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Hunter Application by Ryis Hunter Application by Ryis
Name: Hunter Graves
Age: 18
Birthday: March 25th
Gender: Male
Orientation: All the boys
Species: Crow or Raven, who knows? he a bird

Height: 5'0
Build: Skinny
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: ┐(‘~`;)┌

Title: Vampire Hunter
Puppeteer's Hands

Hunter is able to combine fabric and soul manipulation to create and summon dolls to fight and work for him in various ways. When summoning long silver ghost like strings will generally appear from either Hunter’s hands, which will allow him to summon one doll, or his control bars- which will make him able to summon 2 at a time. He cannot go past his ‘2 at a time’ limit. Each doll has it’s own personality, strengths and weakness- all depending on things such as the soul used and enchantments that are on the doll’s “enchanted” toy, a smaller variant of the doll that hunter needs to make to be able to summon his creatures. While the dolls have their own personalities, they cannot go against hunter’s control- however they can attempt solve the task given to them in ways hunter did not expect or want, or even not know how to solve a relatively easy task if they're not orientated for that task. While summoned the dolls can speak verbally, but can also telepathically speak- however only hunter is able to reply telepathically and be heard.

The stronger the doll, the more mana it will take to summon- sometimes even draining so much energy that hunter will pass out just to summon one. If this happens the doll will resort to listening to allies and doing what they believe hunter would want. Weaker dolls however may just desummon themselves. If he tries to summon 2 high mana dolls, only one will summon and he will pass out. A doll can't pass 7 feet in size

If a doll is ripped up and broken to the point of instability, or the core inside the enchanted toy is broken, the doll will desummon. Hunter will then need to fix the doll to be able to resummon it. If the core is broken in a enchanted doll, the soul inside will attempt escape- if hunter’s not conscious or around to recapture the soul, they can easily lose their summon.

The stats of a doll reflect the demon/being soul that’s inside their enchanted doll. All stats other than speed cant go past 4, unless the puppet is special- however this is extremely rare (aka a boss soul). As for other things such as classes and spells available, this depends on the enchanted items that have been incorporated into the small enchanted doll. An example is using a gem of healing on a doll- which in turn would allow the doll to heal and would be a doctor/nurse class. Demon stats for power and strength are still in effect so he has to choose carefully what doll will have what class (since a doll with 1 or 0 power wouldn't help much as a healer).

His bag can only carry 6 dolls at a time, and he needs to be within reach of the enchanted doll to summon them

Doll Roster

Minor Skill(s):

Golden Thread

Due to the nature of his skills hunter is able to capture souls of newly deceased creatures or beings. To do this he must have a ‘dummy doll’ ready- which is usually just a blank template doll with no core inside, once this part of the skill activates wispy golden thread will wrap around the soul and drag it into the doll, the dummy will then take on an appearance that represents the soul’s old look and hunter can now ‘edit’ the doll. This editing mode allows him to use the same golden string (and attached sewing needle) to change it's apperance, and leaves pieces such as metal and plastics malleable like clay. Once he is finished with editing the puppet will then become his summon. Hunter still needs to have materials however to do this (fabric, stuffing etc). This is moreso a revival/reincarnation more than him trapping the soul for eternity, dolls won’t remember their past lives once edited. If he doesn't use an item he's edited on the item he's editing, it’ll revert back to it’s previous form. 

Hunter can take the soul out of the dummy doll to then release the soul, or place it in other things, he can't manipulate the soul at all however, and any higher being can take the soul from the dummy dolls without problem, removing a soul from an edited doll will revert it back to it’s original form with it’s original memories if it’s a being soul- as if hunter never had it

The golden string that he uses to edit and alter dolls is connected to a part of his being. This string bridges a connection with the doll to the larger, summonable variant.  This connection allows the summonable variant to shift and change with each edit that Hunter makes. He is able to see this change though a mental image, like glancing into his own summoning pool. This vision is only available to him through the editing mode. This edit mode is also how he repairs broken dolls and ripped clothes as well, When fixing he can choose to make the stitch lines disappear and basically ‘heal’ the fabric and blend it together with the old fabric, this is purely for aesthetic reasons (so basically they don’t have patchwork looks on dolls he doesn't want patchwork on and don't have seam lines where he doesn't want them). He can use this edit mode on plenty of things like when he makes clothing or he can even edit the large dolls while summoned, which he will sometimes do to heal his summons if he's not too tired after a fight.

