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Mystery Application by Ryis Mystery Application by Ryis
Name: Mystery (Myst/Mist) Marcona
Age: 18, probably
Birthday: May 10th
Gender: Male
Orientation: Cold drinks and Cryptids 
Species: Dragon of some Sort

Height: 5'2
Build: skinny boy
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue? Silver? you decide

Title: Dream Seller 
  • Night - Mystery is able to travel into dreams and memories to witness, store and manipulate personally, while in this unconscious world he has a different form and a set of skills he cant use in the outside world normally.
    • Form - Wish 
      • Wish form can look like anything he desires, generally looks like a very long haired male with gems in their hair of various sizes, shapes and colors. However while travelling in dreams he tends to not have the gems in his hair, but he can become any kind of shape or form
      • While in this form Myst can travel through dreams of different beings throughout the worlds, interacting with them and the dream itself- manipulating it how they please, most the time while travelling Myst is invisible or unnoticeable to the dreamer unless specified otherwise
      • Lucid dreamers have the ability to alter his Wish form without him allowing it, causing it to be rather dangerous for him to be in a lucid dreamer’s dream.
      • Non Lucid dreamers tend to have no control over a dream, so when manipulated by Mystery they are unable to control what happens and have to suffer unless Myst ends up killing them in the dream or the dream ends naturally, which makes them wake up with no negative effects to their body in the real world other than stress of waking up suddenly, the only thing Mystery can do to people in their regular dreams that gets translated into the real world is if Myst writes on them, but the ink is easily washable and is never permanent
      • Mystery can also cause manipulated sleep paralysis, or can prevent it from happening, mystery-induced sleep paralysis is actually just a dream disguised as being paralyzed in their bed, meaning the dreamer will wake up eventually and cant be left paralyzed forever. They will however after waking up from this nightmare be unable to move, but only for a few seconds before their motor functions return to them, the switch from dream to reality is seamless though, making it hard to believe what they witnessed was actually just a dream
      • Memory related Mystery cannot alter the memory in any way without permission and can only record and witness them
    • Dream
      • Myst is able to log and record dreams, nightmares and memories, which appear as jewels in his hair while in his "Wish" form. He doesn't have to be in the dream to record it and can gather jewels from all over the two worlds. These Jewels have a semi-solid outer layer with a liquid inside that when consumed allows the ones who have consumed a shard of the jewel to enter the recorded dream or memory to do whatever they want inside, either witnessing it in it’s pure form or manipulate the people and things inside of it for their own deeds without harming or affecting the outside world. Once the dream has ended, either by it finishing it’s recorded state or if the consumer or Mystery dies during the dream, the members who were inside the dream wakes up without any negative effects. Once consumed the dream is regrown in a few hours, allowing Myst to use the same template dreams for customers who enjoy certain aspects of dreaming
      • Whenever a dream starts if Mystery isnt inside the dream the gem automatically appears in his hair- he can gain certain cues as to what the dream or memory is about by holding it in his hand, such as who it's from, and what the general theme of the dream or memory might be and can see small clips of the memory or dream to check to see what it is for future knowledge. If Mystery is inside the dream or memory while it's being recorded the gem is grown close to his face, while ones he's farther away appear down his hair more, the farther away from the dreamer he is, the farther down his hair it is
    • Apnea
      • Mystery is able to bring people who he has visited before in a dream into a dream room named "Apnea" to do business, this room can look like however Myst wants. While in Apnea is when Myst’s wish form is the most powerful, making him able to affect the real world counterpart of the customer- the catch is the person has to agree with whatever he wants to do, which tends to be in trading for a dream or memory or as a Lien until Myst is able to obtain the gold the customer has offered for a memory or dream. Other Transactions customers can do are the removal of a constant nightmare or terror or having the customer constantly dream or remember something while they sleep, along with personal visits from Mystery for whatever they would like Myst to do, using them as a dream manipulator for ones who cant lucid dream on their own.
        • ⋆To find the memory/dream he will have to go searching through his library to find it, it’s not instantaneous, this also means he can accidentally (sometimes also purposely, depending on the customer) give them a dream with false information that was suppose to be a memory with true ones
        • ⋆he can erase memories or add new ones in, but only to the person themselves, they can give someone else a memory as a dream, but they wont believe it as a memory
