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End Application by Ryis End Application by Ryis

Name: End
Age: 19
Birthday: June 14th
Gender: Cis Male
Orientation: It's tricky
Species: Tuxedo Cat

Height: 5'5 
Build: He fit
Hair Color: Black and white
Eye Color: Blue

Title: Annoying

Cease - End is able to, with a single glance pulsed with his own mana, "Lock" or nullify someone. This ability changes depending on the situation. For example, during a high stress fight it may become more fickle than if he can keep his calm and focus. Once casted End doesn't have to keep eye contact with the victim, but does have to focus internally to keep the skill working- so if he's taken by surprise or otherwise is unable to keep focus the spell will end abruptly. Things that might currently be boosting the victim's chosen stat such as enchanted items or buffs are nullified and no longer work while end has his skill active on them. This skill is almost entirely untraceable, unless characters have the ability to read or otherwise sense skills
  • In combat
    • When in combat, End can lock 1 of 4 (3 if demon) stats, basically nullifying them to 1 if physical or 0 if magical. This isn't to completely block the victim from being able to help fight but moreso to throw them off balance or cease an attack or defensive maneuver that might of been severely damaging to them or their allies. If a character is already at 1 stat in the chosen physical stats it will still slow them down or startle them, the ooc debuff just will not occur. 
      • (Demon ver: Strength) Strength / Accuracy : By inflicting his magic on the victim’s arms (or thing they attack with for demons such as jaws, etc) End is able to lock their arms either almost in place with more strained movements (Accuracy) or sapping their general strengths such as grip strength and other general fighting strengths (strength), the victim can feel various things during this situation, such as something ominous surrounding the affected limbs or even a sudden heaviness or unnatural feeling to the affected area. That being said, movement and attacking is not impossible, but just jarring due to the sudden loss in stats.
      • (Demon ver: Speed) Speed : By doing the same as above to an enemies legs, movement becomes very distracting and restricted- causing general movements such as running or even floating to be rather difficult without focus, the feeling the enemy can get depends on the enemy’s body- such as a heavy weight to the entire body or a jarring stiffness to the legs
      • (Demon Ver: Power) Mana : When End focuses on an enemies mana, unlike the above where they still have the ability to move the affected limbs, a victim’s mana is completely gone, leaving an empty, draining feeling where magic may of once been. This can be one of the most jarring feelings for a person of high magic, removing the reliability some have gained with their skills and training
  • However the victim is not without a way to break free of this, once casted the effects WILL always last for at least half of a victim's turn, cancelling any magic they were about to cast and if applicable, will start the victims own personal cooldowns for any magic that was currently in use, however on the victim’s turn they may roll a --random number 1 5 to break this curse like affliction, if the victim rolls the stat’s normal (their natural stat, not including enchantments) number or lower, they’re free’d from the lock- otherwise they can try again next rotation or wait for it to naturally wear off after 4 turns. Please note a character must actively fight against it in their post, even if you roll a successful roll unless the character themselves actually rp's out fighting the affliction mentally or even physically nothing will happen. (oocly Ry will warn you about this but in the case of repeated disregard of this in a short period of time i will ask other muns to ignore the ooc roll until the character reacts appropriately, this is because the skill should be jarring and hard to easily break without thinking about it and it is an important aspect of the skill) 
When out of combat in a calmer situation, End is able to focus most if not all of his mental process into the skill, causing the skill to last until End allows the skill to end, End is harmed in some way, or a character rolls a 2 or lower in their --random number 1 5 roll, a character’s mobility is also farther limited, allowing him to completely stop a person’s movements or weigh them down until they collapse by the sheer force of the unnatural entity surrounding them. If this would start a fight, after the initial breaking of the skill the "in combat" rules apply, or if someone is to try to attack the victim they will be given a moment of opportunity to dodge or counterattack due to the loss of focus on End's side. Most the time the out of combat uses are to stop an argument between friends from escalating, or a scare tactic. 

