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Lambinae Application (Flame) by Ryis Lambinae Application (Flame) by Ryis
Name: Lambinae L'aierch
Age: 20 (21 Now)
Birthday: May 30th
Gender: Male
Orientation: Who knows
Species: Eternal Dragon

Height: 5'3
Build: Curved
Hair Color: Flames
Eye Color: Blue

Title: Eternal Dragon of Red

Ether Flame
After being restored to his former glory, Lamb has now regained his ability to create and manipulate flames and embers. A proficient flame mage, Lamb is able to create flames anywhere on his body, or manipulate already created fires. Most fire comes from his mouth however- which at will can be super heated, however to use this in a combat situation he'd have to kiss or bite someone, and even then the heat of his mouth would probably cauterize the wound immediately. He can breathe flames however, which can have a flame color ranging from orange to blue. He can control the heat of his fire, or even just his breath. he can make fire not hot at all up to the heat of a forge. With time he can melt metals due to this- but it's not instant and would have to apply the flames without interruption to superheat it, however if he manages to bite down on the metal he could do it far quicker. On top of this he is able to control what heat it is for specific people, so allies may not be burned by the same flame that burns enemies. When using his flames, lamb seems to glow from the chest area and up his throat- however the chest glow seems to happen even without him using his skill, just inhaling causes a gentle glow to appear and disappear during an exhale.

Embers and sparks he creates seem to have little to no gravity, meaning they can float around- however they arent extremely hot as they are so they hold no use other than leaving trails and causing a blinding effect if someone is unfortunate enough to not close their eyes while getting some on their face, but this is more an enemies fault more than a trait lamb actually tries to use.  

His manipulation of flames extends past his hands, he's able to move flames in whatever shape he desires without using his hands. The shapes can vary from balls to packed flames to make animal shapes for scare tactics and for out of combat fun or story telling- the farther the flame is however, the more concentration and mana it takes.

Lamb's flame is eternal- meaning that the fire will not die out naturally, the flames on him (hair, wings, etc) cannot be put out with anything other than water and flames off of him will only be put out if smothered, doused in water or blown out through wind or enough movements. 

Minor Skill(s): 
Supernatural Morale [Semi-Passive]
Whenever near people his aura has an effect on them, boosting their morale and giving them energy for upcoming situations. Lamb can boost mana into this skill to give people affected by his aura a +1 stat boost in their most used stat (where possible, so for example he cant add a +1 in alchemy, but magic offense he can), this boost lasts 10 rounds and has a cooldown of 10 rounds. When this boost happens a warm glow will emanate from the effected being's chest. This skill does not work on Lamb. This is an area of effect skill, where the area is allies in Lamb's vicinity.

Eternal Dragon
Lamb has the ability to shift into his dragon form, which provides no stat boosts but is a more natural way to use his fire for him. When transforming a cyclone of fire engulphs him, but the fire is more of a scare tatic- it isnt hot at all. 

Living Flame
Due to his Species he's unaffected by flames and high heats, but is extremely weak to water

Weapon: Caged Flame - A spherical enchanted 'cage' on a chain containing a large ball of flame lamb create's, which will not go out no matter how fast or hard he swings, the heated metal along with the enchanted heaviness of the ball causes the weapon to basically be a superheated mace with a long chain. He can use his ability to finely move the flame, which in turn moves the ball itself, and the enchant is speed based- the faster the ball is going the heavier and harder it hits
Weapon Type:  Primarily ranged
Combat Style:  Lamb during a fight will usually use his Caged Flame- swinging it with as much force as he can muster and allowing it to gather speed to actually do something, for far larger enemies he allows the weapon to wrap around a limb before snaking the fire down the chain to heat the entire area. If it feels like his weapon wont work, or someone approaches him close ranged he will then resort to using just his flames- sometimes shaping them into weapons to more easily fight since he's not that strong with his fists or anything- the weapons cant do stabbing attacks since in the end it is still just fire, during this time if there's ever an opening or if he can do it before the clash begins he'll shift into his dragon form to freely use flame more properly  

House:  Aiv/Sit
Major:  Elemental Magic/Shapeshifting
Program:  Demigod
Occupation:  x

Likes: Books, humor, warmth
Dislikes: Water
Hobbies: Reading, exploring
Personality: Distant, sad :c, living shitposter, he tries his best

Home Region: Garnet
Lambinae L'aierch, Born of noble blood- was called the "Bright Flame" of his Column- a pocket dimension-like area Eternal dragons had fled into. The world he lived in was small, only fitting the large tower that would house multiple families, and a small cluster of farms and houses for the lesser beings. Lamb lived near the top of the tower, to a family only together due to their status in the column. The lesser beings were excited with Lambs arrival, the bright boy brought hope in a rather dark times. 

