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Icarus application by Ryis Icarus application by Ryis
Not so Spooky

 Icarus Wing
Age: 18
Birthday: January 23
Gender: Male
Orientation: he like the boys
Species: Long tailed Kinne (a made up vulpine species) 

Height: 5'3
Build: Skinny
Hair Color: Cream and brown
Eye Color: Red 

Title: Wing Family Member
Wing Transformation: An ability that was long forgotten by ica, now reawakened after his revival. This form is Fluid-like in movement, and lightweight to the point that it's almost always off the ground (much like his ghost form), his physical strength is replaced with magical in this form, his magic is focused in runes that run across the transformed state's hands, due to this they cannot wield a weapon, but can instead use the skills the form comes with (2)
  • Spellsword: the beast side of ica's transformation is shown in a magical attack known as spellsword, he has the ability to summon (8) mythical swords made of a golden magic, after one attack the sword will disappear and will only resummon after all 8 swords have been used and 8 more seconds has passed (in rp post wise, the swords would disappear and unless self rp, will not reappear until his next post. the swords will disappear after any use, be it attacking or blocking, or even if it only inflicts a minor wound.) The swords can vary in size and shape, but will always be swords that can be wielded with one hand. 
  • Creation: The gift side of the transformation doesn't help much, or appear often. Only when ica's form is triggered involuntarily from being very happy instead of transforming when he needs to fight is when this skill is available. Ica is able to summon one item, however it must be told to him by someone else. The item cannot be alive (if a person or being is asked a stuffed animal will replace that, and the wish form will deactivate). After a single "wish" item is granted, Ica will return to his normal form unless he needs to fight, however the skill will not be able to be activated after the item is given. The skills cooldown rate is a week. Ica cannot summon items he or the person requesting dont actually know about (For example: a person cannot request a amulet of life if they do not know if that it's an actual item in the world) 
Minor Skill(s):
Spectral Cloud: Basically his race skills from his ghost form To help Icarus get use to being alive again, the Magi of the Shield crest made sure that he was able to manipulate a cloud made of spectral materials. the cloud can do some of the things Icarus could do as a ghost, explained here from powerful to least powerful:
  • Teleportation: 
    • This is the major ability to the cloud- the ability to Teleport or portal things using the cloud as a medium. The smaller the item the farther away it can be, but most of the time items are found inside the cloud instead of being teleported there. Only Ica can enter the cloud using this ability but if he drags them through the cloud they're able to at least dodge attacks by using this. 
    • Ica Alone can teleport much farther than anyone else using his cloud obviously, but it's still technically a short teleport, it can't really be used as transportation 
  • Storage
    • Like his spectral storage when he was dead, Ica's clouds can be used to store things like a backpack. there are a few connected items that don't fall under the storage restriction such as his weapon, music player and a few memorable items of his own. Other than these items however, the storage cant hold an unlimited amount of items, and instead can hold a bit more than a large suitcase. Ica can technically fit into the storage space, however the cloud can easily be dissipated thus killing ica so this would never be used in a fighting standpoint and merely a travelling sleeping tent
  • Transportation
    • not as much a skill than something that just comes with the cloud- ica can use the cloud to move with- however the speed is equal if not lower to ica's speed, it's just useful for when ica's tired (or asleep, however if asleep someone else would have to hold onto it and show it where to go, think of a wagon)
    • He can use this on items that aren't being used by cupping clouds around the item and moving the cloud back to himself or any other area, however the items and the clouds have to be in view, and the item can't be too heavy
  • Manipulation
    • Completely useless unless using it to create fog but he can change the cloud's shape, forming them into cloud items that cannot be used the way they'd normally be used (for example a cloud sword wont be sharp) the strength, sharpness and other things will not change while he's manipulating it, it's more just to play with (think of play dough) 

Weapon: Solas (Lantern/Guan Dao) (He knows how to use a gun, however the one he owned is long lost)
Weapon Type: Light
Combat Style: Generally fights normally, using his Guan dao and his speed to his advantage- however if the enemy is strong enough for him to be worried he'll turn into his wing form- which then his combat style is much like dancing, the summoning, launching and disappearing of his spellswords almost always have a beat to them. He depends solely on his swords for attacking and blocking while in this form due to the fact that if his hands are not free he cannot summon the swords. Can sometimes use his cloud's teleportation to evade shots, or use it to throw a fog around the area so the enemy can't see.

House: Cha'nuul
Major: Polearms
Program: Demigod
Occupation: Gamebuster Cashier

Likes:  Warmth, Sweets, Powdered sugar, Animals, Water, Human world items, Music, Gamebooks, camping, reassurance
Dislikes: The knight faction (not actual knights, if they leave him alone he's fine), masks 
Hobbies: Cooking, Choose your own adventure reading, camping
Easily excited
Wiggly?? is that a personality thing, he wiggles a lot

Home Region: Ruby
History: Icarus was a well known noble of the ruby region, treasured by his family for being a "miracle" due to his families abilities that were blessed to them generations ago. This However ended when the father abruptly stopped Icarus from using the ability, despite this the family seemed to work fine until everything suddenly went downhill, the wing family lost their wealth and their nobility. Icarus, his "2" (he has 3 but he doesnt speak of one due to a fight) brothers and his father were forced to move to the edge of the Ruby region, on the border of ruby and emerald. His father fell into a deep depression and while his two brothers tried to keep the family afloat, Ica was left to wait in the house, he wasn't allowed to go get a job or participate in what the brother's were doing due to the fact that at the time he was too young to be seen as useful. While his abilities got him fame while he was noble, they didn't truly help the situation at that point in time. Frustrated and mad at his family, he set off to find work on his own, sneaking out of the house at times when no one was looking. 