Hunter is able to see souls when they leave the body, but not while they’re still inside the body.


Hunter has the ability to possess his own dolls, when he takes control of a doll his real body disappears into feathers. If a doll he’s possessing gets to the point where it cant continue to function, and hunter doesn't leave the body in time- the doll will roughly eject him out, leaving hunter with 75% of the wounds. He may also on top of the wounds be knocked out.. Yikes

when he leaves the doll normally he has to make sure he's not around any enemies or the doll wont let him out. 

Bird Affinity

The ability to 'control' Birds, he’s able to gather them to him or disperse them away, He cant forcefully change how they feel about him, however they'll feel a welcoming aura emanating from hunter when around him which can at times make bird demons and creatures feel neutral or friendly about him depending on their taming level, all birds will always feel like they belong while near him. Hybrids can still feel angry or upset around him it just makes them feel welcome. Most the time the aura is always in effect and he has to focus to disperse them away.

Hunter's eyes when visible have a very minor magical effect to them, which makes them look beautiful and entrancing to anyone who looks at them- this is a very minor passive hypnotism skill that is extremely easy to be broken, the only thing it really can do is make someone look at his face for longer than the person would normally. It's also relatively easy to catch on about.

Weapon: Summoning/control bars mostly, however he does carry a crossbow and dagger with him as if he's able to use them properly
Weapon Type: Summoning / Ranged, i'd add like short ranged but in reality his dagger is a last ditch effort 
Combat Style: 
He usually summons a doll or two depending on the situation and dolls available,staying far away as they work to fight, if he's spotted he'll try shooting the enemy or disappearing into a doll momentarily to avoid being attacked, moving away from everyone before jumping back out- in the end if he really has to he'll try using his dagger to fend them off until help arrives, but this is his last choice. 

House: Volaris
Major: Channeling 
Program: Demigod
Occupation: 100% Vampire Hunter

Likes: Weapons, Birds, Sounds (Music included), Mumu, Clothes, Sewing/Crafting in general
Dislikes: Vampires and things related to them (blood etc), Blue blooded creatures in general, People who are rude to birds (specially crows)
Hobbies: Reading, Vampire hunting, puffing up, Making clothes / dolls
Personality: Reactive, Tsundere lbr here, Headstrong, Easy to anger depending on certain subjects, Very Determined

Home Region: Sapphire
Hunter lived a rather regular life for a long time, living with his mother and father and two siblings in a relatively higher paid household, they were able to deal with most that came their way and had enough to move back and forth from sapphire to earth for vacations. When Hunter's abilities related to birds started appearing hunter was only a baby, a certain crow seemed to get attached to the young boy, which was then named Mumu by the child.

Mumu and Hunter would eventually begin to train at a school for students gifted with creation magic after hunter would find out he was relatively skilled in doll making- his skills would be found due to his first toy he made himself ending up becoming his first dummy doll- absorbing the soul of a passed hen, his parents after finding out about this would send him to the school in attempt to help him discover and strengthen himself. He would find his best friend there, a young boy around his age named Court, Court and Hunter would eventually depart from one another, however- as to why, hunter cannot entirely recall. During their time together however Mumu would undergo a transformation with the help of court, turning into a Gryphon- While the form looked more intimidating, the birds dorky nature stayed. 

Eventually a tragic incident with hunter's family would befall them, leaving hunter alone and on the verge of death, hunter himself claims he cannot remember much of what happened, however he does know that a family of blue blooded vampires were the culprits. The last thing Hunter remembers seeing is Mumu fleeing the area once the vampires left, then things went dark. When the bird hybrid awoke, he would find himself relocated to an old castle in emerald, with his crow gryphon by his side. A hooded ally would explain that Mumu had come to him for help, and with fast thinking he was able to nurse him back from the brink of death. 

