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Fell Application by Ryis Fell Application by Ryis

Name: Fell Jenneu Galaxia
Age: (when joining enhalo: 17) 18
Birthday: December 3rd
Gender: Male
Orientation: Who are we kidding here
Species: Star child

Height: 5'6
Build: He's got well toned arms at least.. 
Hair Color: White and Black
Eye Color: Blue 

Title: Gauntlet 
Skill: Mana Infused - His body is his weapon. By "charging" his body up with mana, he's able to exert a large amount of strength and speed by replacing the normal needs (Stamina, etc) with just the need for a mana supply. However, this ability cannot be turned off in major areas he uses to fight, causing some side effects to other beings. things affected by the constant mana supply are things such as his hands and feet. instead of constantly being in his magic state, fell instead halts the mana supply to the best of his ability. 
Minor Skill(s): 
Break - A skill that goes with Mana Infused, break is used to push Fell's body and mana supply to the limit, this is only used in situations where Fell believes to be truly in trouble, on top of this, Fell himself cannot actually get to this state himself, his body activates this mode on it's own. This spell, when activated Distorts objects and beings Fell touches, and even distorts fell himself. 
Mana Bag - A bag created from a specific spider's silk, which holds an unlimited amount of a certain type of item depending on the creator's main love in life, be it material or otherwise. Once the silk bag is created the item it produces cannot be changed, and draws mana from the creator to produce the item. This bag can be summoned at any time by Fell, the creator of this specific bag, inside of it, food. 
Weapon: His body
Weapon Type: Magic/physical
Combat Style: Fell is a close combat fighter with no known way to fight long ranged, however, this does not entirely mean that people who fight long range will be able to easily win against him, for his ability gives him the needed speed to quickly close gaps and strike bone breaking blows to unknowing enemies that underestimate his abilities. 

House: Aivis'ra (However due to his abilities and combat style, he has a secondary House, being Cha'nuul) 
Major: Physical Magic / Physical Combat
Program: Demigod
Occupation: He was a travelling merchant before he joined Enhalo, but as of right now he doesnt have a job 

Likes: Food, studying, good company, the night sky, staying up past 9pm, training, games, Enhalo, soft noises (running water, soft wind etc) 
Dislikes: starvation, failure, waking up after passing out in a field and realizing you have a nasty sunburn because it's 3pm, bad company, Smog, Creepy dolls, Golems (More he doesn't like the idea of them being used), loud noises (Thunder, overly loud music), Cabbage
Hobbies: Piano, Studying, Peddling 
Kind, Determined, Constantly hungry, quick to act

Home Region: Earth, then across Voxis and eventually Sapphire became his official "home" 
A long time ago, a man lost his son.
A long time ago, a man fell in love with dolls. 
Specifically, the creation of dolls, he loved the mere idea of creating these fine dolls, puppets and other toys of the sort. Because of this, he began creating them from anything he could get his hands on, wood, clay, anything. But no matter how hard he worked on his creations, they never seemed to feel.. alive. He craved the ability to create a living Doll, one he could speak to, not only that, he wanted a doll no one else would ever have. He knew this was selfish, but he couldn't let go of the idea of being able to create something so perfect.

Because of this desire, the man began to create as many dolls as he could, he would sell the ones that weren't perfect, and eventually began to get a name for himself, some regulars to the shop would eventually find out about the now aging man's goal, some would get deterred from purchasing from such a person, but others urged him on, wondering what type of creation he may be able to make in the future. Eventually, however a gentleman overheard the story of the older man's now desperate need for this doll, and decided to tell him the way to create what he desired. 

The man was overjoyed, he was finally there, he could finally create the doll he dreamt of so long ago. He could see the end goal so close, however, there was one major problem, he would need a soul. Not just any soul however, he wanted one that was Rare, so the doll would be rare too. He would search through books in attempt to find what he would want, and eventually found a book on star children, and almost instantly fell in love with the idea. But the Children were in the sky, how was he to get such a person to come to earth, and how would his frail fingers be able to pluck the soul out of such a beautiful being? 

The answer would come much quicker than he expected. For only a few months later he would be witness to a falling star which would then hold the item that he would need. The sky shone bright as one of the largest stars in the sky suddenly began to plummet to the ground, the man's heart dropped, and with his horse, began to head to the location he saw the star fall, only to find a crater, inside of it, a lost soul. It was obvious that it did not know what to do with itself, it did not try to float up into the sky, nor did it try to flee or even acknowledge the man, instead it just floated there in the center of the crater. Using a bottle the gentleman gave him months prior, the man quickly took the soul into his possession and hurried back home. 

After that, the creation of the doll went by smoothly and quickly, he would create a heart for the doll using a glowing star that had fallen near the location the soul was, and with it, the shell was ready. With a slow, steady hand the man moved the soul into it's new home and the ritual began. Before the man's very eyes he saw the shell he had made change and form into a living one, tiny fingers stretched out to the sky as a baby then lay where the doll once was, they were finally created. 


Overview: A pretty studious and kind person, fell tends to get along with most people as long as they don't mind him eating almost all the time. 

:bulletblue: He eats a lot, and sometimes the food seemingly comes out of nowhere
:bulletwhite: He's got mixed feelings about being 'created', and instead just dismisses it, to him he is just a 100% star child because his soul still came from the star system. 
:bulletblue: The side effects from his abilities are tingling feelings whenever you touch his hands, it's like static. 
:bulletwhite: gloves tend to stop the side effects from happening but he doesn't want to even get close to breaking the rules about uniforms. 
:bulletblue: he's very, very serious about his education 
:bulletwhite: His Grandpapa (The creator of his shell) is very against him being at Enhalo, and would rather Fell be home with him where he can watch over him all the time.
:bulletblue: before joining Enhalo his grandpapa would never let fell go anywhere without him.
:bulletwhite: Before settling in the Sapphire region, Fell and his Grandpapa would travel across voxis selling dolls, toys and other rare and strange items. Fell would at times make up fake stories for the items, and even sell normal items as "rare and magical" things, and would get scolded by his grandpapa for doing so (However, he was never scolded while selling the item of course, only when the customer was far, far away from the merchant stand) 
:bulletblue: His chest glows and he's sorta anxious about it, other stuff happens too but let's keep it all secrety


Stats Gained Comment

:bulletblue: Heart Shrine- B
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