The answer to their problems came from the darker area's of the border, where Ica found work doing various activities. As time went more Ica became more and more well known in the community due to his work in the area and in the end due to his popularity and strengths was accepted into a faction of sorts called the Lanterns: a Mafia-like organization that did various illegal activities such as smuggling and hits. Ica became well acquainted with weapons and manipulation at this time and easily outranked most high officials in the Lanterns by taking on various missions in their name, when he reached second in command was also when he learnt of the Knights, another faction from the Emerald region that has been fighting against the Lanterns for a long time, Ica not only saw them as a threat, but also saw the way they worked as disgusting and unhonorable. While what they were doing at the Lanterns was illegal, they never stooped as low as the Knights did. A fight broke out between the two groups, a lot of Lantern members were kidnapped and taken away at this time. 

It's been found out that during the time of the kidnappings, Ica was sent in to the Knight domain in attempt to free their previous friends, only to be overwhelmed and ambushed, thrown away into a dungeon-like jail, he lived there for at least a week until he passed away from injuries. However obviously this was not the end to his story. Ica awoke later to find himself still on Voxis, however a few things were very obvious. He was dead, he couldn't interact with certain things, and his abilities had changed. The abilities that gave him such notoriety had been stripped from him and replaced, all of this and on top of it all: he didn't know how the lanterns did, when he visited their old hideout the group had vanished, and no one knew where they had gone. After searching he also was unable to find his family.

Desperate and alone, Ica grew more angry by the day, knowing that the knights could of possibly killed all of his friends, he set his mind to a goal: to wipe out the Knights. be it alone or with a group, New or old. However in his state he knew he couldn't do much, so instead of sitting around he started working hard to relearn his abilities, and while his gun was gone, Solas- his Guan Dao was still attached to him even in his spectral form, the glow from the lantern sparked his abilities the first time, and now help him get stronger every day. 

After training for a long amount of time, Ica managed to get the attention of a few recruiters and managed to get into the school after being recognized as the late "Miracle" Wing family member, He agreed to come but expressed that he may leave at any time depending on if he gets a lead on his goal.  

:new: After working at Enhalo for a month or two, he was revived by the Magi of the Shield crest thanks to his friend Hush, he now works at Enhalo to train his now-returned transformation and to find his family. 
Overview: A once dead kid with his eyes set on destroying a cruel faction located in the emerald region. Also weirdly wiggly

:bulletwhite: Each family member in the wing lineage is given a new form that differentiates depending on the person, while some get forms that create gifts or fortunes, others have forms to help them in the battlefield, making fierce warriors and generals. Some family members branched out and the Blessing got weaker as it Went away from the main source, but any Wing Child that stayed loyal to the noble family they came from would always have a stronger form, this didn't always mean that it was easily controlled however.

:bulletwhite: Ica was one of the gifted of the wing family where their form was not only strong, but they knew how to control it from a very young age, He at once was actually very well known for his form because it was known to be a hybrid between the two main types of transformations, however his dad banned him after a couple visits from some greedy nobles. After this Ica slowly lost the ability to control his gift half of his transformation.

:bulletwhite: While working in the emerald/ruby border area he would get a few jobs as an entertainer doing things such as singing and just generally being eye candy for the people visiting.

:bulletwhite: Some students might know the wing family for their skills in transformation, however the skill in it's entirety is very vast and hard to really understand, Icarus was rather noteworthy back when he was very young for being the first of his family to have a "hybrid transformation", meaning he has both a "gift" and "beast" form combined in one form. People would come to see it though, and they'd always leave happy. Most Wing family members are open about their transformations and most call the beast side them were-beings, however it has been made clear that these transformations are not always of the were kind. 

:bulletwhite:  For a long time Ica had forgotten what his ability that gave him so much fame was due to his father banning him from using it, only during his time after they lost their nobility did his memories, and the ability come back.

:bulletwhite: Not really a skill or anything, but he generally has a more soothing (literal) aura, a side effect from his abilities. This causes demons and animals to react to him in a lesser aggressive stance (to the point of friendship in some cases, to explain the taming stat) 

:bulletwhite: he can take the blade off his weapon and use it as a staff/walking stick/light source, and the weapon always chimes when it moves

:bulletwhite: he uh.. use to style his eyebrows in different shapes a lot, one of the weirder but minor things about him

Stats Transformed Stats

Ica's Transformed State

Crowned Garnet Trial of the Soul Shrine: A⋆
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