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Nim Application by Ryis Nim Application by Ryis
Name: Nimbus "Nim" Rains
Age: 20 (Now 21)
Birthday: March 31st
Gender: Male
Orientation: ? ??? ??
Species: Pupper?

Height: 5'4
Build: Thin
Hair Color: Cream
Eye Color: Blue and Dawn Sunrise (its like 3 colors so screw it he gets a fancy color)

Title: The one returned
Skill: Liquid Manipulation - The ability to gather, move, shape and change the surface tension of liquids. He has a special skill when related to Gold and Silver

  • Gather
    • The moisture in the air is enough for him, once he's actively trying to gather water that is- in return for some of his mana he is able to expand the water in the air enough to make it not only visible, but big enough to use- he'd very much rather use and expand already provided liquids however to save his mana, since this can drain him fast- and is where a lot of his mana is spent. 
  • Move
    • The basic use of his ability- he's able to move liquids, he can freely move a large amount of liquids due to his practicing. (About a small swimming pool's worth is his maximum if broken into decently sized chunks, however not altogether, it's like holding up 5 elephants) He's able to move items with liquid inside pretty easily as long as the item's weight is not too heavy- his magic strength is much stronger than his physical strength but it's still equal to a more fit person's strength, meaning he could lift a person using the liquids inside them but not more than a few feet off the ground, and even then why would he??? he uses it mostly to move bottles, cups and cleaning rags around in the bar to help him be quick with work so he has more time to himself. He moves the Object, not the liquid itself inside (that'd be gross relating back to the person thing) As long as it has a large amount of some sort of liquid in or on it
  • Shape
    • He can shape the liquid of choice into an unlimited amount of shapes, and then freeze them in place, removing them from his current roster of liquids he's manipulating. This is used mostly for cool watery statues, touching the statue doesn't break them thankfully, it just feels like a very strong current. the tension created to make the statues can be broken by just slashing it if you really want to break it, he cannot do this with items with liquids inside them, such as people, dont worry. 
    • ⋆ Since his rebirth He is able to now turn the water into a polymer-like material, causing him to be able to create weapons and such out of the water- however this is usually used for making cores or creatures more than weapons (see: Protector) 
  • Surface Tension
    • The main offensive side of his ability other than the drowning aspect- he is able to change the tension of the surface of the liquids depending on the need. The bigger the surface the stronger the tension can be, so for example while water orbs are quick and less mana to create, the tension available is equal to someone throwing a rock, while a wall of water can have the tension of jumping onto concrete from a large building. 
    • Surface tension can be used in different situations, such as water walking- it's all up to thinking logically about their abilities. 
    • The tension can be broken easily, which is a downfall of his abilities, if an enemy has something long enough to pierce the water before it hits them or anything close but still attached to them, then the tension will falter and the character will be safe, other than the fact that there's still water near and on them. Things like Daggers do not work due to how close they are to the body, however slashing the water with a sword could work if done quick enough. The safest route is spears to either throw or slash the water. Guns do not do much due to the bullets being so small, they could break the tension of the orbs, but the water wall's mass is very much larger. Shooting strategically to make the bullets go through in a line however could work

  • ⋆Melt
    • He's able to "melt" gold and silver off of items and use them in his liquid manipulation. He can't do this with any other metal or really anything in general. The melting is not heat wise either and it is basically just liquefying a surface amount of the chosen metal from an object to use. when in this state the metal tends to illuminate the general area, causing it to look heavenly in a sense. After a while the metal returns to it's place on the object unless it was taken from a place on him, which at this point in time is only one place.
      • His peets have pads on the bottom that when stepping leaves prints of gold (Right foot) or silver (Left foot), this metal glows immediately after he steps down and he can control it without it needing to return to it's spot- causing it to be a renewable source of metal. 

  • ⋆Protector
    • Since his rebirth Nim has found that he is able to create golem-like creatures called "Protectors", a creature made of water with a core made of Nim's mana in the center, these creatures can be up to paintdream sized and depending on the creature can have the polymer material as armor on the body or around the core to protect themselves- they come in different liquids and creatures. While these protectors are around Nim's ability to use his other magic is weakened significantly, he can create up to 2 protectors- however this means he would be unable to use any other of his abilities, his abilities are halved if he has one out. Once their core is broken they'll return to a liquid state and Nim wont be able to bring back another for an hour. 