        • Common Lien’s customers can give to Myst are things like fingers, feet, limbs, powers and abilities, emotions, senses, the ablity to grow something and other various bodily aspects along with being affected by curses given to them by Mystery, when the customer wakes up the transaction will be complete and the item will be missing from their person cleanly, no scars or injury. These items can be gotten back from Myst by either paying them the sum of gold in the real world or by returning to Apnea and altering the trade, however the item or amount of gold that is traded has to be of equal value or greater to what was traded. People once in a contract with Myst can access apnea by thinking of the room when they’re falling asleep- a piece of information Mystery provides to the customer for future transactions or to alter previous ones. Once a customer has gotten their part of the trade, they cannot cancel the trade, but they can swap out what they are offering as long as the above applies.
        • Out of character if there’s some issues where people don't want others getting memories from their characters (example, character A wants the memory of Character B’s wedding) OOC they can tell me and IC Myst will just be unable to find the memory in a timely manner and will just give them a dream sculpted to look ⋆like⋆ it but not actually it, either that or he’ll just decline in general or we can figure something out ooc to help the ic
      • Apnea also has a room that stores all the things they get through trades, most items however take a symbolic form instead of their actual form, this room is inaccessible to most unless Myst allows them inside
Minor Skill(s): 
  • Lien
    • Myst's only offensive ability that works in the real world, Mystery can take abilities or items from things that they've had traded to them and use them as their own, or if they have no viable option from their Liens, they can take from dreams and memories they have instead. This allows a wide variety of items and abilities to be available to him, however there are some restrictions to what he can do
      • No matter what he takes out, will only have the strength of his magic stat (so a strength of a ability or projectile) unless it's a sword or something that needs actual strength, if that's the case it's relying on his physical strength instead
      • Once an item/spell has been summoned, there's a 3 turn cooldown until he can switch, the only time there's no cooldown is if it's a useless item (such as a vanity item like sunglasses or a crown) or they're far away from enemies
      • Liens usually are non permanent- switched out for the next one Mystery might need, however if mystery pulses mana into the item a second time once it's been summoned they can expel it from his roster- making it permanent. the amount of mana used to make the object permanent depends on the size and density of the object. 5 small items counts as 1 point of mana, 3 medium items takes 1 point, and larger items such as a bed would take 2 points of mana due to it's complexity and size
      • He generally has to stick to certain spells and items he's used prior to avoid having to learn on the fly how to use a skill, if he's needing to use a skill he hasnt used before he tends to have issues
      • He can reuse Liens unless the customer who traded it to him takes it back
      • He cannot create magic items such as enchanted weapons or potions
      • Common Liens he uses are:
        • Elemental based bolt skills (Firebolt, Icebolt, Etc) Most magic projectiles are themed in some way but still do the same sort of bolt-based damage, an example being shooting a star at someone
        • Minor to moderate healing (He can heal cuts, scrapes bruises and gashes, no internal, no illnesses or sicknesses)
        • Summoning is more vanity and not actually demon summoning (Example being summoning a dragon looking plush creature to shoot out the magic bolt, he's just very showy) 
        • Abilities to play music or do a hobby (such as playing a guitar, origami and other crafts, he'll never be perfect or super great at them, but he can at least do moderate to good works) 
  • Goodnight
    • Myst can assume their wish form in the real world, without any of the abilities it possesses in the dream world, the only thing Myst can do while in this form is fly and go through things, they cannot interact physically with people or items, they cannot use the Lien skill and are more like a ghost in this form, if something is too thick or guarded with magic Mystery cannot pass it. To return back to their regular form they have to be away from any enemies. This form can be used for travel, but more importantly when Myst reaches fatal injuries instead of perishing they become this form until they can reach an ally that is not currently in danger (meaning out of combat/out of challenge entirely) to then "revive" them by grabbing onto their hand- the only time the form in the real world can be interacted with. 
Weapon: whatever they can get their hands on, usually projectile magic
Weapon Type: Magic
Combat Style: In battle Mystery generally stays in the back, firing projectile magic in a variety of different styles at enemies, if confronted in a one on one fight Myst tends to try to stay away from the enemy, keeping distance- but if need be he will summon a weapon for self defense. However Myst can also choose to avoid fighting in general, in a sense surrendering by turning into their Wish form, causing him to be unable to turn back until all enemies are dispatched or he's able to travel far enough away that the enemies are no longer a threat