Once used no matter the situation, once the victim is freed End has a 2 turn cooldown until he can use his skill again, he can only use this skill on one person at a time and can only focus on one stat during that time

Minor Skill(s):
Opposite - End is unable to use his ‘cease’ ability on himself, however he can use a branch of the skill to do the opposite of it’s normal use, making him almost weightless. This does not let him hover, but his movements become weightless and flighty, he can turn the skill off at any time to use his full weight into an attack. This is mostly used to climb onto fragile things without breaking them or using long jumps to get to high areas, this ability also helps his balance, making it harder for him to fall from a perch unless distracted. Because of the altering of his weight End is generally unable to be hurt by falling or other personal momentum based damage if he can activate his ability quick enough.

Keen eye - Due to his cease ability needing specific information for end to lock it out, End is able to know a few things about a person or creature when they meet them, such as their magical or physical abilities or currently worn enchanted items, his ability to understand what someone is capable of physically is harder to pinpoint than magical, he may know that someone’s body is trained for weapons such as swords and daggers, but not the extent or what kind of sword or dagger weapon they favor. some things he could use this for is to see what type of mage someone is, or if their skill is a burner (one that constantly saps mana while it's active) or a pulse (one that only needs the initial pulse of mana to start it).. the detail of what might be going on with their skill is always up to interpretation by End but can vary in detail from person to person depending on the complexity of their skills. (Example, a more complex character may have a little bit more detail available vs someone who is rather basic in skill) 

Shift - End can shift into a tuxedo cat form, this form does nothing really other than an easier mode of transportation paired with his opposite ability, he is able to talk and use his skills in this form 

Weapon: Scythe or other mid range weapons such as spears, or, if the enemy is able to be defeated by it- Martial Arts
Weapon Type: Short ranged or Pole arm depending
Combat Style: End is a rather Crafty individual, using his jarring skill mixed with his ability to change his weight and jump height on a whim to dance around an enemy. He also sometimes however, can stay back and sit on top of his weapon and just help allies by completely throwing an enemy off balance, it honestly depends on how he feels on the situation. 

House: Cha + Aiv
Major: Polearms
Program: Demigod
Occupation: He has no known set job but definitely is getting a steady income.

Likes: Reactions, Training, Climbing, Progress, Loyalty 
Dislikes: People who are too serious, being looked down upon, being rushed
Hobbies: Climbing, being in dangerous areas, figuring out puzzles
Personality: Disconnected, Unknown/secretive, Determined (sometimes), overly Confident, spiteful

Home Region: Started in Ruby
End was born into a rather large growing family of two (at the time) brothers, a mother, and a father who, on first sight of the child seemingly had a grudge towards him, despising and judging the boy even as he grew due to his soft and seemingly fragile feminine form. The family was rather poor and needed someone who was talented or strong to help keep the family afloat- a 'talent' that didnt appear in the young boy, he showed no purpose or skills other than a knack for climbing, and his father took it out on End for something he couldn't even control. 

End's father would eventually become tired of waiting for a miracle to arise from the boy, and would try to spark End's seemingly missing skill otherwise, creating a dire situation including a demon hybrid, hoping that it would trigger something in End, however it wasnt what his father would of wanted- instead of finding a skill by using it on the wanted target, the front of the attack would be directed at his father, instilling a dread like feeling to the magic user when suddenly his mana would dry up without a visible reason. After this, End would become directly motivated by spite for his father, at a young age as well- and would begin training behind his fathers back with his uncle, feigning ignorance and weakness to the larger man and beginning to show a cocky side, enjoying angering the man who had caused him and his family so much pain. Eventually another situation including his father and the same hybrid would arise, however this time End was ready- he would help the demon hybrid out of his situation, and using the element of surprise, disable his father from harming anyone- after this End would be taken by his uncle to not only protect the child from any backlash but to also train him more full time. 

End would thrive in his uncle's care, training and educating himself- pushing himself farther than he could back home, all purely out of spite of his father, he wanted to shove it in his father's face, to fight the older man and show him how strong he's truly become. End would become more sure of himself, and through this he would begin using various ways to amass money- eventually being able to call himself "rich", all of this done through of various legal (and non legal) ways- mostly including using his soft face to his advantage. Eventually his uncle would kick him out of the house- not because of an argument but because he knew he had nothing more to train the young fighter, and the cat hybrid would then bounce from region to region, learning different things as he went and meeting various people- eventually including the former demon hybrid from his past, who then would introduce End to one of his future best friends- a Mage with a strong skill for weapon building- they would eventually help create his signature weapon- the scythe, fitted for the cat hybrid- since his love for climbing never died throughout his life, he had actually become a lot more proficient in it due to practice- and his friend made sure his weapon would fit well into this too. End would stay in sapphire for a little after this, still training with his new friend and staying with the demon hybrid's family. 

