for the demon, you may canonically have your character choose one out- however this means you must draw your pet drawing as soon as possible. Mounts do not need a drawing but you must draw for your pet.

The Pets

Pets with a ⋆ in front of their names mean they're extremely rare or limited edition; you cannot get them anywhere else but pet merchants!
(these ⋆'s may be added or removed depending on the demon creator's decision)

The List [Pet]

This list can be updated during the festival with additional Pets or Mounts that come in from late merchants!

The List [Mounts]

While there's not a lot of options, these are still very useful mounts, again if there's a ⋆ that means they're limited to the pet merchants!

The Stores

Many stores have also arrived to provide clothes and other utility based items for you and your pet!
  • Doggone Cute Clothes and Accessories
    • Blue Tutu
    • Animal shirts and hoodies
    • Skirts, hip decorations
    • Non Pierce earrings and ear clips
    • Circlets and other head accessories
    • Tail rings
    • Collars and neck ribbons
  • Fergus Animal and Demon armory
    • Steel mouth guard
    • Animal Blinders
    • Hind and other Armor
    • Leg Blades
  • Chow Chow Down
    • Specialized animal feed
    • Autofeeders and waterers
    • Bibs
    • Scoops with measures on for good proportions for your pet
    • Animal treats
  • The Little Paw Library
    • Demon Compendium [Enchanted Version - Updates automatically with new submissions]
    • Tricks and Tips for your pet - book containing how to train your pet to do certain common tricks
    • Diets and Dont’s - this book explains the diets of common demons and pets and also allergies some creatures may have so owners can avoid them
    • The Crafter’s pet - different templates for knitting and sewing projects that are animal/pet themed, some options include shawls, collars and leg covers
  • The Long Haul
    • Reigns
    • Leashes
    • Saddles with attached bags
    • Mini wagons for small to large sized pets (can hold tiny pets on them)
    • Mount Blankets
  • Play Time
    • Ball Launcher
    • Squeaky toys
    • Ropes and High durability toys
    • Intelligence testing toys
    • Pet Life Jackets
    • Water Toys
  • Nap Time
    • Animal Blanket
    • Beds
    • Bedding
    • Crates and Cages
    • Pet Pajamas
    • Sleepytime hats

The Activities

After adopting a pet or bringing your own to the festival you may want to participate in some activities available for you and your pets!
  • New Activities!

    • Pet Circlets
      • Create a circlet inspired by your pet for yourself, or one inspired by you for your pet!

    • Adoption Advice
      • A booth that goes through a short questionnaire to find out the perfect pet for you

    • Pet Bath
      • Either bathe your own or have a professional groomer bathe and groom your pets in various styles, permanent and nonpermanent pet fur dying is available!

    • Treat Making
      • Short lessons by a professional on how to make handmade treats for your pet!

  • Returning Activities!

    • Bedazzle
      • Bring your pet’s collar, toy, or other item and bedazzle it with gems, custom words or any various decoration! ⋆note, bedazzler will not bedazzle your pet

    • Horn maker
      • A skilled crafter will copy your pet's horn or other item on their body and replicate it into a person-sized replicant. the maker can make them into headbands, or plaques to place on your wall.

    • All Fluff- a pet stuffed animal booth
      • bring your pet, mount or a picture of a pet or mount to All fluff and have them create a stuffed animal of them! comes in small, medium, large or lifesized
        1. Small - 20 gold
        2. Medium - 50 gold
        3. Large - 75 gold
        4. Lifesized - depends on the size, use the small medium or large prices then add 50 gold

    • Communication orb collars
      • Add a communication orb only you can actively speak into through your own orb. can be installed to a pet's collar or various band or outfit, Or for a larger fee the installer can also pierce your pet's ear with a small communication orb. 

    • Levant’s “Super special Limited edition booth”
    • Levant (and Calm) have set up a booth providing their regular options at a discounted price, along with new limited edition options only available during pet festivals!
    • Levant has offered to translate for a pet to make sure that they are okay with changes!
      • Pet Potions
        1. Revert
          • Reverts your pet back to before they used any potions either from this store or in general, please specify what kind you would like
            • 50  
        2. Fluff
          • Make your pet Fluffy, or remove fluff. Specify which version you would like at the counter
            • 100
        3. Horn(s)
          • Most Horn types available. Specify what type when you are at the counter.
            • 50 each pair of horns (or each horn if they're uni)
        4. Color
          • Changes either your pet's secondary or primary color.
            • 100 for Primary
            • 50 for Secondary
        5. Glow
          • Make certain parts of their body glow.
            • 150 per part (each leg counts as 1 part)
        6. Wings
          • Your pet gains usable wings
            • 1000
        7. Remove Tail
          • removes all signs of a tail painlessly
            • 50
        8. Long Tail
          • Lengthens their tail a few inches
            • 100 each administration (More to make the tail longer)
        9. Stubby Tail
          • Makes their tail stubby and cute
            • 100
        10. Smallify
          • Makes your pet one size smaller (Mounts become big pets, Big pets become small pets)
            • 1000 per administration
        11. Biggify
          • Makes your pet one size larger (Small pets become big pets, big pets become Mounts)
            • 1000 per administration
        12. Switchify
          • Allows your pet to switch back and forth between a regular pet form and a mount form
            • 1000
        13. Bond
          • Makes the pet understand and care about how the owner is feeling and will react appropriately- making the pet loyal and great guards.
            • 400
            • 800 for an additional level of bond which allows the pet to feel the owner’s emotions from far distances
        14. Pet Gener potions
          • Creates a potion of your pet to use on other pets, a quick painless way to crossbreed without having to give away your beloved pets due to the pet limit. If you use another person’s pet make sure they’re okay with it!
          • ⋆During the Festival there are already made potions for certain demons (any in the safari or at the festival), and a book showing each available option.
          • You may also create potions and leave them with the gener, allowing other people to use your pet’s species (potions and changes applied to your demon has a percentage chance of applying to the new crossbreed, this choice is up to the owner of the character to choose)
            • 500
        15. Limited Edition Potions
        16. Each potion is 50 unless stated otherwise
          • Silky - Makes a pet’s fur extremely soft and silky no matter the length or type of fur
          • Gold Flakes - Makes new accents on the pet made of gold, the way the accent works depends on the pet themselves, they could be gold lines or stars or even just a golden paw or ear tip (note, gold accented areas of the body are not actually made of gold, and does not make the body part metal)
          • Drippy - Makes a part of the pet’s body drippy, much like paint, this dripping disappears as it hits the floor and will not stain.
          • Ghost- Makes a pet take on a ghosty theme, this can include partially transparent limbs or glowing white eyes for examples