House: Aivis'ra
Major: General Spellcasting
Program: Demigod
Occupation: Sells those dreams for cash

Likes: Cryptids, Cold drinks, Icecream, Suckers, Deals, Lazy Days, Slushy's
Dislikes: Backstabbers, Overworking, Lucid Dreamers, Hot days
Hobbies: Dream Manipulating, Sleeping, Using other people's hobby abilities that they gave him 
Personality: Mysterious, Suggestive, Manipulative | |Two faced| | Chill, Friendly, Apathetic to an extent, Walled off

(Depends on dream world | real world)

Home Region: Earth (Synchronocity)
Warning: Implied drug use
Mystery was born to two hybrids who had fled the collapse and began their life in Synchronocity, a relaxed child- Myst's parents seemed to be blessed by a very laid back and kind son, someone who got along well with teachers and children alike. His life would go on without issue for quite some time, Mystery would go to school, get a job when he was old enough to be allowed to- meet friends, and ultimately, find someone he cared deeply enough to move out of his parents home at 17 with their approval, moving not too far off from them so they could still keep their child safe. Or so they'd hope. Eventually Myst's  boyfriend at the time, a man a few years older than Myst would begin getting into sketchy substances without Mystery knowing, also causing him to go into debt to providers. After running out of ways to pay the providers, Myst's boyfriend became desperate, and one day asked Mystery to hang out with him at a location secret to Myst, as the....y.....b.....

Myst woke up suddenly in a place they didnt know, however immediately they were able to realize the world they were in currently was not Earth- it was like nothing he'd ever experienced- on top of that things about him had changed very blatantly- his form was fluid in it's appearance, allowing him to change his body freely- it'd take a few weeks but eventually Mystery would learn to realize what had happened to him. First of all, he was no longer "living", he was dreaming, or living in dreams. He could manipulate these dreams, and his form, something before this he couldn't at all. After this Myst would take time learning his new abilities in the dream worlds, learning about Apnea, and the variety of things he can do in trades- he'd become proficient quickly, learning a true talent in making deals and trades. However he knew for certain he was trapped. There was no way for him to "wake up", unlike all of his customers. He would learn what was happening in the world through dreams and memories others would have, acting like a silent second hand witness to everything- time became a mess to him, some dreams feeling like they went on for years while others mere minutes. Most of his time in dreams would be spent just watching or training himself in a variety in ways to pass the time. He would become numb to it- to everything, he'd grow a persona to further boost his trades, in hope to find some information about his situation.  

This information would come in the form of another memory- one from a old book writer who would write informational books and novels about a variety of species, one book in particular was about people, trapped in dreams, who held an almost infinite amount of ability in these dream worlds, but were trapped unless they could create a contract, which had very specific circumstances to be finished. But if a person trapped in a dream could do this, they could free themselves back into the free world.

And thus, Mystery began working immediately to create the circumstances needed, methodically choosing who they would complete the contract with. Eventually finding a student inside Enhalo who could finish the circumstances and freeing him from his prison- only to be asked to join enhalo after finding out about his powerful skills Mystery obtained in the past, Myst would decline, wanting to keep his freedom- but the amount of raw potential Myst had caused him to be drafted into a now school shaped prison. 

eventually mystery was able to appeal their drafted status and is now living at enhalo as a regular demigod
Overview: Mystery is a strange, very two faced character who was harmed by someone he believed he loved dearly, causing him to be weary about anyone getting too close to himself. When outside of the dream world Myst is very laid back and friendly, enjoying the small things in life, however in the dream world Mystery is very work oriented, that world being the place he is most proficient in. 

  • Mystery loves cryptids and generally likes to blame things he doesnt know about on aliens, which is a lot
  • He's a huge mooch
  • nut
  • he knows how to play most instruments to some degree. had to do something during the down days in the dream world, hes also a pretty awesome cook for the same reason
  • he likes to write on people when witnessing dreams so they wake up with the message- this is also how he talks to people outside of dreams to be sure they wont forget what he said
  • Mystery isnt his given name, he adopted it after his transformation to further separate himself from his past
  • Due to the fact that he travelled through dreams and memories, he's learnt how to speak most languages- since it'd be a bit awkward to try to barter with people you dont understand

Lovalite  A
 ⋆ - Earth Shrine 
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