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Inko Iku Application by Ryis Inko Iku Application by Ryis

Name: Inko (Iku as a Nickname)  (Previously 87-411)
Age: 🐟 (Far over 800)
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: (He/Him They/them, their personal pronouns are We)
Orientation: Likes Males 
Species: A mess

Height: 5’0
Build: Gened Feminine
Hair Color: Ink/Oil  
Eye Color: Black/Red Gradient

Title: Eldritch Horror
 •10,000 Limbed Mass- Due to their form being gened from multiple sea creatures they have accumulated the ability to create and summon multiple tentacle or tendril like limbs from anywhere on their body as long as the base is not visible to a person, these limbs can stretch endlessly, however when they reach 20 feet out in any direction from Inko they hit a sort of magic Barrier and cannot pass this boundary, there is no limit to how many Inko can have out at the same time and generally these limbs are used far more than their arms, these limbs have average strength and at most can do a little more than what Inko’s own hands would be able to do (Bullet; RedBullet; Red) and their speed is half of Inko's (Bullet; RedBullet; Red) but they still have whipping power, their pain tolerance is far higher than Inko’s natural tolerance, to a near numbness, but they are still aware of pain and will generally retract any injured limb before it needs to regenerate to avoid the crippling pain that comes with it, Inko's tentacles involuntarily retract back to around his body in a  after three tentacles are defeated and takes 3 rounds to 'regenerate' and move back out to their full length. Inko can also use tentacles as a shield by layering tentacles over one another around themselves, this shield can be 'broken' or cut through twice before he can no longer use his shield for 3 rounds

In the mass of limbs that Inko holds are three important ones for his taming and general life, the first two are a pair of tentacles that looks like a squid’s feeding tentacle with a barb at it’s end is used to paralyze prey that is their taming skill or lower, any higher (or if they’re human/hybrids) will have a nasty sting but other than that will have no effect, when the toxin is in effect demons or creatures affected will lose the ability to move and will go into a near-death, numb comatose state, when in this state the final tentacle comes into play- a long ‘feeding’ tentacle that looks a lot like three large tentacles webbed together with ‘teeth’ or barbs inside will emerge and begin to encapsulate the demon whole inside of it, allowing Inko to in a sense “devour” the victim demon in mere minutes- this Feeding tentacle can also eat basically anything that manages to find themselves inside the tentacle using it’s barbs and dissolving fluids, however the tendril cannot move quick enough to catch anyone and has no ability to be used on a non-paralyzed victim, this dissolving fluid only works on non living victims or other things and cannot be used to dissolve living beings other than the ones with the toxin in thier system, which causes a chemical reaction with his magic. He can only Tame or Paralyze one thing at a time

the toxins take a set amount of rounds to activate fully, at first sting the demon will feel pain and a numbing sensation wash over them which increases while their consciousness slips, how long it takes depends on their taming level. A 4 point demon will take 4 rounds, a 3 taming point demon 3 rounds, and so on until a 1 stat demon which takes one round. His Toxin is unable to be used again while Inko is taming but turns back on after the demon has been dealt with  

After this display is finished the demon is then dissolved into Inko’s system, slowly being recreated using Inko’s magic and the chemical reaction to be a tamed variant, this is when Inko can choose to either release the tamed demon as an ally to then give away or have as a pet, or add to their summoning pool. During this recreation of the demon Inko can choose to add his own theme to the demon or not, things varying from his oil/ink theme to general sea themes can be added, to remove the demon from his pool he must remove an invisible ‘collar’ from the demon’s neck which during the removal process will become visible as a strand of string that will then dissipate into nothing, he cannot remove the taming process but he can remove the changes to their forms if he redevours them

Minor Skill(s): 
 •'Hair' - Tied in with Inko's taming ability is their summoning ability, which after choosing whether or not the demons he tames will be a part of his summons the demons will then exit through Inko's hair which acts like a large storage area, summons exit and enter through his inky hair like a portal

like his summons, Inko can place and store an unlimited variety of things in his hair, from skateboards to food, while in his hair the items stay in a stasis like state, which allows him to preserve things while they’re inside his hair- people or other living things other than his summons cannot enter his storage/hair

His summoning pool is 3 demons, out of combat he can have all three of them out, however in combat the summoning depends on size, if all three are small to large pet size they can summon all three, however if they’re mount size or larger only one can be summoned at a time. In combat he cannot summon all of them at the same time due to the stress levels making it partially unreliable. He can desummon his demons at any time and they burst into bubbles as the demon itself transports back into his hair. 

