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Mage Application by Ryis Mage Application by Ryis
Name: Mage of La'an
Age:  19
Gender: male
Orientation: He's as straight as they come (not really)

Height: 5'2
Build: Very feminine 
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Orange

Species: Fallen Cherub 
Class Title: Magi of the Shield Crest 
Mana shield - The ability to manipulate a shield created from his mass of mana, this shield can withstand constant beating but stabbing causes the shield to wear down much quicker, at full strength he can cast a shield (which is more like invisible body armor) over 6 people including himself, he can manipulate the shield however to stretch and contract to any size, causing his main attack to be suffocation.
Minor Skill(s): 
Herbalist -
He's able to learn a lot about the components of potions and herbs/plants by just eating them, his stomach acid can take on toxins and venom much more than a regular hybrid, so poisonous berries and such do not affect him (they may give him a tummy ache though) 

Pocket Dimension -
The ability to create a dimension pocket surrounding a single building or object, as seen in the Spellcasting Gazebo at the monarchy, he can choose the season, place and time and can change it on a whim, this however takes a lot of time and mana, and would have to recharge after doing this, he gets paid to do this sometimes, and serves no purpose in battle or fighting due to how long it takes, but because the dimension would reset after everyone leaves it, it serves a purpose as a great training ground due to people not having to worry about destroying equipment because it'd just regenerate after leaving and reentering 

Demon Manipulation - able to use the demon that's in his head to his advantage, due to this he has the ability to manipulate a large cluster of invisible hands to be used for things such as a portable platform or to restrain or choke people.  If he were to find souls, he could gain more hands for his disposal, due to the fact that the demon is not in fact himself, some spells that would restrict abilities of only one specific person is targeted. 

Enhanced Learning - His ability to learn new skills and spells is much quicker than a normal hybrid's, instead of studying for years on end, he has very watered down versions of most skills, and if he can find out how to use the skill he can start training it to make it stronger, this has been seen with healing, which has become strong enough to actually cause a difference. however, someone who is raised with the ability all their life will always be stronger than him when it comes to things. Offensive moves take longer to learn than support and defensive, and some (if not all) tend to just become usable in the sense of real life applications. This, tied with Herbalist makes him able to learn spells through potions and other liquids and herbs. 

Enhanced Learning skills - 
[4]  healing - Major Healing that causes pain to the healed, sometimes to the point that it's not even worth the pain 
  [2]  Swords - Can shoot swords from his staff, can only shoot 2 at the same time and the swords have to hit the ground before  he can shoot more
  [4] Lightning - Can cast Lightning to strike a specific object, it chains throughout other creatures that are in the radius of the spell, the more mana that is placed into the spell the larger the radius
  [2] Fire -  Fireballs and Fire arcs, nothing special
  [1] Water -  he can spew a jet of water to drown people and fires
  [5] Animation- basically telekinesis or levitation, this use to be watered down but due to using it a lot, he's able to lift up   heavier things without needing to use his shield as support. If fully focused, he can lift up things such as region's and buildings. But he needs to have all his mana and focus
  [3] Runic teleportation - can use runes on any surface or material to create portals to places he knows the address to 
  [2] Illusion - Can create illusions, however they disappear as they're touched.
  [3] Enchant - Can enchant items with spells using potion making, some spells he does not know how to cast can only be used through this method (Such as morphing) 
  [5] Vines - He summons golden metal vines that trap a target.  
  [5] Trap - He can set traps that explode on contact, these can be timed or tripwired, the traps themselves are almost entirely invisible unless a character has an ability which would let them see traps. he can imbed these traps with all the  types of spells he's learned, or leave them as the normal explosion type. 
  [1] Null - He can disable a person's abilities for a while, this drains his mana quickly however

[1] = Level one, weakest
[5] = Level Five, Strongest

Weapon type: Magic/heavy

Occupation: Magi
Major: Defensive Magic
Teaches: Defensive magic, helps with training and is a sit in for the apothecary classes
Hobbies: Making potions, Teaching, Practicing certain spells, cooking (with friends), writing down what herbs do

Likes: Herbs, Potions, Spells, Magic, Mana, Chilling, Chicken (food not the bird), games, hard candy, praise 
Dislikes: tangy stuff, people who take him too seriously, mary sue/gary stu anime/manga characters, injections
Acts first- if he thinks there's trouble, he wont hesitate to leave mid conversation to help
A strange kind of Lazy- doesnt like doing paperwork so he'd rather just hang out around the school and build extra buildings they might not even need
It means i like you - He tends to act a bit rude to people he's friends with or wants to be friends with, but he never truely means it 
Sure is weather today huh yeah very weather wow.. huh. - he can be really awkward when he doesnt know what to say, but still wants to talk 
Think before you talk for once - He doesnt really think over his words before he says them, so he ends up saying some rather embarrassing things and realizes afterwards 
yeah im the one who did that - He's proud of his abilities, but thinks there's people much better than him (specially in the magi field, he believes there's a lot of people who could replace him) 

Home Region: He is from a far away land (another continent) 
i dont know how to write this out?? uhh.. 
His parents were disappointed when he was born because they wanted a girl so they could finish their family with one girl and one boy (since he had an older brother) so they were blanking and couldnt think of a name so they sorta just... didnt name him and they tried again a year later and got a baby girl this time and they were happy and paid attention to her more than Mage or his brother, Mage was left unnamed until he was 6, when some really dramatic stuff happened which caused him to lose not only his own eyesight, but his brother was killed during the event as well, leaving his family in a state of depression and loss, the only good thing that came out of it was that mage got a name after showing his strength in magic, they quickly started to teach the young boy magic in hopes that it'll give the boy purpose

Mage went to a large handful of schools and training areas learning new spells and such, sometimes for years at a time but his parents nor his sister really cared that much, sometimes mage didnt even get birthday presents :C rude man, but his skills with magic gains Ein's attention and at the age of 15 gets accepted as one of the magi's, a couple years later his sister is accepted as well and not only gets accepted, but also gets promoted to a higher level than him, mage doesnt show the fact that he cares to his colleagues though and just continues to be a magi and helps open the portal to the human world, then spends the next 2 years after the collapse in the hybrid world trying to protect families and regions from slipping into the demon state, and once the housing units etude helped with were opened him and his sister moved in there and began living there, helping at discor and at the monarchy once that opened too, he was recruited to be a teacher at the monarchy and now does a lot of jobs there. 

Overview: a guy thats sorta been discarded from the start of his life

-His father made him his glasses so he can see, but it halves his magic abilities, taking them off makes him blind, but makes him able to use all the abilities he's got. 
-He always eats at the monarchy, without fail, he only eats at home when he invites people over

-Stats-(5 max for members, 7 for admins/elites, 10 for headmasters/vices) 
Speed: |||
Strength: ||
Health: |
Defense: | 
Accuracy: |||
Stamina: |
Special: |||
Special Defense:  |||||
Mana: |||||

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