During Hunter's recovery, the man would teach him about the beasts that had caused him suffer. Hunter was angry, upset- and knowing this, Once fully healed the man sent the young boy to a training area for vampire hunters. The Man told him to work on getting stronger and helping others avoid what he had to suffer through. Hunter took it to heart, and went on his way, trying to train his hardest, He would make some stupid decisions that were fueled by his peers, causing him to locate his being in a doll of his and further make himself more like his abilities. eventually his mentor would disappear during his training, leaving him with one thing- an enchanted mask. 

Hunter took it as a sign, the mask became a part of his daily appearance, and he vowed to find his mentor and show him how he's grown since the incident. After a few years of training some older vampire hunters recommended enhalo, telling the young boy he could get much stronger there- Hunter agreed, and packed up immediately. 

Overview: A rather quiet but reactive bird hybrid- due to things in his past he holds a resentment towards vampires, however he will only go after the certain kind that caused him to suffer years ago. He understands some vampires aren't as bad as Blue bloods, but it's hard for him to remember that all the time. 

Crow He can choose what type of birds stay near him at times, however he sometimes doesn't focus on that and causes any type of bird to come to him- this causes some bird pets to end up with him, but he always makes sure they get home okay.
Crow His mask is enchanted, it hides anything underneath it by darkening the area- and causes only hunter to be able to take it off without problems. Someone can however, break the mask to get it off- but why would anyone do that to his poor mask
Crow When overly stimulated he puffs up like you'd see a bird do, that includes his hair- though his hair just looks fluffier (just imagine that thing Miyazaki characters do)
Crow Mumu tends to follow him around whenever he's allowed to, but due to his large form he sometimes has to stay in the mount area- something that distresses both hunter and Mumu. Mumu also is a scardy crow and doesn't like fighting
Crow (the extra picture is mumu) 
Crow he has a bag that can hold unlimited amounts of unenchanted materials (enchanted items are limited to what the enchanted item is, so for example he cant have unlimited warmth amulets, once it’s used it’s gone). Basically a void bag that holds all his stuff- it also changes depending on what form he's in due to the bag being soulbound (tiny cute bag for tiny doll y/y)
Crow He’s not very good at combat (much to his dismay) without his dolls, however he does have weapons on him, his crossbow is a gift from a vampire hunter he trained with
Crow summonable dolls and the enchanted dolls have a resistance to water, they will still get soaked but they dry much quicker and without as much strain on the doll than a regular stuffed toy
Crow The vampire hunters are basically sponsoring him when it comes to money, so he's not poor or anything, but if he buys like 100 comic books they're going to get mad
Crow There’s silver strings coming off both the big doll and hunter’s hands or control bars when his skill is active, but they fade after a certain length, they’re always visible by the start and end points though (so above the doll and at hunter’s fingers/bars). Depending on the doll/situation the strings can be shorter or longer. They're ghost like so they cant be cut
Crow He's an earthaboo, he took any chance to go visit earth man but that also means he meme..
Crow Hunter’s life force is located in a “core doll”, this is due to a ritual he did when he was younger in attempt to become invincible. This didn't go as planned however, he can still feel pain, get sick, and basically anything another person can, however if he was to die his body will disappear into feathers and go to his summoning pool and he will wake up in his core doll. He’s able to do everything to his core doll that he can with his other dolls (repair/heal, edit (see below point) take control and “summon” (summoning just updates his real form with changes he’s done on his doll, or will revive him back into his real form after dying. However there’s a time limit to reviving himself, usually the night of his death or later will be the time he can revive himself as long as he’s taken the time to repair the doll)

He can use editing mode on his core doll which in turn would edit his own appearance, however some things he can’t edit (his height, anything related to blood or something a doll wouldn't have), enchanted items do not work on his core doll and he’d have to just wear the enchanted item normally to use it’s effects.

If while in his core doll, or if someone else manages to get the doll from him and breaks the golden heart located in the stuffing, hunter will die like any other person- he can still be revived using other means, but he won't be able to do so himself.

The doll’s resistance to the elements is equal to a regular person other than fire, which can burn everything but will leave the core- if this happens hunter will have to possess another one of his dolls to recreate his doll form but this leaves his core out in the open 

if he dies and turns into his core doll he'll be in a weakened state, at this time he will only be able to summon the more minor dolls with lower stats and use his editing to fix himself, along with being able to control his other dolls.


Crowned Ruby A
Crowned Lolite B
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