He can turn his hair to and from ink and regular jet black hair, when regular hair he cannot summon, he can manipulate his hair when inky to be shorter or longer without permanently destroying his hair

Current Summons
• Snare
• Beam

•Eternal - Inko is immortal in more cases than some, he is ageless, and due to his created nature, does not need natural things such as food, water, sleep and other necessities, however despite this Inko has an almost insatiable hunger, which can only be numbed for a short while by eating, the larger the meal, the longer his hunger is numbed. Not feeding will not kill him, but will leave him rather irritated and may begin to eat less edible things to fill himself, poisons or toxins that activate when ingested thankfully do not affect him, he does not need to breathe and has the capability of living underwater indefinitely. He also has far higher temperature tolerance to allow him to comfortably live underwater without freezing to death or overheat

Also due to his immortality, When out of combat Inko’s body regenerates at an almost unbelievable rate, allowing him to regenerate limbs or heal broken bones in mere minutes- however this regeneration can be held back by Inko if he can get regular healing instead, due to it’s intense, almost unbearable pain that comes with it- something Inko is not use to due to being numb to pain for over hundreds of years. When regenerating a limb tendrils appear from the wound and then shift into the right shape before regenerating into an actual limb. In combat or in a extremely stressful situation Inko cannot use their regeneration due to the strain already on their body. The pain can be so unbearable when they heal or regenerate that they can lash out at nearby people and need to be held down

Finally, if Inko is to reach 0 health or generally ‘die’, he becomes a small creature (pictured on his app) which is no bigger than the size of a mouse, but is physically indestructible, at this point he is in all cases “dead” and cannot participate or interact with anything physically, but he can fly or “swim” through the air, and he can at this point in time talk telepathically to people, during this time his body is regenerating to a stabilized but still rather badly injured state, this can take up to 9 hours and generally happens faster if he rests or sleeps, shortening it to 6 hours.  In this form Inko has a small mouth underneath the creature's body that holds the fluids inside Inko's feeder tendril that allows him to eat out of situations where he may be trapped or stuck, however eating through something takes time due to his small form and is generally only used when he's trapped. He can in time eat through living things if the need arrives.

Inko can unintentionally turn this entire ability off, however this will only happen under very specific circumstances (being stricken with grief after living a long and healthy life with someone they loved, so basically they can pass away when their significant other does) 

Locked   • Shift - Inko at one point could shift into a mass of tentacles that took a vague demon-like shape that was around 15 feet in size- however at this point in time due to their restrictions on their neck, this shift is now inaccessible to Inko.  
Weapon: Summons
Weapon Type: Magic
Combat Style: Inko is a generally weak creature physically and would rather try to eat the demons nearby or use their summons to protect themselves, when trying to eat they whip their tentacles and tendrils at nearby creatures at a safe distance to try to either paralyze them if available or generally try to scare away any creatures, if this fails, they curl into a ball and use a their tentacles as a shield in attempt to avoid getting hurt, sometimes sacrificing tentacles if they can bare the pain, which generally is a no, so they run away

House:  Sitan'a 
Major: Taming / Summoning
Program: Demigod (Drafted)
Occupation:  worlds eating champion

Likes: Eating, Fish, All this new stuff (Everything is new to him), Big boys (large demons), Going Fast, Skateboards/Longboards, contact, cute clothes
Dislikes: His collar, lace, pain, the man with the scar on his cheek, people who are scared of him, his mouth, pants
Hobbies: Longboarding/Skateboarding, Rollerblading, anything that lets him go fast, eating
Personality:  Shy, Slightly nervous all the time, curious, kind, unknowing

Home Region:  Whats a region
History:  long ago, there was a time where many laws were not in place to protect against the creation of humanoids and experimentation on those creations- This is where 87-411 was placed in the world, their species was created to experiment ways to create longevity and remove most vital needs while also trying to perfect superhuman regeneration- an experiment that would succeed quickly. Four generations would pass before 87-411 was to be born, dubbed a “Combat” class, and trained and gened to be such. 87 was well liked in their colony, which was kind and forgiving to one another due to their changing bodies and attitudes, everything was rather content for a long time. That is until of course, 87 and a few select others were chosen for a new class- luxury, their forms were changed from what they were before to fit a more attractive view in the idea to sell them as expensive eye candy or slaves, 87 was the first of the group to get the gening, and- didn't mind, honestly- they enjoyed the look they got, they didn't enjoy the job however, and quickly fled after the first round of geneing, never returning to their old colony- he would escape to the sea where he would live for hundreds of years, feeding off the ecosystem and being assimilated into it’s natural cycle by the other creatures- he’d sometimes lure larger preys from above the water into his grasps using his new gened look and became somewhat of a myth to sailors that fished in the area’s he lived, he would however sometimes dress himself in clothes he found in sunken ships before exploring the changing world above the ocean, fascinated by the changing standards of living- he wouldn’t stray too far however and would always return to his watery home. During this time he would practice and use his skills in taming and summoning- having many years to bring it to a powerful state to befriend the creatures that lied hiding in the deep.