A soft and kind child, Lamb tended to be popular within his tower, his family had not taken much care for the boy until they found how much influence the boy had, their bright flames caused many who had lost their will to continue to finally feel inspiration, The parents took no time in deciding that the should try for another child due to the influence, 2 years after Lamb's birth he would gain a younger brother named Lionissius L'aierch. Both children grew together to be influential beings, though their likes and hobbies would differ greatly. While Lion enjoyed the more studious hobbies, Lamb was an adventurous spirit. when allowed, he would explore outside the tower, seeing what was in their small world. Curious and brave, the young flame would sometimes go too far, and would have to be brought back to the tower before he got too deep into his adventures. 

As they grew, the way they influenced the tower would grow as well, Lion took to teaching the farmers more effective ways to care for crops and get a larger bounty, while Lamb was full of magic energy- his mana was able to keep the wells of mana water from drying out by refilling them with his own mana, While he wasnt as studious as his brother, Lamb would still help in ways only he could- his nature would cause him to not show much favoritism for nobles, and would inspire and invigorate farmers knowing they were being cared for by such a kind soul. 

Eventually the two boys would become distant to one another. Lion seemed to lose interest in his brother, showing care only to his studies. Lamb, however, loved his brother dearly- and was very proud of what he had become, but he would stay away as to not intrude in his younger brother's duties.. accepting that maybe, the love for his sibling may be one sided. 

During their lives, an incident would cause their ways of life to permanently be altered, Lamb would be kicked out of their small world into the ruins of garnet, where he would eventually lose his flame to the untreated rain, Lost and alone- lamb managed to survive off the land, learning the new ways he had to deal with things. Eventually he would learn how to use his smoke to attract prey to keep himself alive while training and learning how to disappear from predators faster- however, his smoke would instead find the attention of an old professor- a man who had at one point been in contact with the eternal dragons before they disappeared. In return for information as to what happened, the man offered Lamb a home- which he accepted. 

The Professor would work to teach lamb some of the differences in technology that had happened since the dragons had locked themselves away, along with training the lost hybrid how to use his abilities properly. The dragon didn't understand most of the new technologies, but was able to understand how to use their power to a good extent. After watching Lambinae grow, the professor sent out a request for a recruiter, and due to his status in the community, was able to get lamb a spot in Enhalo, allowing lamb to hopefully find a way to recover his lost flame and further the study of the missing Eternal Dragons. 

Going to the School seemed to be the best plan for him, since only after a few weeks he was able to regain his flame with the help from a classmate. Now his main goal is to find out how his column is doing, and if there's others out there that may be need help, or even will accept him. 
Overview: Lamb is a lost being, he doesn't understand a lot of things but he tries his hardest to figure things out- he spent a period of time helping translate things for the professor in return for a place to stay and food, and now he ends up trying to read things from the school to find information about his own race

-He knows both english and a dead language from his species, he can sometimes struggle with english however due to it being his second language, but he's rather fluent. He catches himself after he says the wrong word most the time
-He can seem to just glow at times when he's happy, in some cases he really is glowing
-He can grow the flames of his hair to any length then turn it into regular hair or any choice in between (only the tips are on fire, etc).. he can also remove his tail or wings at any time.
-He enjoys meeting new creatures, there was never any in his column so he's very curious
-He was born with an extremely large mana pool by rare chance, which helped his column stay healthy when he lived in it
-When he gets overly excited he might breathe out a tiny flicker of non-hot flame, and when hes stopping his flames after using them smoke will pool out of his mouth- this smoke is regular white smoke however, not the magical variant he had before. 


Lamb Application (without Flame)

Rose Quartz  B
Crowned Aquamarine  A
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