    • Pet whistle
      • Bring your pets and mounts to the Pet whistle merchant and for 100 gold you can bind your pet to a whistle! while this doesn't work for summoning, it does work as a long ranged call for your pets to return to you from their location, great for when you have to leave them behind to do work and then want them to regroup with you. The whistle comes in a variety of different shapes and types, or you can bring your own whistle or instrument in to bind the spell to!

    • Custom Costumes!
      • Ask the talented tailor to create a custom fit pet costume for 50 gold! For an additional 100 gold you can request a Casual outfit or silly costume matching your pets. 

    • Photo booth
      • Bring your pet to the photo booth and play with costumes and props to get a photo to remember the fun times you had!

    • Petchapon
      • Each visitor gets a free spin, along with additional spins whenever they buy an item, bring or adopt a pet or participate in an activity! you cannot buy a large group of items and get spins for each one, it's one per item category or activity, buying multiple pets gives you multiple spins however, and the spins reset every day. Spin the wheel to see what item you get!
      • use or Enhalo's command --random number 1 30 to see what you've won!
        1. Amulet Collar - a high quality collar with a gem amulet on the front
        2. [POTION] Thoughtful- Allows creatures to gain a new level of intelligence, still nowhere near a human or hybrid level- these pets are at least able to understand most happenings (Much like Levant)
        3. [COUPON] 50% off pet gener!
        4. Pet Hat - A cute straw hat for your pet
        5. Animal Balloon - A free balloon of your pet!
        6. [POTION] Star Relaxation - Makes a hard part (horn, claws, etc) of a pet’s body see through and hollow, inside the changed part will have a liquid that swirls when the pet moves, these liquids have particles inside it and watching this has been said to naturally relax beings. (Like a glitter jar)
        7. [COUPON] Pet Costume Special - bring this coupon to the Custom costume booth to get a free elegant outfit based on your pet!
        8. Pet Sweater - A custom sweater for your pet
        9. [POTION] Natural Crown - Your pet now naturally grows flower crowns around their head, flowers change depending on mood but don’t grow rare flowers
        10. Leg Warmers - 80’s fashion leg warmers for you and your pet
        11. Tiny Bows - small bows for your pet!
        12. [POTION] Tiny Pet - A potion that when used on a pet makes them fit into the tiny pet size, proportions will change accordingly
        13. Small Basket - a small weaved basket for your pet to hold in their mouth
        14. Pet Orb - a Communication orb for pets in where if a pet is able to speak in any way (telepathically, normally) they may use this orb to contact people on their team. Specially useful for pets whose owner may be in danger
        15. [POTION] Elemental - Changes the theme of a pet into an elemental theme, examples are a water theme, fire, earth, wind or even things like lightning. This is aesthetic based- skills may change to represent this but will not get stronger or weaker.
        16. Mood’ Collar - A collar that changes colors to suit how your pet is feeling, much like a mood ring!
        17. Pet scarf - a custom scarf for your pet!
        18. [POTION] Speak! - Allows the pet to speak telepathically, though some pets may not have the brain capacity to understand basic thought enough for this to be useful.
        19. Pet Tote- A medium sized bag to safely and comfortably hold your pet!
        21. Pet Life Jacket- a life jacket to help your pet swim safely in the water with you!
        22. Meladis Collar- protects your pet from the effects of meladis spells.
        23. Portable Water Bowl- This collapsible water bowl comes with an attached bottle to fill for your pet. Great for outdoors or taking walks!
        24. Treat Bag- an assortment of delicious gourmet pet treats!
        25. Fireproof Pet Coat - a customized coat to fit your pet that protects them from fire!
        26. Pet Boots - special boots to protect your pet’s feet from the elements, plus they’re super stylish!
        27. Pet Light Potion - This potion can be applied to any part of your pet’s body to change it into a light source! Great for making your pet helpful in navigating dark areas. Or just as a fun aesthetic piece too!
        28. Glow Collar - a collar that lights up in the dark! Never lose your pet at night again!
        29. Mini Me! Squeak Toy!- a squeaky toy that looks just like your pet!
        30. Mount Saddle - a comfortable and quality leather saddle for your mount! No more trips to the crotch doctor again!

The Food

All Food and Drink sold is Pet safe! Items that are normally poisonous to pets are switched out for different ingredients that taste the exact same, the joys of cooking! All drinks are refillable and can be placed in your own personal drink carrying devices
  • Dog Treats
  • Cake slices
    • Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot, Cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake and Caramel Cheesecake variants
  • Fries
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Animal shaped Donuts
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy
  • Various Chocolate bars and candies (off named due to the change in ingredients, most names are animal related parodies of their usual names)
  • Iced tea

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