After a long while something new was found underneath the sea, a base- unlike anything 87 had seen before, immediately curious by the changing ocean he began to investigate, coming close, he saw a strange cattle-like beast with inky hair flowing from a tail, the new food source looked inviting, however the snack startled the workers in the base and a red alert was produced- 87 realized quickly there were people here he knew- but did not want to see again- he was captured by the men at the base and taken to the head of the workplace- 87’s “father”, the alchemist that created the experiments hundreds of years ago, his body had grown old, a grey head of hair and large beard struck 87 with curiosity, but the man’s body was far from fragile, he seemed as ageless as 87 himself. This was when the state of what was once 87’s race was explained to him

After the explanation 87 was given a place to live with the workers, meeting a earth banewalker named Aloe and given the name “Inko” by them, Aloe then becoming Inko’s closest friend in record time- however the stay at the base was less than pleasant quickly, during a nap Inko was stormed in on by workers he had not seen before and “for the bases safety” was given a collar that imbedded itself partially into the skin, limiting Inko’s skills immensely and kept him under monitoring despite the  welcome Inko’s alchemist father gave him  mere hours before- Inko was traumatized and scared,  he quickly wanted to escape- however his promise to Aloe to talk to him kept him, at least until Aloe could find out what happened to Inko, and because of this Aloe himself helped Inko escape a few months later, coming with him to the surface, Aloe no longer wanted to work with the base after finding out how they treated Inko and decided to move back to garnet, bringing Inko with him, thankfully for Inko Aloe and some of his family members were given something Aloe called “Andromeda Ink”, apparently something Inko’s recent generation now produces that creates agelessness, so Aloe and Inko were able to live together peacefully for another few hundred years, Aloe would work on trying to feed the both of them and get an income, however due to Inko’s insatiable hunger Aloe generally allowed Inko to go around and eat whatever they can get their hands on as long as Inko followed two rules, that one- he would not harm people or closely bonded creatures like pets, and two, he would only eat enough of something that will satiate Inko while not leaving whoever might own the item in such a situation where they cant provide for themselves or their families. 

Inko generally chose to visit the garnet beaches, eating their fill of fish around the fisheries, keeping Aloe’s rules in mind, he would sometimes find the random livestock that were going to be made into food, sometimes accidentally taming the livestock which he in turn would release from his summoning pool and send back home despite their now changed, more inky form. Eventually he would get too greedy however, becoming a myth yet again- however this time to fishermen as the fish stealing menace, Inko stayed quiet about the incident to Aloe and became overly more and more greedy, disobeying one of the rules set for him until one day, some students and scouts from Enhalo managed to capture Inko, finding out about him intrigued the scouts immensely and Inko was given the option to go to Enhalo, which after talking with Aloe about it refused due to Aloe not also getting the invitation, however Enhalo pesisted by making Inko a drafted member, dragging them to the school without much a second thought

Overview: Inko is a rather curious and timid individual, due to their stay with the base a few hundred years ago Inko has become rather shy about certain parts of their body due to some of the crueler workers treating him badly along with the traumatizing events he’s suffered throughout his hundreds of years living, but other than that he tries his best to be kind, following Aloe’s rules and nature to try to gain more friends. 

◘ Aloe helps Inko with income, sending him money weekly to help pay for food and clothing
◘ during the collapse Inko had Aloe retreat to a safe zone while he stayed underwater, after however Inko found the new human technology seeping in extremely interesting, and quickly found the new hobby of longboarding, which he would then learn to do on the paved or wooden area’s of a nearby town. To this day Inko has his favorite longboard tucked away in his hair
◘ he doesn't like knowing what happened to his species
◘ due to living in the ocean for so long he has a natural kin to the sea creatures, smaller fish and creatures tend to flock to him and his hair when under the water to protect themselves from larger prey that Inko eats
◘ Aloe has at times said that Inko should be called Vera
◘ before the collar was installed on Inko they didn't feel much pain, and was much more unlimited with their tentacles, due to the embedded part of the collar he cannot get it off without immense pain which Inko cant handle, along with a magical seal that disallows the removal without blood from a specific family line
◘ due to Inko living in the wilds for a long while learnt how to move quickly to get out of the view of bigger predators, this increased even quicker during the collapse when the mass amount of demons came about
◘ also due to the wilds living, Inko knows how to build a lot of things from scratch, such as clay oven and houses, and can do it very quickly
◘ Inko’s hair does not rub off on anything thankfully, and his tears, blood and hair is hydrophobic
◘ the three special tentacles have specific area’s they come out from, the barbed ones from his arm area and his feeding one from his mouth or head area
◘ he has a set of three small tails (shown on the left side of the image) that can wrap around themself to make a 'bun' tail 
◘ His fingers are naturally black
◘ His eyes give off a natural red reflective look in low or flashing light, much like a cat's eye
◘ Due to being gened with a lot of different sea creatures he has quite a few bio-luminescent tentacles, they only glow however and cant really be used as a light source

Stats: [Stats]

Onyx A - Flora Shrine
Dragonstone A - Earth Shrine

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