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Draie Auction 1 [Closed] by Ryis Draie Auction 1 [Closed] by Ryis
Hii i was going to upload these to a different account but i really like how they came out.. either waay
This is a new species called Draie (Pronounced Dray) 

Draie's are large, furry dragon-like creatures that fall under specific types, or 'families', these Families are basically subspecies, the main ones being Water, Earth and Air. Each family have their own sub families and jobs which i'll be writing out a little bit later but basically i'll go over the two here. 

Spinel Gembiter Belongs to TalenDoneo
Light in the Dark
Information about Earth Draie's (Draft)

This Spinel Gembiter in particular belongs to one of the more standoff subfamilies, most of the spinel family don't like the company of other Draie's other than ones they do business with, but there are a few from the spinel family that seem to have a fondness towards Air Draie's. 
The Spinel Family is actually a Uncommon family,  and with it has a trait to their markings and gem where it glows in dimly lit areas. 

- Uncommon: Special Markings; the ability to illuminate markings and gems on the body
- Uncommon: Spiked Eye; the pupil and eye are in a spike, or diamond shape. 

Golden Buttercup Belongs to MickieDoesTheArt
Put them under your chin and they'll shine yellow
Information about Air Draie's (Draft)

Buttercup Soarers, despite their rather cutesy name, tend to be more quiet and sophisticated Draie's. These Dragons commonly have a large amount of riches to their name due to their expert ability to make beautiful fabrics. A Buttercup Soarer's wings may not be that impressive, but their golden sheen on their fur makes them very beautiful in the daylight. This family is a Rare family, a lot of Draie's tend to look up to the impressive 'Golden Soarers'

- Uncommon:
Eyelashes; the Draie's eyelashes are long and feathery
- Uncommon: Hooved front paws; Most Draies have soft paws but this specific Soarer in fact has golden hooves instead. 
- Rare: Summer Glow; one of their markings on their body creates a shimmery effect in daylight, while this isnt too uncommon, the fact the marking rubs off on other items and people and makes them shimmery too makes these markings Rare

Auction Information
Please when bidding specify if you're buying with points or cash

Starting Price: $15 (1500 :points:)
Ending Date: January 7th
  • Spinel Gembiter: 25
  • Golden Buttercup: 25

Bid Comments: 
[Spinel Gembiter]
[Golden Buttercup]
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spinel lookes like theyd be a frickin sneaky sneak i love them

buttercup looks so done with spinel's nonsense

i love them so much mom u did a gr8 job they're beautiful...
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SB! (cash)
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Congrats you've won! i'll note you with the information you need
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Congrats you've won! i'll note you with the information you need
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