Minor Skill(s): 
Befriend - Abellio, the god who had gave him his previous taming skill blessed Nim with his own special skill instead of leeching off the god for aid. He can now tame using his own method which is related to being able to communicate with creatures, he cant understand and talk to them but he can speak to them and understand their body movements and what that might mean, after showing the creature they either mean no harm, or that they're more superior by demanding them to back down they'll tame.

Shift - He's able to shift into a great dane sized winged creature. This is mostly for travel purposes but due to it being canine in form he can use it as a last resort fighting method- though this would usually only happen on accident or if he was currently travelling when attacked. While in this form he cannot use most of his abilities, the most he could do with his water is shoot small orbs or spikes of either tensioned or polymer water. When shifted the Protectors already created are not destroyed, but he cannot create more in this form. 

Dorvi'nain- a blade of a fallen god, after being cursed by dorvo, nyata gifted nim the ability to summon the blade-whip that's created from Dorvo's essence as an act of putting salt in the wound towards dorvo. when summoned his cursed eye will glow/emit flames. The blades look has changed to fit Nim's theme but it doesnt change anything about the strength of the weapon. The weapon has two different forms- the whip blade form, and the regular blade form. 
Weapon Type: Magic + Close ranged
Combat Style: Nim usually uses his water magic to attack, using arcing slashes of surface tensioned, sharp sided water to slash at enemies. If there's a large amount of enemies, or the enemies are very strong he will use one protector for assistance. The only time he would use two protectors is if he was injured badly or low on stamina due to it leaving him without the ability to protect himself magically. Dorvi'nain is usually used secondarily- summoned mostly to give him the ability to quickly block blows or protect himself a bit more close ranged

House: Aivis'ra 
Major: Elemental Magics
Program: Demigod
Occupation: No longer a bar owner : ( 

Likes: His friends, Animals, Water, Marine life, Beaches, Summer, Music
Dislikes: Dorvo, Gods sometimes in general are p stupid, Basil
Hobbies: Cooking, Collecting things
Personality: Diligent, Clumsy, hard headed, Independent, Impulsive, Moody, Short tempered

Home Region: Ruby
Nimbus's life is rather confusing, due to him living multiple lives- he was created by a god as a normal mortal who was to defeat the god Dorvo, due to the beast being corrupt and causing a lot of problems in the world. He failed the first time he met the god, which caused an eternal hatred between Dorvo and Nimbus- Dorvo would continuously kill his form, causing him to be revived in new forms. However eventually the god would figure out a plan- he made Nim extremely sick, causing him to weaken significantly, if he were to die in this state he would never recover.. but with the help of Friction was able to find a way to solve this- going back and protecting his previous forms from death, which would in turn leave him without a form to return to- a lost soul. Because of this he was able to return to Dorvo's lair and finish the duty that he was created to do, however he managed to die during this confrontation- the god cursed his being in the final confrontation... but Thankfully he was able to be revived into a new form.

In this new form he started at the age he had died in his previous one, 20 years in the past, his form was 'paused', causing him to not age. It also caused him to lose the ability to tell time correctly until he was back in his regular time, the memories as 'Eiry' were fresh, and they would persist throughout his 20 years of waiting. He would live in a broken down home, abandoned after a devastating demon attack. He gained friends with a town nearby and lived a quiet life, training and rebuilding the home while farming and doing other things while waiting to be back to the time he use to be in. He would regain his abilities after a year, along with a few new and changed ones as gifts from the gods he knew and the one that created him, since he did do what he was made to do. He was able to curse the god that cursed him, taking his weapon and causing Dorvo an eternal afterlife of suffering with the help of Nyata. During his training he dabbled in a few things, but never anything enough to be worth noting as a major ability. He continued training himself with the new abilities, protecting the town and the district he lived in against agressive demons- on top of that he would go to the town constantly to train with people who were already trained to make sure he was ready when he reapplied. 

Overview: Who he be

- His main previous life was Eiry Francis, and remembers everything from that life
- He technically doesnt have a family, but sees a lot of people as that in any case
- His name was given to him by his friends- he changed his name since there's already an Eiry in the world. 
- He has a room back home full of people who he's met and remembered who might not be around anymore. 
- There's a reoccurring protector that arrives to aid Nim a lot. 
- He's practiced flying a lot so he's able to go a long time in the air, however he's better at dodging on the floor than the air since he trained mostly in travel instead of combat movements. 
- Laugh at him he has to do all his classes again

-Skill Used [Water Shrine]
 -⋆ Protector 



Protector Stats:
Health: Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red [Bullet; Red without armor or if they have broken armor since it's literally just water and the core]
Strength: Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red
Speed: Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red [Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red when travelling]
Evasive: Bullet; RedBullet; Red
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