After a little though End knew he had unfinished business with his family and made the travel back to ruby, to his family's home- to find that he actually now had a new sibling- a young sister who seemed to of become his father's favorite, loving the little girl due to her being the only daughter to come out of the family- this infuriated End, not because of the attention, he was glad his sister didn't have to suffer like he did, but because of all the pain they had to suffer through- and now his father treated it like it was all solved and fine, that he had turned over a new leaf and all was forgiven with a simple apology, End's plan to finally fight his father and show him how much stronger he was was ruined in front of him. so instead he did the next best thing- using a sum of the money he had amassed (and making sure to rub it in his fathers face about being productive) he would move everyone he cared about to Earth, his family- the demon hybrid and his family, even his best friend, with their okay, they would all move without his father to a safer place, a nicer area. End would join them and would thrive even further here, joining the monarchy and training under past heroes and great teachers while learning more about the earth and it's history, a whole new chapter to learn about-

however he wouldnt get to fully investigate the world like he did magus, due to an enhalo scout catching not him, but his friend helping another during a rather tough fight and becoming recruited to the school- End would become curious about what Enhalo might hold for him, and once his friend accepted the deal, he quickly applied after, not really having much trouble getting in due to his rather prolific history. 

 End is a rather confident person- and with reason, he climbed his way up to what he is, though he would never admit it to anyone and would rather people just assume he was naturally entitled. A rather spiteful person even at a young age, he uses things like failure to motivate him to be better, but can hold grudges for long periods of time. he also has issues with morals and what's "right", not that he wants to go against the law, but instead just seems to completely disregard it for either his own or his friend's gain, a true chaotic neutral

Friendship with End can be difficult if approached by the wrong type of person- he doesnt have a lot of natural barriers to stop him from saying something that might be seen as rude or mean at times even if he doesnt mean it that way- but that being said, when he knows someone will stay, End is a rather loyal person- if he gets attached, he can also become rather stubborn- outweighing his spiteful nature for jealousy or a need to show the friend in question he's not leaving or that he's not a quitter. Of course this isnt without a threshold, if the person shows no want to continue the friendship, End will instead grow cold towards the person, leaving them out of their life to find new people to interact with. Despite his words, he does care about his friends and will protect them in his own way, Even if sometimes it can be morally wrong or not something the friend would want

End is overly confident, meaning in a team scenario he may find it hard to really connect with a tactic plan- if the enemy is something he can speak to, he'll usually goad them into attacking him, otherwise he'll generally be the one to attack first without warning so he can use the element of surprise. this sometimes works fine, but he is prone to getting injured due to underestimating his enemies. That being said his attitude is also rather fickle and he can be lazy sometimes, instead deciding to stay back to help others using his ability, but since his magic is rather discreet- it can be seen as him doing nothing at all. 


  • His shift has a red collar with a bell on
  • he smiles a lot, like- a lot a lot, it's basically his resting face
  • he tends to finish his work very early into class and either leaves the class once he's done (sometimes sneaking out if needed) or if he's going to get too much in trouble for skipping, instead sleeps or generally lazes about because he has nothing else to do. 
  • he's practiced and studied various things so he's pretty average in a lot of things such as hobbies and languages, anything someone can practice to be better at he's probably dabbled in to at least have the basic grasp of, or if there's something he hasnt tried yet he practices daily
  • His scythe has a little perch on it so he personally can easily balance on top of the weapon, due of his unending need to climb things. it's also enchanted to be able to balance on either it's butt or blade so it wont just fall over, neat!
  • Ever since he was little he's been climbing and jumping up things, which has made him rather talented in doing so
  • His most embarrassing secret is... he's not good at survival! he's very academically smart, sure, and he can do just enough to make sure he survives a few days in the wild.. but someone who assumes he knows how to fish or set up shelter expertly will be sorely disappointed

Stats: ㅇㅅㅇ
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