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Nyte Application by Ryis Nyte Application by Ryis
Name: Nyte Galaxia 
Age: 17
Birthday: June 12th
Gender: Male
Orientation: Leans towards Demisexual
Species: Starchild

Height: 5'2"
Build: Skinny
Hair Color: Black and Gold
Eye Color: Gold

Title: Acrobatic Tactician 
Skill: Star Summoning - With the help of his star orbit over his ear, he's able to summon various creatures to help fight alongside him, the larger the summon the more mana it takes and multiple summons doing extensive activities can drain mana significantly and can end up backfiring on nyte- however out of combat the mana drain much slower and is negated by his mana regen. A lot can backfire with this skill, along with the fear of desummoning due to too much mana drain, the summons may also become harder to control the more creatures that are out    
Minor Skill(s): 
  • Light Footed - During his studying in Haven he managed to become friends with a group of rulebreakers, due to their behavior they tended to need to run away quickly- so one by one the group of friends taught one another a skill that allowed them to run and jump with supernatural ease and ability- the ability is passive, however when he jumps stars appear out of the soles of his feet/shoes. This makes things like Parkour and Climbing extremely easy
  • Nature Tongue - The ability to speak to animals/animalistic creatures 
    • if a strong enough bond is created, he can add them to his star summoning (they would change in color however, most animals/demons need to click with him, if they seem to not like him it'll not work) 
  • Heart Shrine Gift
    • Celestial Presents- while Nyte can summon, he does also have a second option when it comes to their summons, which is where they can take on the form or skills of the summon, each summon does something different and the strength depends on how deep the bond between nyte and the summon is, he cant take more than one gift at a time and sometimes it can be triggered without nyte wanting it to (when a summon wants to protect him) which can cause it to malfunction. the abilities/forms the summons give are below in Misc
Weapon: He doesn't own any, but he uses/borrows daggers, swords, or just anything with a blade, he prefers smaller weapons however, and is much more efficient with them too. 
Weapon Type: Light and Magic
Combat Style:  A mix of fast, light footed movements and summoning, sometimes it's almost as if he never touches the ground 

House: Sitan'a
Major: Summoning
Program: Demigod now due to successful tactics during the heart shrine's ending battle
Occupation: N/A

Likes: Pets (both the animals and being petted), chicken nuggets, soft things, tea's, general "rogue" stuff (Thievery, etc), the night sky, gold stuff, money in general
Dislikes: The god of the sky, complete darkness, being ignored ,people grabbing his tail, corrupt/bad leaders, being woken up if he's really enjoying his nap, his height
Hobbies: Cooking, Origami, Treasure hunting, Swimming, various illegal activities
 Pouty - pouts, huffs and grumbles quite a lot
 Easily Flustered - He's not really the type to easily talk about things that might be considered embarrassing
 Bored - He gets bored a lot and tends to wander off if he's not being paid attention to- or even when he is being paid attention to
 He also has no real regards about his own well being and will sacrifice it pretty quickly for the needs of another 

Home Region: Haven, Now Enhalo
History: For most of his life Nyte was a citizen of Haven, he was located in one of the cities of the starchildren up in the clouds with his friends. Nothing of real interest happened to him up there, he would do his studies, hang out with friends who weren't always the best of company and generally he'd have a great time. That was until the time of aging, a time in all starchild's lives where they have to abandon their friends and take their permanent spot in the skies. The group he use to spend time with had planned to be in a certain spot in the skies, however due to an incident long ago one of Nyte's closest friends, Gaze- was casted to the lowest parts of the sky. This caused a lot of distress for Nyte, and after an argument with the friend he ended up finding himself alone. This is where Nyte's life ended.

Obviously not forever, of course. However the reason for Nyte's death is uncertain to him, he doesn't truly want to know sometimes, since it's all in the past- around 45 years in the past actually- Since after Nyte reached his untimely demise- a new being was born under the name "fell", and while fell lived his life peacefully, sharing the same soul Nyte once had- tragedies would still take hold, Fell would never reach past the age of 18 for 3 lifetimes. and due to this, decades passed, the person who was once called "Nyte" was gone. However, due to a friend of Fell, Nyte had a second chance- With the help of the god of path's, he was able to live a new life on magus, with a new body, and a goal in mind- Nyte knew that he was going to make something of himself, or Die trying.
Overview: An extremely lucky starchild whose second chance has brought him to Enhalo

x His hair and tail is full of stardust, these tiny stars will fall out periodically and end up drifting to the ground, this dust can gather up, however if the dust remains untouched for a certain period of time it will dissipate into the air. This also means if his hair or tail comes in contact with anything (Or if someone was to hug, pet etc him) dust is puffed out. This dust always makes him smell sorta.. sweet
x While Nyte and Fell are technically the same person, he does not like to be addressed as Fell, they've both lived two different lives and while they may have the same soul in a sense, their beings and memories are completely different. He refers to Fell as his Brother. 
x He has multiple summons, some more loyal than others
  • his first summon is a black and gold tiger named Orias
    • Present: Tiger Form, no ability- just sheer strength and speed
  • his second summon is a black and gold wolf named Adnachiel, shortened to "Chie"
    • Present: Wolf form, this form is weak, and because of it they have the ability to shoot star projectiles at things that explode on contact
  • the third summon is a white and gold raven named Och
    • Present: Aura Wings, While nyte doesn't gain a shift from Och, he does in fact get soft, golden wings that are surrounded in a golden aura, the aura can be manipulated and with the sacrifice of one of his feathers and a significant amount of mana, he can shoot mist-like projectiles that then wrap around the enemy to try to keep them in place
x He smells like hot chocolate 

Stats: ||Sheet||
Stats Gained Comment

:bulletblue: Heart Shrine Event - B
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